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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    • Golden
    DAINA was founded in 1989 and specializes in various LED and related products, such as round LED, cylindrical LED, Auto Lamp, triangular LED, oval LED, super bright LED, and etc. We also passed the standard certificate of ISO9001:2000. We refine the quality system; constantly upgrade services and product quality. So all parts must be Lead-Free and RoHS compliant. The measure of DAINA's success is the strong growth in sales revenue and the global expansion in sales coverage over the past 20 years, as DAINA's super products and attentive customer service continue to attract customers worldwide. DAINA will keep working to provide the best innovations and services in LED fields. We sincerely welcome your valuable suggestions and product orders.

Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Hang Ji Group specializes in selling automobile and motorcycle parts and accessories, such as glow plugs, Auto Lamp, engine cylinder gaskets & oil seal, suspension parts, brake and clutch assemblies, bearings, etc. Due to keen competition nowadays, we have entered China market and aggressively sought reliable sources there. For 30 years experiences, we have accumulated scores of valuable information. And, in 2001, we set up an office in NingBo City, China responsible for purchasing China products. Our products are primarily exported to Southeast Asia and Mid East before 1990 and now Europe and America. By our abundant information, we firmly believe that we can provide you upper-quality and competitive edges products. Further, we create great business opportunities and benefits for you.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Parget Industrial is a manufacturer of high-end professional tools engineered to perform to the highest standards and guaranteed to last. Launched products include air tools, socket sets, wrenches, hand tools, Auto Lamp, spray gun, grinders, Auto specialty tools and so on. Our highest quality tools and 30 years of reliable international marketing experience deliver the best products, services and profits to all of our clients and your customers. As an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, we are dedicated to constantly improve our product quality through testing and innovative design. Our team guarantees quality and service to ensure our leadership in the international tool markets. We are able to provide limited lifetime warranty to most of our products.

Products Catalog

  • Tail Lamps ( Automotive Lighting)
    1. Housing material: Zn. 2. Color: clear/ amber/ red.
  • LED Auto Bulbs And Auto Lamps
    1. Working voltage: 12V / 24V. 2. Color: red, green, blue, amber, white. 3. Socket: 1156, 1157, 3156, 3157. 4. No. of LED: 12, 19, 24, 27, 32, 36. 5. Superflux led used to achieve max. brightness.
  • Head And Tail Lights
    1. ISO-9001: 2000 certified. 2. E36 ' 92-' 97 2D head Lamp. 3. Trust brand: HAROLD. 4. Made In Taiwan
  • LED Fog Lamps
    Features: 1. Excellent Photometric design, meet UNECE Regulation 19. 2. Low power consumption: 12V/7W per Lamp. Traditional fog Lamp is 55Watts. LED fog Lamp can save 87% energy. 3. Universal design, operation voltage can arise to 18V. 4. Dimensions: ø90mm x 60mm. Taiwan PAT. M375631. China PAT.P. Germany PAT.P. MEET UNECE R19. 03F3/PL E11 0405. MEET UNECE R10. 10R E11 03 5499.

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