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    Since it's foundation in 1980, for more than 2 decades, Shako Co. Ltd., has dedicated its entire resources to the field of pneumatic products, and committed its energies to develop and produce new products meeting the ever-demanding needs of automation. Main products including Pneumatic Cylinder. Our products successfully sold world-wide over 30 countries such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Pakistan etc....We are proud of our quality and gain trust of our customers. Shako, our brand, represents our reputation, guarantee to you. O.E.M and O.D.M projects are welcome. High volume deal with special price deal

Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Established in 1980, Hang Ji Group specializes in selling automobile and motorcycle parts and accessories, such as brake shoes, Shock Absorber, engine valves, etc. Due to keen competition nowadays, we have entered China market and aggressively sought reliable sources there. In the past years, we have accumulated scores of valuable information. And, in 2001, we set up an office in NingBo City, China, responsible for purchasing China products. By our abundant information, we firmly believe that we can provide you with a wide variety of automobile and motorcycle parts and accessories with upper-quality and competitive edges. Further, we create great business opportunities and benefits for you.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Karbona Parts Inc: Taiwan Motorcycle Parts Manufacturer. Providing clutch and brakes, levers, gear levers, gas caps & vents, handlebars, triple clamps, Shock absorbers, carbon fiber parts, pegs, bar mount & hondguards.(2) sports products- ice hockey, karbona field hockeys, blade holders, roller sticks, tracking poles, paintball guns, walking poles. Karbona is a company that can deliver the best prices, the best service and the best support to a satisfyevery link in the manufacture to market supply chain. KARBONA's products range is both extensive and enjoys a rapid turnaround. We are able to ship into the specified assembly factory in line with customers production needs with the minimum of fuss.

Standard Suppliers

  • Delesen Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of control arms, radiators, handles and suspension parts and are mainly used for VW, Audi, Benz, BMW, Opel, and Skoda. Most of products are exported to Europe and America with good and steady going quality and reasonable prices.

    Profile : shock absorber

  • Zhejiang Jianchengfa Spring Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of steel strip springs, automobile chassis springs, front and back Shock absorbers, air valve springs, refrigerator compressor springs. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and introduced ISO/TS16949 quality management system.

    Profile : steel strip spring

  • Chengdu Jiuding Technological (Group) Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Shock Absorber for vehicle. The company passed QS9000 certification in September of 2002; in 2004, Jiuding got accreditation certificate of China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories and became a national Shock Absorber testing center. In October of 2005, the company passed ISO and TS16949 certification.

    Profile : shock absorber

  • Shanghai Part-Rich Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai ZhongZhou Group is a diversified group with the core business of motor and related industries of export trade, logistics, manufacturing, processing, car services and so on. We supply a wide selection of auto spare parts, car cooling system, Shock absorbers, lamp bulds, brake cylinders, water & fuel & oil pumps, connecting rods, auto accessories, etc. Our scope of business up to date has been divided into three parts: 1. trade agent of import and export, first level forwarding freight, logistic. parts and derivative entities of export and manufacture. 3. One stop car sales, maintenance and trade in service. The value of ZhongZhou Group is pursuing what customer's need first. We are honored to serve the customers such as Ford, Honda, MITSUBISHI MOTORS, HYUNDAI & KIA MOTOR GROUP,...

    Profile : shock absorber - truck parts

  • Xingtai Zhengwu Automobile Trade Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Shock Absorber, brake drum, motorcycle parts, auto parts.

    Profile : shock absorber

  • Kinroad Xintian Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, dirt bikes, go karts, mini choppers, engines, frames, Shock absorbers, fuel tanks, other motorcycle parts. It has passed ISO9001 and 3C certificate.

    Profile : motorcycle manufacturer

  • WuXi ChangSheng Vehicle Accessories Manu Facture CO., LTD.

    Manufacturer of all kinds of motorcycles, beach vehicles, Shock absorbers, electric car hydraulic pressure absorbers, etc.. The company passed national motorcycle quality surveillance & inspection and ISO9001 quality system authentication.

    Profile : shock absorber

  • Hangzhou Monre Auto Shock Absorber Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    It is one of the largest auto Shock Absorber professional manufacturers with fullest range of products in China. Shock Absorber series for automotive suspension and automotive non suspension, hydraulic damper( buffer)series, hydraulic cylinders for body building equipment series, gas spring ( stay damper) series and Shock Absorber parts series. It has been granted ISO9001 International Quality System Certification in 2000.

    Profile : shock absorber

  • Zhejiang Zili Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Shock absorbers, sheet metal fabrications, stamping. The company rigidly adhere to a strict quality management and ISO quality system with its topping technics testing facilities. Meanwhile, 5S Program is also introduced.

