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High Pressure Injection Equipments

high pressure injection equipment

  • Model No: F612
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. It is the professional machine which is applied in the structure perfusion, equipped with super pressure. To solve out the inconvenience of the carrier, it is very light and it is the best choice of stanch worker.
(1) Speedy construction: can be advanced to 5000PSI in a few seconds, and the working time will be shorter than other machine.
(2) Low gross: it is only 7.5KG, easy to carry.
(3) Simple maintenance: can be fixed without special training, to avoid the delay for the machine fixing.
(4) Standing pressure: can be affused into the small slot effectively, and envelop the leaking.
2. Gross: 7.5 KG.
3. Max output pressure: 11000 PSI.
4. Star-up: <7500 PSI.
5. Safety scope of high-pressure pipe: <14000 PSI.
6. Safety scope of on-off valve: <18000 PSI.
7. Safety scope of butter head: <16000 PSI ◎standard specification:
(1) Machine body.
(2) 5 meters high pressure pipe.
(3) Switch valve suit (including butter head).
(4) Metado sbe560 electric drill.

Specification :

1. 10000 psi / 0.74 Liters/minute。 2. 110V / 220V。

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