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    Established in 1976, Jong Her Hosiery Co., Ltd. is a professional Compression Socks manufacturer and sub-contractor with over four decades of experience. Since our founding, we have been committed toward the goal of the constant enhancement of value, innovation and our level of customer service. Doing so, we strive to meet the expectations and demands of consumers and the marketplace. Jong Her Hosiery Co., Ltd. features as one of the Taiwan Compression Socks industry’s pioneers. We provide the most competitive pricing & highest quality services.In this way, we have made considerable advances on functions by working with fiber technologies from Coolmax, Thermolite, Tactel, Outlast, bamboo charcoal fibers, to silver based fiber solutions such as Polygiene. We will be your reliable partner.

Products Catalog

  • Medical Compression Socks ( Stockings And Pantyhose)
    1. As a manufacture who has devastated to the research of Socks for more than 20 years, we are confident that you will satisfied with our high quality control. (1) Compression and 3 parts knit to improve blood circulation of nerve ending. (2) Improve varix and edema. (3) Improve fatigue and ache. (4) Mold beautiful shape naturally. a. JG-2760 140DEN elastic-band over-the-knee stocking. b. JG-2770 280DEN keeping shape pantyhose. c. JG-2780 200DEN super elasticity silk lace below knee stocking. d. JG-2790 200DEN adjusted lace stocking. e. JG-2800 200DEN keeping shape healthy pantyhose. f. JG-2810 200DEN super elasticity below knee stocking. g. JG-2820 140DEN keeping shape healthy pantyhose. h. JG-2830 120DEN keeping shape healthy pantyhose. i. JG-2840 100DEN belly-bined...
  • Healthcare And Compression Sock Series
    TSUNG HAU TECH OEM/ ODM ABILITY 1. JG-296 260Den medical support Socks. 2. JG-297 360Den comfortable healthy below knee stocking. 3. JG-298 280Den comfortable healthy below knee stocking. 4. JG-350 240Den Compression slimness below knee healthy stocking. 5. JG-351 360Den toe-showed comfortable healthy below knee Socks. 6. JG-352 200Den compress mold super fine pattern healthy below knee Socks. 7. JG-353 140Den moisture-absorbing & sweat-draining compress Socks. 8. JG-354 360Den bamboo charcoal healthy compress below knee Socks. 9. JG-355 360Den charcoal medical support Socks. 10. JG-356 360Den bamboo carbon support short Socks. 11. JG-357 360Den bamboo carbon support loafer Socks. 12. JG-360 180 Den compress healthy below knee Socks for riding bike & mountaineering. 13....
  • Sport Series Compression Stockings
    Great for Mountain Biking, Mountain-Climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding.
  • Heel Moisture And Pressure Reducing Socks ( Compression Socks)
    1. Features: Heel Moisture and Pressure Reducing Socks ( Compression Socks) (1) Superior mercerized cotton and USA dupont lycra 260 DEN. (2) Anti-shock absoption heel-softening gel Socks. (3) Reduce pressure of spine- improve waist ache. (4) Improve heel cracks- moisture sole. (5) Avoid athletic injury- no pressure and easy walking. (6) Male target users. (7) Heel moisture and pressure reduced Socks ( Compression Socks), healthy Socks, gel Socks, medical Socks, moisturized Socks. 2. For: (1) People who stand for a long time. (2) People who suffer varix. (3) Office workers who wear high-wheel shoes. (4) People who suffer heel cracks. (5) For daily care.
  • 240 Den Feet-Protected & Shock-Reduced Healthy Knee Socks ( Compression Socks)
    Feature: Gel sock foot health care 1. Gel Socks help reduce the pressure of feet to prevent the ache of waist, knee and cervical vertebra. 2. Gel Compression Socks have 3 parts of weave for improving blood circulation and help prevent the varix & edema of legs. 3. The bio-gel helps moisturize feet to prevent the heel cracks. 4. It is a new design of comfort to keep the body shape naturally by 240 Den. 5. Knee Socks (stockings), Compression Socks, healthy Socks, gel Socks. 6. 240 den feet-protected & shock-reduced healthy knee Socks (stockings), Compression Socks, healthy Socks, gel Socks.
  • 200Den Anti-Varix Lace Knee Silk Socks ( Compression Socks)
    Features: 1. 200 Den lycra pressure and parts knit: gradually decreasing Compression, lessening from ankle to the end 2. Medical Compression Pantyhose help improve varicose vein and edema. 3. Anti-bacteria & odor, and mold beautiful shape naturally. 4. Lace head of Socks. 5. 200Den anti-varix lace knee silk stockings, Compression stockings, healthy stockings, medical stockings.
  • 140Den Moisture Absorbing And Sweat Draining Compress Socks
    1. Feature: (1)140 Den Lycra Fabric Compression Socks with gradually decreasing Compression, lessening from ankle to the end. (2) Compression Socks help relieve tired, aching, and fatigued legs, (3))Compression Socks help improve swollen ankles and legs, (4) Medical Compression Socks help prevent varicose vein and venous thrombosis. (5) Medical support Compression Socks help improve and enhance blood circulation (6). Keep in well-shape (7) Compresson Socks with thinnest fibric. 2. How to purchase Compression stockings for varicose vein: (1) Only those elastic stockings with "certification of health agency" are guaranteed. (2) Elastic stockings for varicose vein belong to the first-grade of medical treatment and can be purchased personally; but people who suffer serious...

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