    Profile : shock absorber

  • Shanghai Gaoyi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of truck parts, such as crankshafts, flywheels, pistons, Shock absorbers and rings. It has more than ten years" experience in truck industry.

    Profile : truck parts

  • Opp Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of auto suspension parts, it involved automobile Shock absorbers. The company passed the authentication of ISO 9001:2000, and is preparing for the ISO and TS16949 certificate.

    Profile : shock absorber

  • Changzhou Feida Automobile Fittings Factory

    Manufacturer of fender apron series, Shock Absorber series, buffering stop series, suspend loops series, brakes series, anti dust covers of Shock absorbers, bump stops of Shock absorbers, etc.. This factory has passed ISO9001 2000 Quality System Attestation.

    Profile : shock absorber

  • Zhejiang Sensen Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of automobile Shock absorbers. The company passed the quality authentication of TS16949 in August 2004. Products exported to European Union, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, North America, Australia, Africa, China's Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc..

    Profile : shock absorber

  • Hangzhou Founding Traffic Parts Co., Ltd.

    FDI pursues the management concept of "focusing on people" by assisting strict management regime to ensure the most strong tactical efficiency of the enterprise. FDI has set up a modern Training Center and reserves the talents at all levels by internal training, external training and introduction of talents to provide a powerful support for the sustained and rapid development of the enterprise. Our products include auto suspension parts, it included Shock absorbers, hydraulic cylinders, stay dampers, gas springs, hydraulic tools, etc. We follow the requirements of ISO9001 standard quality systems. We develop rich and colorful cultural activities all the year round to enrich the spare-time life of the employees and refine their sentiment so as to enhance the cohesiveness and congeniality...

    Profile : shock absorber

  • Xlent Technology ( Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

    The XLENT Technology ( WUXI) Co., Ltd Jiangsu Province, is a corporation of many entities, covering motorcycle, electric, scooter and so on. The motorcycle manufacturing is appointed as the fixed base by the nation. Our company is located on the Changjiang River delta, the most economically developed zone in China. The Company owns six trademarks of XLENT and etc. Decades of fine operation make us believe that quality is the life of the corporation, keeping improving manufacturing and advancing our facilities. We have the advanced tail gas emission detective from Japan Horiba Company, batholith test machine, motorcycle compositive test machine, single arm and three dimension test line machine, lighe checkup instrument, tail gas test instrument, oil wear sensor control instrument and engine...

    Profile : motorcycle carburetors and scooter parts

  • Harbin Stamina Automobile Shock Absorber Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Shock absorbers of VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, LAND ROVER, FIAT, TOYOTA, NISSAN, MAZDA, KIA, DAEWOO, HYUNDAI, FORD Series and Chinese Automobiles. In the overseas market, we export to Europe, Middle East, America, and North Africa.

    Profile : shock absorber

  • Ningbo Eternal Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Eternal Machinery Co., Ltd. ( E.MC) is specialized in manufacturing pneumatic and hydraulic components ( cylinders & valves), pneumatic & hydraulic complete kits series, aluminium parts and bending plates, plastic parts, mould and etc. One manufacturing of E.MC pneumatics & hydraulic was specially founded in the heavy industry base Shandong for hydraulic cylinder since 1986, and now this hydraulic cylinder manufacturing base has a yearly output of 100,000 sets, mainly supplying to North America and Europe with favorable feedback from customers. We integrate designing, manufacturing and sales service together, and in the passing 22 years, E.MC has developed to a modern enterprise, enjoying more than 30000 square meters workshop and a wide market network of more than 90 countries, with Ningbo...

    Profile : gas spring

  • Zhejiang Materials Industry International Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of bluetooth mirror hands free car kit, bluetooth mirror hands free car kits, exhaust system, brake system, Shock absorbers, car video. The company was founded in Hangzhou in 1999.

    Profile : bluetooth mirror hands free car kits

  • Jianchengfa Spring Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of suspension springs, automobile chassis spring, front and back Shock Absorber for motorcycle, air valve spring, refrigerator compressor springs, pressing springs, clamping springs, pulling springs, central convex shape, drum shape, tower shape, variable section shape, wave shape, ring shape, square shape, flat shape, disc shape, asymmetric rectangular shape.

    Profile : suspension spring

  • Shanghai TESUO Trading Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of spiral bevel gears, filters, alternators, water pumps, brake discs, brake pads, wipers, Shock absorbers, radiators, CV joints, starters, clutch discs, bearings, auto lightings. The products are popular in Europe, North and South America, Australia, East Asia, Africa and also in China market.

