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    Pan-Continental Chemical is a professional and trustworthy Copper Oxide supplier since 1979. Our Copper Oxide products are used in many applications, such as semiconductor in electronic devices, electronic ceramic, ceramic colorant, reagent in analytical chemistry, insecticide for potato, catalyst, purification of hydrogen, solvents for chromic iron ores, desulfurizing oils, medicine, paints, etc. Because of the excellent performance and high quality with our product, we have earned the affirmative appreciation being a well-known manufacturer from many famous companies. What we are aiming for is to offer best quality products and get customers' 100% trust & satisfaction. We are looking forward to cooperating with valued customers. Please refer to our Copper Oxide 98% and Copper Oxide 99%.

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  • Jiangsu Taixing Smelting Plant

    Jangsu Taixing Smelting Plant has been established for more than 30 years and has been one of the major producers and suppliers for highly purified colored metals in China. Currently, our plant has over 600 employees including 80 technicians and engineers. With an estimated value of 80 million yuan (RMB)in fixed assets and over 27,500 square meters space of facilities, we mainly produce the following product: 4,500 tons of cuprous Oxide, 1,600 tons of basic cuprous carbonate, 400 tons of anhydrous Copper sulfate, 2,000 tons of Copper Oxide, 800 tons of iron Oxide green and 1,800 tons of iron Oxide red, annually. In addition, we also produce electrolytic Copper and nickel plates, iron Oxide black, and other inorganic salts on demand. Our products are welcomed in both domestic and international...

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  • Henan Kingway Chemicals Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture of Copper Oxide, alumina trihydrate, titanium dioxide anatase, rutile, bi2o3, chrome Oxide green, pigment, Oxide, SAP, inorganic salt. Its export products takes up 65% and import stands for 35%. It has established good business relations with more than 30 countries and areas.

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  • Shanghai Lvyuan Fine Chemical Plant

    Shanghai Huating Chemicals Factory Co., Ltd. is a private fine-chemical enterprise specializes in the R&D and manufacture of feed additives, analytical reagent, chemical pure, Copper sulfate and Copper salts. They are mainly used for API, pharmaceuticals, feed, food, cosmetic, electro-plating, PCB, pesticide, second-generation auto airbags and wood preservation. With high technological content and outstanding quality, our products enjoy good reputation in China. Since founding in Dec 1989, we have made rapid progress. Most products (80%) are exported to the US and Germany. We have built business relationship with LANXESS, BASF, Wyeth (Pfizer), DuPont Agriculture & Chemical, GE, ROHM HAAS, HannStar Board, etc. Always focusing on quality,safety and environment, we take priority to the importance...

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  • Wujiang Ruanshi Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Wujiang Ruanshi Chemical Company was set up in 1985. It has keen reformed for many years. Now, it has developed to be a backbone company which has the ability to produce many kinds of products, including Copper(II) Oxide, cupric Oxide, Cuprous chloride, Cupric chloride, Cupric Chloride anhydrous, Activated Cupric Oxide, Cupric sulfate, Cupric nitrate, Cupric hydroxide, Cupric pyrophosphate, etc. Our company has total assets of 3700 million yuan. It sells more than 8000 million yuan every year. Our products are mainly two kinds: organic and inorganic. Our company has abundant technical force. One of the technicians is a Doctor, three of them are senior engineers. The detecting equipments are perfect and the quality of the products remains stable. It is now in the checking of ISO 1400. Our products...

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