【Pre-Show Press Release】Solarex Istanbul 2016

Jan 14, 2016




The 7th International Solar Energy and Technologies Exhibition “Solarex Istanbul” is preparing to welcome the world giants as an exhibition where various products for solar energy production in the world and in Turkey will be exhibited.

The exhibition to be organized on April 10 – 12, 2014 at Istanbul Fair Center with the support of Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources will be attended by many local and foreign solar energy company officials and also academicians, bureaucrats and representatives of non-governmental organizations.

Various sources of solar energy and solar energy markets are evaluated in all aspects and the latest innovations will be displayed at the exhibition where the primary product groups to be exhibited include: photovoltaics, cells, modules, inverters, measurement and control technologies, chargers, batteries, cables, connectors, junction boxes, solar tracking systems, mounting systems, installation equipments, integrated building solutions, “stand alone” systems, solar power plants, energy storage systems, solar powered consumer products, wafers, materials and production equipment, solar thermal technologies, absorbents, coatings, collectors, fittings, expansion tanks, degasifiers, heat transfer fluids, measurement and control technology, assembly systems, storage tanks, production technologies and equipment, ventilation, cooling, integrated building solutions, heat treatment, solar thermal power plants, research and development departments, testing institutes, trade press and other publishers, educators, financiers, organizations, associations and advisors.

Solarex Istanbul Exhibition to be organized between 10th and 12th April, 2014 is a platform where many subjects regarding solar energy in the world and in Turkey will be discussed.

Solar energy is the primary subject on the world agenda as increasing world population and the problem of non-renewable sources of energy which constitute problems of high priority which are to be evaluated at global scale.

Energy policies which are considered at global scale affect the entire world. In this frame, “Solarex Istanbul 2014” is gathering numerous top executives from Turkey and many other countries and also company officials performing activity in solar energy industry, creating an opportunity for consideration of topics influencing the future of the industry.

The purpose of the exhibition to be organized by İhlas Fuarcılık is to evaluate sources of solar energy and solar energy markets in all dimensions and to create an environment where the latest innovations and practices can be discussed in many aspects and new products will be displayed for professional visitors.

The exhibition which was successfully organized for the sixth time in April 2013 still remains its position as the leader of the industry with a considerable rate of participation.

Attended by many visitors from European countries primarily including Turkey, England, Germany, Italy and Austria, and also from Russia, Turkic Republics, Middle East, Far East and North Africa, Solarex Istanbul expects many professionals from MENA (Middle East & North Africa) countries this year.


The intentions of participant companies to enhance their quality, become a brand and meet new markets are combined with the success of İhlas Fuarcılık in exhibition business.

  • The 6th International Solar Energy and Technologies Exhibition was organized at a 14.000 m2 indoor area.
  • Many researches were carried out on the industry during the period of preparation for the exhibition; 300 thousand letters of invitation were printed and distributed to interested parties.
  • Thanks to an efficient introduction, the exhibition achieved to create a broad visitor profile and welcomed members of many different industries.
  • The 6th International Solar Energy and Technologies Exhibition “Solarex Istanbul” was attended by 201 visitors in total, including 131 local and 70 foreign visitors.
  • All national and local TV channels, radio channels, newspapers, journals and trade press closely followed the exhibition before and during the entire exhibition process.
  • As the most consistent and the most reliable event organized each year since 2008, Solarex Istanbul 2014 is now preparing to welcome giants of the solar energy industry for the 7th time.

The exhibition followed by the world…

Solar energy technologies that are becoming widespread in Turkey found their first specific exhibition thanks to the efforts of İhlas Fuarcılık. Initially organized in March 2008, the exhibition has become the first and the only event organized to display the latest situation of solar energy systems of Turkey and ensuring flow of information…

Aiming at offering brand new ideas for the energy industry, Solar Energy Exhibition gathers leaders of the industry in Istanbul to revive the sector with organizations and to benefit from the rich solar energy of Turkey.

Renewable energy is unaffected by the global crisis, which is among the primary items of recent agenda especially in summer months when both available solar energy and cooling requirements are at their height.

With readiness for new investments in all aspects, Turkey has been in full flow with new energy projects, with the significance of the industry increasing day by day.

Achieving a rapidly increasing mass of visitors in Turkey, the Solar Energy and Technologies Exhibition “Solarex Istanbul” is now a fully organized event and will continue at full pace with great interest and participation of both domestic and foreign companies in the following period.

Reporting that they closely follow the latest events in Europe and around the world, many visitors of the Solar Energy and Technology Exhibition also mention that they find an opportunity to come together thanks to the exhibition and to discuss on new investments at “Solarex Istanbul” which they think is going to bring along positive changes in the industry in the following years.

As one of the sunniest countries of Europe, Turkey has only one exhibition with a focus on solar energy, which attracts considerable interest of numerous worldwide known brands willing to invest in Turkey. Solarex Istanbul assumes a role introducing the solar energy industry and especially the prominent position of our country at global scale, attracts intensive attention as it deserves. With a quite high sunshine duration, our country receives a great deal of support from this exhibition in terms of turning this geographic feature into an advantage.

Organized for the first time in the sector by İhlas Fuarcılık, “Solarex Istanbul” also receives full support from relevant associations. The Exhibition is supported primarily by Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Gensed (Turkish Photovoltaic Industry Association), Energy Law Research Institute, Alosbi, Unido – Ichet, Aküder, Ostim, KOSGEB and numerous other institutions.

With its press sponsors including Solarex Magazine, Hi- tech, journals on building materials, Pv Magazine, Photon, Sun and Wind and web portals, the exhibition continues activities through support by printed and visual media.

For further information about SOLAREX İSTANBUL, visit the website www.solarexistanbul.com

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