    Profile : spiral bevel gear

  • Changzhou Giant Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of small engine filters, air filters, engine gaskets & heads, engine mounts, engine air supplies, fuel supply systems, engine coolings, Shock absorbers, fan masks, radiators, freezing-roof tanks, outer handles, bear bumpers, Engine Cooling System.

    Profile : small engine filters

  • Shanghai KOWIN Automotive Components Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of small engine filters, oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, radiator and accessories, water pumps, spark plugs, crankshafts, piston rings, pistons, connecting rings, camshafts, Shock absorbers, CV joints, suspensions, brake discs, brake pads, clutch covers, alternator and accessories, auto bulbs and lamps, auto bearings, wiper baldes, engine parts, auto electronics.

    Profile : small engine filters

  • Weifang Huawo Engine Parts Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of small engine parts, cylinder blocks, pistons, piston rings, camshafts, rocker arms, bearings, silent chains, timing chains, oil seals, clutch fibers, spark plugs, brake shoes, Shock absorbers, cables.

    Profile : small engine parts

  • Shanghai Mountain-Welding Co., Ltd.

    Based on the requirements of customers, Shanghai Mountain-Welding Co., Ltd. brings out perfect welding products with up-to-date designs. Our products include seam welding machines, robot welding stations, flash butt welding machines for welding ralls, standard welding machines, Shock Absorber tig auto welding machines. The customer scope of the company covers production enterprises needing special welding equipment for production. We strive to satisfy constantly increased customers with Mountain’s faith, value and commitment. We supply strong after-sales tracking service, considerately and duly solving customers’ problems occurred in production and giving authorized and overall technical service.In 1998, Mountain Welding Co., Ltd established its own Chinese and English version website in the...

    Profile : seam welding machine

  • Shanghai Inno International Trade Co. Ltd.

    Manufacturer of auto bulbs, air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, auto lamps, bearings, belt tensioners & belt pulleys, brake disks, brake drums, brade pads, CV joints, electric fuel pumps, ignition coils, Shock absorbers, steering pumps, water pumps, wiper blades.

    Profile : auto bulbs

  • Zhejiang Three A Spring Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of suspension spring, suspension springs, Shock Absorber springs, rectangle section mould springs, limousine suspension springs, torsion springs, coil springs, snap springs, oil seal springs.

    Profile : suspension springs

  • Zhuji Henggang Spring Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of suspension spring, suspension springs, clutch springs, spreader springs, mould springs, motorcycle Shock Absorber springs, extension springs, torsion springs, printing engine springs, snaky springs, elevator leaf springs, steel sheet springs, butterfly springs, waist drum shape springs, large sized springs, decorative springs, valve springs, plane scroll springs.

    Profile : suspension springs

  • Liaoning Yuan Peng Auto Parts Mfg. Ltd.

    Manufacturer of car body kits, body parts, Shock absorbers, auto seats, seal beams, hand control adjusters, gas springs, steering wheels, engines, starters, timing kits, heater plugs, door handles.

    Profile : car body kits

  • Hebei Huami Rubber Co., Ltd.

    Hebei Huami Rubber Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, is a specialized of special gross rubber and rubber seals. Our products mainly include oil seals, rubber gaskets, rubber V-rings, dustproof covers, Shock Absorber parts, rubber packers and special gross rubber. Our products have won the honor of famous brand in Hebei and well-known brand in China. Moreover, the corporation has passed ISO9001, ISO14001and OHSAS18001 successfully. And then, the company passed ISO/TS16949:2002 Quality Guarantee System successfully in May, 2006.

    Profile : gamma seals

  • Jiangyin Strseal Science & Technology Group.

    Jiangyin Strseal Science & Technology group has a high-end seal technique research center that is led by the expert in astronautics packing material research and design and that is composed by the experts in the macromolecule material research and the machine design research. Strseal has passed ISO9001: 2,000 international quality control system authentication and SGS prestige authentication, and will pass the ISO/TS16949 authentication. Strseal abides by "People First, Scientific Management; Quality First, Customer Highest; Sincerity and Innovations, high-efficient & remarkable "service aim and the enterprising culture of family, school and army. And Strseal resolves to provide the superior performance products and the prompt and quick service for customers.

    Profile : steering dampers

  • Zhengzhou Kingstonse Autoparts Co., Ltd.

    Zhengzhou Kingstonse Autoparts Co., Ltd. is a professional company specialized in automotive parts trade and research & development. Its main business includes the sales and marketing of automobile Shock absorbers and steering dampers, design and sales of air suspension systems. The company passed ISO9001-2000 Certification of Quality Management System in 2003. The company is already appointed as one of the loat KONI agents in China Mainland by KONI Company which is regarded as the top class damper maker worldwide.

    Profile : steering dampers

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