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Semi Automatic PE Shrinkable Film Packagers And Wrapping Machines

film packagers and wrapping machines

  • Model No: ST-6030A+SM-6040
  • Factory Location: China
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Semi-automatic PE shrinkable film packager & wrapping machine.
2. Model No.: ST-6030 + SM6040.
(1) ST-6030: semi-automatic PE shrinkable film packager.
(2) SM-6040: automatic shrinkable film wrapping machine.
3. Technical features:
(1) The br "NORGEN" of Engl air-urn control the complete set of working Germany SICK photoelectric control.
(2) Induce switch control material film, making reduction of the wastage.
(3) Sealing-knife protect auto preventing to mistaken-seal the products protect the operator at the same time.
(4) Imported "Mitsubishi" programmable logic controller(PLC), auto circulate control large power double fan motor, assure enough circulate wind.
(5) Increased heating-tunnel guarantee the shrinking is perfect.
(6) The conveyer belt will be lengthen change the aspect base on the request of the customer.
(7) Furnished imported frequency converter, the speed without limit
The height of the machine can be adjustable of ±50mm so that to connect the working procedure.
(8) The assemble of worn wheel worn reducer ensure working steadily
Scope of application.
(9) Suitable for such products as pop-top cans, glass bottles, beer mineral water, to automatic shrinking packing. Applicable for PVC PE shrink film. Depending on customer needs, the conveyor belts may be designed as axle type or mesh type. Large parts may also complete shrink package within a short time.

Specification :

1. Model: ST-6030 (semi-automatic). 2. Horizontal height and length of infeed conveyer: 850 ±50mm / 450mm. 3. Max packing dimension: L600 x W300 x H300. 4. Packing speed: 8 - 12pcs/ minute. 5. Rated power: 1Φ/ 220V 1.8KW. 6. Shrink time/ temperature: 0.5 - 1.5s / 0 - 250℃. 7. Width of the film / thick: max. 600mm / 0.04 - 0.12mm. 8. Package dimension: L1370 x W950 x H2000. 9. Weight (kg): 300kg.

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