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    "Wirop" is a symbol of quality aircraft cable, Tow Rope, inner control wire, & fine wire Rope with a diameter smaller than 1/2" (included) as per MIL, ASTM, JIS, CNS, etc, specification. We provide prompt delivery at competitive cost of reels, coils, vinyl coated and cut lenghts with assemblies for customers' convenience. We sell a concept "A partnership in profitableness" to our customers and our engineers offer services in the proper selection for customers' application. Wirop will continuously invest in our facilities, equipments, and employees to satisfy the changing needs of the market. We do our best to demonstrate loyalty, fiscal responsibility, concern, good business conduct, dependability, knowledge ability, and team spirit that will make you seriously consider us as a "partner".
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    Taiwan Tow Rope manufacturer- E, Jin Enterprise has focused on the development and production of Tow ropes. To our competitive advantage in the marketplace, we maintain a superior technology capability and knowledge of industry. Our OEM products are in great demand throughout America, Central and Southern Americas, Europe, Northern Europe, and Japan. Our products are insured for up to US$1 million in the United States. Through continued research, development, modification, and innovation, we continue to stay a step ahead of the competition. Our dedication to quality has lead to consistent sales and credibility amongst our satisfied customers. We welcome your inquiries and are looking forward to working with you in the near future! Please refer to our Elastic Tow Rope, Towing Rope and more.

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    1. Tow Rope package. 2. With the thickness of hook. 3. Trust brand: JANEY. 4. One pcs with the blister card. 5. Janey brand on the paper card.
  • Tow Ropes
    1. Made with high-performance fiber- features less stretch and more strength than ordinary poly-Rope. 2. Lightweight and bouyant for less line drag, this line is packaged in a poly bag.
Tow Rope

A ski tow, also called rope tow or handle tow, is a mechanised system for pulling skiers and snowboarders uphill.

In its most basic form, it consists of a long rope loop running through a bullwheel (pulley) at the bottom and one at the top, powered by an engine at one end. Passengers grab hold of the rope and are pulled along while standing on their skis or snowboards and sliding up the hill, with some variations having simple fixed handles. These simple forms remain popular for the relatively flat portions of ski areas devoted to beginners—often called bunny slopes—but are increasingly being replaced by magic carpets.

The more advanced form uses a series of pulleys to follow the slope, and can be up to 1.4 km long tow with a 600 metre vertical rise. The forces involved and the pulleys which the rope passes through require the rider to attach using a "nutcracker" or "tow grabber". This style has now been superseded by T-bar lifts, platter lift and chairlift in most places—with the notable exception of the smaller club fields of New Zealand.

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