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DECT VoiP SIP Phones

dect voip sip phone

  • Model No: AW-207
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

AW-207 is a wirless DECT VoiP SIP phone, with dual mode of pSTN and VoIP, user can select PSTN or VoIP when he makes calling. The unique featues including two VoIP accounts for calling at the same time , or 1 PSTN+ 1VoIP calling at the same time. Other features include call forwarding, call transfer and three way conference calling. Due to there are two VoiP accounts at the same base station, therefore this device has best oerformance price ratio compared with other one VoIP account DECT SIP phone.

Specification :

1. DHCP client for WAN. 2. DHCP server for LAN. 3. Support PPPoE client. 4. Support static and dynamic IP. 5. QoS guarantee voice quality. 6. DNS client. 7. NAT and NAPT. 8. HTTP Server. 9. Support IP/TCP/UDP/RTP/RTCP. 10. Support IP/ICMP/ARP/RARP. 11. IP Version 4 RFC 791 and UDP. 12. SIP RFC 3261. 13. SDP RFC 2327. 14. DNS RFC 2782. 15. RTCP RFC 1889. 16. SNTP RFC 2030. 17. Download of firmware/software updates through the protocols TFTP and HTTP. 18. DHCP for network configuration (in either IP address, subnet mask, default gateway address, DNS servers, TFTP server, NTP server, etc.). 19. Automatic download of configuration data through TFTP and HTTP. 20. Firmware upgradeable through Web UI. 21. Management based on Web UI from local and remote. 22. SNTP time setting. 23. Event/message log. 24. Voice: (1) CODEC: G.711 A-law and Mu-law, G.723 and G.729. (2) DTMF: out-of-band. (3) Voice activity detection (VAD). (4) Comfort noise generation (CNG). (5) Silence threshold. (6) Jitter buffer. DECT Feature: 1. Frequency: 1880 ~ 1900 MHZ. 2. Range: outdoors - 300 meters; indoors - 50 meters. 3. Handset: 100 hours standby time & 10 hours talk time. 4. Handset: caller ID function (FSK & DTMF). 5. Handset: phonebook memory 50 locations. 6. Handset: 1.5 inch, 65k full graphic LCD (resolution 128x128 pixels in 5 lines). 7. Can register up to 6 handsets. 8. Hardware: (1) 2-port DECT. (2) WAN: one RJ-45. (3) LAN: one RJ-45 (option). (4) FXO: one RJ-11. (5) PAGE and Reset button. (6) Power: 6VDC 2A. (7) 1 FXO with 2 VoIP CH.

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