Taipei ITF 2015 to be held November 6-9, 2015

Aug 03, 2015

In its 29th year, Taipei International Travel Fair (Taipei ITF) will be held for the 23th time in 2015. Over its 29-year history Taipei ITF has become Taiwan’s most professional and also the Asia-Pacific region’s largest travel fair, combining exhibition and sales. It has also become one of the most popular travel fairs in the world.

The important functions of Taipei ITF include serving as a wind vane for tourism trends, business opportunity creation, corporate image molding, and media promotion. It is a must-attend annual event for many people and an unmissable international travel fair for foresightful travel industry operators everywhere.

Taipei International Travel Fair 2015 will be held November 6-9, 2015 at TWTC’s Hall 1, Area H on the 2nd floor of Hall 1, and Hall 3. The organizer, Taiwan Visitors Association (TVA), will open online registration for exhibitors around the world at 10 am on March 1. Tourism-related units in Taiwan and overseas are invited to register on the official website. ITF handbook advertisements, and venue light boxes and flags will also be made available for advance booking at the same time. Space is limited so interested parties should act quickly.

Since 2013, Taipei ITF has grown in scale and has also consistently attracted over 300,000 visitors over its four days. Taipei ITF 2014 attracted 950 exhibitors from 60 countries/regions, and the number of booths was 1,450. Through successful media promotion, event planning and joint promotional efforts by exhibitions, over the four days, 337,000 visitors were received and the value of transactions was NT$20 billion. The fair also featured in over 4,000 local and international media reports, creating substantial business opportunities for exhibitors.

  The TVA upholds the principles of creating an excellent platform for exchange and assisting domestic and international travel industry operators link up when organizing Taipei ITF, firmly focused on the core objective of bringing the world to Taiwan and taking Taiwan to the world. During Taipei ITF visitors are provided with domestic and overseas travel information, opportunities for cultural exchange, and discount accommodation and meal coupons. It is the best place for visitors to collect overseas tourism information and buy travel products.

Taiwan has abundant tourism resources and its people love to travel. Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC, figures show that 11.8 million people travelled overseas from Taiwan in 2014, up by 7.16% on the 11 million in 2013. With overseas travel now popular amongst the people of Taiwan, the Taiwan market has become one of the international travel markets that most importance is attached to internationally. As for incoming visitors, last year Taiwan attracted 9.9 million overseas visitors, up by 24% on the 8.01 million of 2013, increasing by 1.9 million, the biggest annual increase ever.

With the domestic and international tourism markets booming, every year exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions take part in Taipei ITF, making it unmissable for travel industry operators in Taiwan and overseas who attach importance to marketing effectiveness.

The venues for Taipei ITF 2015 will be TWTC Hall 1, Area H on the 2nd floor of Hall 1, and Hall 3. The event, to be held November 6-9, will have 1,450 booths in total. Activities will include the various booth promotional events held by exhibitors, the Travel Mart that will bring international buyers and local suppliers together, the Travel Forum that will explore international tourism trends, product explanation meetings, and cultural performances from various countries, making Taipei ITF 2015 well worth anticipating.

Organizer: Taipei Visitors Association
Taipei ITF Organizing Committee
Tel: +886-2-2597-9691
Fax: +886-2-2597-5836

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