Taiwan Int'l Fisheries and Seafood Show ready to rock

Oct 12, 2015

Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show-News

Organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council and WES Worldwide Expo Services Ltd, the 2015 Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show will be held from Nov. 19 to 21 at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. 200 exhibitors will set up 400 booths in sections including Fishery Equipment and Technology, Aquaculture, Seafood and Value-added Seafood, Processing Equipment, Fishery Services as well as Oversea Exhibitors. This is the first professional exhibition in Taiwan that connects suppliers, wholesalers and retailers in the fishery industry. With a variety of displays, the show is expected to attract over 6,000 domestic and foreign visitors, bringing in new business opportunities to Taiwan’s fishery industry.

A century has passed since Taiwan started its fishery industry, which has achieved a balanced development in fishing, aquaculture, seafood processing, equipment manufacturing and logistic services. As an island country, Taiwan has an advantage in fishery development, with Southern Taiwan being a place of great importance. In 2013, Taiwan’s fishery industry reached an NT$100 billion annual value of production, with 300,000 employees in related jobs, and was even ranked as having the world’s third-largest catch in pelagic fishing. Ever since the Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show opened for registration, Taiwan Fishing Gear Manufacturing Industries Association and Fish Breeding Association of Taiwan have shown great support. Industry-leading companies in Taiwan, including Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, Y-Fang Sealing Machine Ltd, Go Rising Trading Limited, Grobest Holdings Limited, Toford Plastic M.F.G. Corp, Wen Chi Seafood Company Ltd, Jaw Feng Machinery Co. Ltd, Anko Food Machine Co. Ltd, Chi-Yuan Ships Technology Co. Ltd, Samsan Enterprise Company, Sun Rise E&T Corporation and Wei-I Foodstuff Co. Ltd, are all participating as exhibitors. A wide range of products from freezer-equipped ships, maritime satellite communication systems, food processing machinery, trawler boats, HDPE pipes, Bluefin tuna to fishing equipment and fish farming technologies and more will be showcased at the exhibition. In addition to Taiwanese companies, countries including South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Brazil and the U.S. will also set up country pavilions in the exhibition, while Quanzhou Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) is setting up a Cross-Strait Fisheries and Seafood Show at the grand exhibition.

Events held during the exhibition include procurement meetings, fishery and seafood summit forums, fish master forums and new product presentations. Expected to boost Taiwan’s fishery industry, this exhibition serves as a platform that allows technology exchange and information sharing among industry figures.

Times are changing and the world is now seeing growing concern over environmental issues. The fishery industry now faces a global crisis as we are draining ocean resources. With a firm industrial foundation and world-leading technologies, Taiwan is now able to artificially breed over 100 aquatic species, including being one of the first nations to successfully breed six of the seven artificially bred grouper species in the world. Owning a complete germplasm bank, the fishing industry is the typical "hidden champion" of Taiwan’s traditional industries, providing the perfect edge for global industrial transition and upgrade. The 2015 Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show will present a complete picture of the accomplishments that Taiwan’s fishery industry has achieved, and will serve as the best platform in Asia for promoting sustainable fishery and seafood transactions. For more information, visit www.taiwanfishery.com


Fact Sheet

Show Title:



19-21 November 2015


Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC)


Opening Hours:

10:00-18:00 (Last day of the show only until 17:00)



Estimated Numbers of Exhibitors:


Estimated Exhibition Booths:


Estimated Number of Visitors:


Type of Show:

Trade Event

Country Pavilions:

Brazil, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Peru, U.S.A., Vietnam,Cross-Strait Fisheries & Seafood Show

Exhibits Profile:

Fishing Equipment & Technology

Aerospace, Oceanic, Weather Use Instrument

Fish Finder

Fishing Navigation System & Telecommunication Technology/

Fishing Net & Rope

Fishing Net & Parts

Fishing Nets Making Plants

Fishing Tackles & Parts Fishing Vessel

Marine Mobile Radio Equipment

Ocean Fishery

Pelagic Fishing

And more!


Animal Foodstuff Grade Additives

Aquaculture Management & Technology

Aquaculture Net Cage

Aquatic Breeds

Aquatic Feeds and Additives

Auto-Control Equipment for Aquaculture

Feed Processing Machinery

Fish & Shrimp Feed

Fishery Farming

Heating and Thermo-Control System

Pathology Analysis/Pollution Control

Prevention and Cure of Aquatic Disease


Sea Food Seedlings

Water Purifying and Sterilizing

Water Test and Analysis Instrument

Fishery Medicine

And more!

Seafood & Value-added seafood

Acrossocheilus Paradoxus

Aquatic Products Freezing

Canned Seafood

Chanos, Milk Fish


Fish Balls

Frozen Abalone

Frozen Crabs

Frozen Eels

Frozen Lobsters

Frozen Prepared Eels 

Frozen Prepared Food

Frozen Shrimp

Hot-Air Dehydrated Seafood

Mackerel Pike/Pacific Saury

Other Sea Foods

Prepared Shredded Cuttlefish

Rachycentron Canadum

Sea Food Fresh or Chilled Frozen Seafood

Seafood Processing

Taiwan Tilapia

Tuna and Bonito

Processing Equipment

Automatic Material Handling Equipment

Automatic Packing Machines

Comprehensive Utilization on Fishery


Electric Fish Scale Removing Processing

Fish Ball Making Machine

Fishery Handicraft

Flake Ice Maker Defrost Equipment


Fresh-Keeping Tech and Equipments

Ice Making Machine

Notching Machine

Ocean transportation and Storage

Packaging Plant System

Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Equipment

Refrigerating Cabinet /Plant

Rotary Vacuum Quick-Freezing Moulding Machines

Sterilize Equipment

Yarn Steaming, Setting & Moistening Machinery

And more!

Fisherty Services

Logistics Services, cold Chain Logistic Management/Systems

Aquatic Resume

Fishery Products Inspction and Ceritification

Sports Fishing


And more!


Visitor Profile :

Domestic Buyers

• National Fishermen’s Association

• Fishing Farms

• Import and Export Traders

• Aquatic Plants

• Tourist Fishing Port

• Sightseeing Fishery Factory

• Distributors / Chain stores

• Restaurants, Hotels

Foreign Buyers

• Importer

• Fishing Industry

• Aquaculture Industry

• Distributor / Agent


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