2015 Taiwan Hardware Show

Sep 25, 2015

Taiwan Hardware Show –Leading Brands of the Hardware Industry

The 15th Taiwan Hardware Show (THS 2015) will be held on October 12-14, 2015 at the Greater Taichung Int’l Expo Center. Known as the leading premium hardware show in Asia, the trade show serves as business-to-business platform to engage the trade of high-quality products. With nearly 400 exhibitors, the show is estimated to attract thousands of local and foreign visitors. DIY Home Center, the large chain store in Japan, will visit the show which is a proof of the momentum and opportunity for Taiwan’s hardware industry. The Taiwan Hardware Show will be offering participants new business opportunity and experience.

Integrity of Central Taiwan for Global Thriving
The Ministry of Economic Affairs reports, that in the first two quarters of 2015, Taiwan’s hardware exports increased by 2.6% compared to the first two quarters of the previous year, which proves impressive strength of Taiwan’s hardware industry shows against global recession, in particular in times of the Greek debt crisis and a fall in China’s stock market. Taiwanese manufacturers are prepared to withstand the competitive pressure from international companies from countries such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, China, and ASEAN. Many key players in the industry: BBI, Yih Cheng Factory, KSS,Re-Dai Precision Tools,Lucky-Brand Industrial, Kuani Gear, Proxene Tools, E-MAKE, Ching Chan, Yuan Mei, K.S. Terminals, KARAT,Easen Hardware, A-KRAFT Tools, Win Features, Kheiron , Lihyann, Eclatorq Technology, K&W Tools and Matatakitoyo Tool, will participate in the 2015 Taiwan Hardware Show.
International Professional Forum’ for emerging industry trends
An industrial forum with international speakers and industry experts will take place parallel to the show. It will provide participants with cutting-edge industrial know-how and insights into the most current trends in the industry regarding topics such as: ‘The Challenge of Hardware–Software Integration under Industry 4.0’ by Ms. Hsiuhua Chu, R&D Manager at ITRI, who will talk about guiding the hardware industry to find the promising direction in the fourth industrial revolution; ‘The World of Home Improvement’ by John W. Herbert, General Secretary at the European DIY Retail Association (ERDA) and Global Home Improvement Network (GHIN), who will discuss trends, best practices and new, successful concepts in the world of home improvement; ‘The economic situation, trends and customer behavior of the French Hardware Market’ by Philippe Mechin, Journalist at BricoMag, who will present the reasons for the success of DIY and home gardening in France.In addition, numerous industry experts such as Chin-Chuan Huang, Fang-Wei Hsiao, Yu-Jui Hsu, Tzu-Sheng Yang, among others, will present the latest industry trends and discuss global economic development. If you would like to attend the forum, please apply online at the official website; limited availability.

Seal deals non-stop with new buyers from all over the world  
The biggest advantage of the Taiwan Hardware Show is the presence of the entire industry supply chain in one single place. The show has been held in Taichung – Taiwan’s most important hardware cluster – for the last two years making the visit a time-effective trip for visitors who want to go from the airport to the show and then straight to the manufacturers. The venue allows for convenient tours to the exhibitors’ factories to witness their astounding capabilities first-hand. It’s a perfect opportunity to forge new and trustworthy business relationships.
Register in advance for faster entry and find more information at www.hardwareshow.com.tw

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