Taiwan Printed Circuit Association 2020
Show Name : TPCA 2020
Event Date (s) : 2020/10/23 ~ 2020/10/25
Show Hours : October 23 10:00~17:00
October 24 10:00~17:00
October 25 10:00~16:00
Venue : Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall)
Address : No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel : +886-3-3815659
Fax : +886-3-3815150
Main products : 1. PCB:
1-1 PCB manufacturing : manufacture of single-layer PCB, double-layer PCB, multi-layer PCB,HDI and more...
1-2 PCB testing equipment : AOI testing equipment, non-destructive testing equipment, measuring equipment and more...
1-3 PCB raw materials and chemicals : copper clad laminate (CCL), copper electroplating liquid, etching liquid and more...
1-4 PCB dry and wet process equipment : drilling machine, exposure unit, loader/unloader, electroplating line equipment and more...

2. EAssembly:
2-1 SMT equipment, testing equipment, materials, chemicals, consumptives, SMT testing and inspection equipment, insert component assembly equipment and materials, semiconductor production equipment and materials, FPD production equipment and materials and more...

3. Green Tech:
3-1 Environmental equipment and material manufacturing industries : environmental equipment manufacturing industry, environmental material manufacturing industry
3-2 Recycled product manufacturing industries : recycled product manufacturing industry, eco-friendly product manufacturing industry
3-3 Environmental technology service industries : environmental technology consulting industry, environmental engineering industry, environmental management technology service industry, and other technology service industries.

4. Thermal Management:
4-1 Thermal-module-related : thermal modules, heat pipes, fans, vapor chambers, heat sinks, thermal interface materials (TIM), thermal conductive substrate, thermoelectric coolers, thermal conductive powder, liquid cooling, micro motors, nanometer heat radiation coating, raw materials ...
4-2 Thermal measurement and modeling : thermal-measurement-related equipment, thermal design and analysis software...

5. Intelligent Automation:
5-1 The PCB industry is the third largest among Taiwan’s electronic components industries and one of the few electronic industries that has surpassed its South Korean counterpart. PCB manufacturing is also one of the notable few that has avoided overseas outsourcing and has largely remained in Taiwan. Confronting competition such as low-cost Chinese products and government-subsidized Korean products, Taiwan’s PCB makers has been shifting their focus to intelligent automation for the benefits of product quality improvement, cost reduction, and an enhancement in the overall strength of the industry

6. Packaging:
6-1 Resin, Lead frame, Electronic conductive, gold wire/ Bonding Wire, Auto Molding Equipment, Trim & Form Equipment, Package Sawing Equipment, Flip Chip, TCP/COFA

7. Laser Technology:
7-1 High Power Industrial Application: Cutting, Welding, Marking, etc.
7-2 Micro Processing Application: Precision Drilling & Cutting, Scribing, Ablation / Annealing, Food & Plastics, etc.

8. Surface Finishing:
8-1 Electroplating, heat treatment, physical vapor deposition, passivation, anodic oxidation, micro-arc oxidation, hot dip galvanizing, electro deposited coating, sputter, electroforming, electroplating materials and equipment, coating equipment and auxiliary equipment for all kind of metallic products.


To gradually move towards the realization of smart manufacturing, the circuit board industry is striving to link up both the upstream and downstream value chains. In the TPCA Show this year, we will display the efforts made by Taiwan’s circuit board industry through smart manufacturing, green innovation and knowledge education. It is believed the content of exhibition will be most abundant, so don’t miss 2020 Taiwan International Circuit Board Exhibition.
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