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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
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    wireless audio& videi monitoring systems, 2.4GHz wireless CCTV, thermometers, GSM cellular automobile security systems for Car Alarm system, VHF/ UHF/ GHF radio communiction, CRT, plasma/ LCD/ wireless temperature monitors, PDP, wrieless baby guards.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
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    Established in 1990, Tekfun Co., Ltd. is specialized in the export and manufacture of various Car Alarm. Taking advantage of our own professional antenna chamber, high frequency network analyzer equipment, rich experienced R&D and well trained production, we win great reputation from the world wide customers. Nowadays, we design more Car Alarm to meet the market demand. Our products are widely used in GSM/CDMA/TDMA, telecom, wireless Lan, GPS and DVBT devices, etc. Your best Car Alarm solution partner is Tekfun. Our strict QC procedure, rapid shipment service and lowest cost structure can always support your projects to be successful. We welcome any custom-made specification. Please contact us any time for your OEM/ODM projects.

Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Jet Full Car Accessories Manufacturer and Exporter has been a leading provider of motor sport, Car Alarm, and tuning accessories for years. We are very well-known for being the first with new innovative and stylish products. This specialty automotive market is very demanding for high quality and latest design. We are proud to be a supplier to this market and our products are very well-known. Please contact us for more information and quotation if you have any questions.

Products Catalog

  • Car Alarm Systems
    1. Two button fixed code transmitter. 2. Mini-one piece contour. 3. Self learning code. 4. Trigger sector. a. Door (negative). b. Hot-wire. c. Shock sensor (built-in). d. Current sensor. 5. Last auto arm. 6. Auto re-arm. 7. Dual parking lights(relay built-in). 8. Remote door lock/unlock signal output (negative). 9. Security reset. 10.One starter cut out.
  • Two Ways GSM Car Alarm Systems
    1. Quadband gsm frequency in SMS mode communication. 2. 5 preset phone numbers for event Alarm. 3. Shock sensor built in. 4. Listen-in feature. 5. Anti-hijack function. 6. Safety door lock. 7. SOS (option). 8. Easy Installation.
  • Two Way Car Alarms
    1. Current sensing on/off. 2. Last auto arm on/off. 3. Auto re-arm on/off. 4. C.D.L output timer with 6 types. 5. Over-ride on/off. 6. Auto lock/unlock on/off. 7. Arming delay timer adjustment. 8. Silent on/off. 9. 4 digital reset code adjustment. 10.Auto arm trigger ACC/full. 11.Car-jack on/off. 12.Security reset.
  • Car Alarm Systems
    1. Code hopping system for anti-scanning grabber. 2. Self learing code. 3. Multi-function 2 button transmitter. 4. Remote arm/disarm. 5. Remote trunk release. 6. Error sector report & by-pass. 7. Memory sector report L.E.D indicator. 8. Two stage shock sensor. 9. Trigger sector. a. Door input (negative). b. Hood & trunk(negative). c. Hot wire. d. Current sensing (built-in). e. Shock (built-in). f. Option input (negative). 10.Two starter cut out (built-in 40 Amp). 11.Remote door lock/unlock (relay built-in). 12.Dual parking lights (relay built-in). 13.Siren output. 14.Confirm output for C.D.L or Auto window. 15.Arm output. 16.Auto re-arm. 17.Last auto arm. 18.Security reset(lost transmitter).
  • GSM Alarm Systems For Car
    Features: 1. Original American voice reminder. 2. Enquire the status of your Car from telephone & mobile. 3. No distance limit to control your Car. 4. Completely automatic operation. 5. Remote open/ close Car doors. 6. Remote arm/ disarm the Car. 7. Remote monitoring/ talking. 8. Remote police alert/ oil cut-off/ power off/ voice frightening. 9. Remote stop Car to preventing robbery. 10. Hidden emergency-alert switch/ send out help signal quietly. 11. Car mobile.

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