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Squeezing-drying Machine


  • Model No: KOWIn-185 & KOWIn-186 & KOWIn-187
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

A plastic squeeze dryer is mainly used in the process of processing plastic film recycling. The cleaned film usually has a humidity of more than 30%. Excessive humidity will affect the efficiency and yield of the subsequent pelletizing process. Therefore, the KoWin team developed a squeezing machine that squeezed the cleaned film, dehydrated the water in the film or fluff, and also squeezed the film into flakes or blocks to reduce the volume of recycled materials and further refine the quality of the final plastic pellets and the efficiency of the extruder.

* Invention patent design. Especially for film and bag .
* Continuous working. Energy saving design. Easy operation.
* Material moisture after squeezing-drying to be less than 3 %.
* Automatically running, saves manpower cost & electricity cost for 30%.
* Squeezing-dried material can be sent to extruder to make pellets directly.

* PP & PP film, raffia, woven bag, jumbo bag and etc.

Specification :

CAPACITY250 ~ 400 kgs / hr450 ~ 700 kgs / hr750 ~ 1000 kgs / hr

 Capacity subjects to change due to plastic material feature.

 Detailed specification based on inquiry and discussion.

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