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Flame Resistant Coveyor Belts

flame resistant coveyor belt

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Detail Information

Description :

Application: when belts are used in places not easily accessible, it is very important that fire risks be eliminated if possible. Two kins of fire resistant belts are manufactured: on a specially treated notural, S.B.R. rubber and the other a chloroperene belt. Nylon, polyester aramid belt, steel cord belt can be used for these belts.

Specification :

1. Flame duration time: to a flame at 1000+ 100℃, a belt test specimen of full thickness shall be inserted against flame, as per drawing, and after keeping it burn for 1 minute, take the burner off, then measure the flame duration time of the test specimen.

2. Flame reapperance test: after 60+ 10 seconds from when the burner is removed for the flame duration test, air is blown at a speed of 1.5m/sec. with an air blower from the direction shown in the figure to the left. And the test specimen shall be visually inspected for reappearance of flame.

3. Anti-static test: when tested in accordance, each of the averages shall not exceed 3x108.

4. Drum friction test: for each test conducted, the belting shall show no sign of flame (sparks or glow not being objectionable), the drum temperature shall not exceed 325oC, and the sample shall part within the 3 h test period.

5. Please refer to the attached file for detail information and spec.

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