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Compound Machines And Roller Strappers

compound machine

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Detail Information

Description :

1. Automatic connect with dough device. When the machine starts running or dough stops working, the siren will ring and automatic joint the dough. Then, the siren will stop ringing after producing smoothly of machine.
2. Our compound machine and roller strapper could adjust the roller gap from operating side and could also choose from single side or both sides. In the same business, the method of adjustable rollermake parallel into two ways: One is pull the gear on roller upper to adjust single side. Then, it could buckle after adjusting the gear place. This way makes operation not only difficult but piled-up dirt on the gear easily. The other uses different adjustable bar from both sides, but this way doesn't make parallel easily after a lot of correction.
3. Our upper compound machine and roller strapper used level type design and covered the acrylic plate, so that the dirt will not drop into dough. It's not only sanitary but easy to clean.

Specification :

1. Each roller of roller strapper has independent power and multi-alarm device. When the machinery is out of order, the reason and eliminating could be found out immediately.

2. For each scraper of roller strapper is used fixative pressure control. So it could use Teflon scraper or copper scraper. When the scraper has wore down, it could use fixative pressure to scrape out the noodle crumbs and then don’t any adjustable. No mater before or after cleaning work, it will only touch one button.

3. The roller of our compound machine and roller strapper is used not hollow shaft and passed through to temper by rapid cooling. The hardness of roller surface is higher and not easily wear down.

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