International Plastic Fair
Show Name : IPF Japan 2017
Event Date (s) : 2017/10/24 ~ 2017/10/27
Show Hours : 10:00-17:00 (Last day 16:00)
Venue :
Address : Makuhari Messe, Chiba-city, Japan
Tel : +81-3-3542-1487
Fax : +81-3-3543-0619
Main products : 1. RAW MATERIALS & ADDITIVES: Raw materials, Additives, Colorants, Purging Materials
2. MOLDING MACHINES: Injection Molding Machine, Extruder, Blow Molding, MachineThermoforming Machine
3. PARTS & COMPONENTS for MACHINES: Cylinder, Screw, Nozzle, Heater, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Component
4. MOLDING RELATED ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT: Take-out Robot, Dryer, Mixer, Robot, Mold Temperature Controlling Equipment
5. SECONDARY MANUFACTURING MACHINES & SUBSIDIARY MATERIALS: Printer, Welder, Cutter, Surface Pretreatment Equipment, Deflasher
7. MOLD & DIE RELATED EQUIPMENT & MATERIALS: Mold Parts, Hot-runner Equipment, Mold Processing Equipment, CAD Software for Mold Design
8. RECYCLING & WASTES TREATMENT EQUIPMENT: Shredder, Sorting/Separating Equipment
Volume Reduction Equipment
9. FACTORY FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT: Air Conditioning System, Deduster, Clean Room
10. SEMI & FINISHED PRODUCTS: Parts for Automobile, Electrical Appliance and Medical Industry, Sheet, Film, Rubber Product
11. PROCESSING & MANUFACTURING: Molder, Prototype Manufacture, Mold Maker
12. MEDIA, PUBLICATIONS & SERVICES: Journal/Book, Industry Body/Trade Association


The International Plastic Fair is one of the largest plastic shows in the world. And the most technologically advanced show in Asia. The International Plastic Fair is a widely recognized marketing tool that enhances and accelerates sales, enabling a large number of current and potential customers to be contacted within a very short period of time. A participation in this tradeshow will help to witness the development of the industry with latest technological excellence that is innovated by the manufacturers. The fair presents products and services, technologies and innovations, trends and tendencies for trade markets. It is an international meeting-place for worldwide suppliers and regional manufacturers.

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