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    Founded in 1976, HerMin Textile vows to follow our founder’s belief and carry on the relentless pursuit of producing sustainable yet functional fabrics. In addition to our persistence in acquiring innovative material for weaving, we strive to find new sources of environmental-friendly Dye solutions. Our latest project, “The Natural Laboratory”, is about studying the science of bionics and transfer functional attributes into natural or sustainable fabrics. Abiding to highest sustainable standards, our factory is GOTS 5.0 and OEKO-TEX 100 certified. Recent years, the R&D emphasis has been shifted to functional and sustainable research to ensure our products better performances, and our clients better stories. Versatility is our edge. We are considered the solution provider for our clients.
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    Founded in 1988, Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation manufacturer of nylon 6, nylon 66 filaments yarn, Dye, functional filament yarn. Certificated of ISO9001, Okeotex. Thanks to our customer make us having a good reputation in this field. And we promise that We will strict to our quality of product standard in order to make customer have good right. Besides, we also provide excellent service to our customer. We guarantee we must make you satisfy with our product and service. Therefore, if you have any question about our product, you can tell us. We will give you early reply. Furthermore, we look forward to searching a good business partner. If you are interested, please feel free to contact with us or you can email to us.
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    Tong Geng Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of leading Fabric Dyeing Machines enterprises also of high and new technology enterprise. ISO9001-2000 System certified and fully under informatization management. We are keeping on researching, developing, and innovating the most advanced products and services for our customers, our trained professional team and qualified products has been doing our best to reach the unchanged goal of building and remaining the nicest long-term relationship with our customers. Punctual delivery and top quality at competitive price are our guarantee. We always keep innovation, perfect quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery in mind to meet customers' needs. Welcome to our website to get more information about our Fabric Dyeing Machine.
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    MEGAPRIMA Taiwan International Co., Ltd., is a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of CMM Global Group, an Dye exporter & manufacturer for all kinds of goods all over the world. Our main products are textile fabric, industrial fabric, household fabric and RTA furniture beside that we have supply polyester yarn in POY, FDY, DTY, ITY, RING SPUN YARN.We're welcome for your visiting our website and if there is any inquiry, please contact us with without any hesitate. We have our owned factories in Vietnam / Malaysia / Thailand / China /Taiwan, we can offer our customer with a full range of products with a good quality & punctual delivery & better price. Kindly check our products range and let us know your demand.

Standard Suppliers

  • Guangxi Wuxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

    GUANGXI WUXING CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. mainly produces and engages in microelements for feed additives, phosphoric acid methanol, urea, ammonium chloride, copper sulphate, zinc sulfate, sodium selenite thinner, polyvinyl alcohol, coke, Calcium Iodate, sulfur powder, Sodium sulphate, Cobalt Sulfate thinner, coal tar and so on of chemical industry. We is a professional manufacture Feed additives with a yearly production capacity of 50000 tons. We have “Manufacturing License on Feed Additives” and “Registered Number of Approval on Feed Additives” awarded by National Ministry of Agriculture, namely as specification of NY42-87-NY46-87, HG2418-93; Registered Number of Approval of label license of 4521-015-4521-019. “WUXING” brand Feed Additives honor of purity, safety, convenience, stability...

    Profile : feed additives

  • Inderle Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of sewing machine, abutted seam, overedging, carpet, cloth, dyeing, bleaching, printing, bag, shill, clam, adorn, ornament, cushion, blanket, pleat, ruffle, leather, needle, post-bed, overlock, thread, lockstitch, connect, machine. In 1996, the Taiwan Market of the Industrial Sewing Machine is full of Japan Brand. Years of research and technological development have earned many patents and won our firm a leading-position in sewing machine in Taiwan. Base on the principle of "EXCELLENT QUALITY" and "SUPERIOR SERVISE", we always offer the following product advantages : DURABILITY, PRECISION, FFICIENCY and AOCURATE FUNCTION. Also, we have a good reputation from all of our customers.
  • Wuxi Yiyao Huagong Rongqi Zhizhao Company

    Manufacturer of metal stock tank, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, food ferment, dyestuffs, metallurgy, light textile, special purpose complete sets. Obtained ZDHY quality management system certification.

    Profile : Metal Stock Tank

  • Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of weaving loom, chemical fiber, dyeing and printing machines, sizing machines, non-woven machines, drying equipment, blowing-carding machines. The company was founded on May 28, 2002.

    Profile : weaving loom

  • Wuxi Teho Im/ Ex Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture of soccer socks, hand towels, the face towels, the bath towels, the tea towels, the sweat towels, the kitchen towel with jacquard weaves, the Dye printings, the blanchings, the embroideries, the kneepad pantyhose, the silk handkerchiefs, the hats, knitting products, gloves. It was established in 2006.

    Profile : soccer sock

  • Huaying Pearl Nuclei Industry Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of tungsten jewelry, shell jewelry, shell pearl jewelry, pearl jewelry, dyed coral jewelry, carvings jewelry, jewelry fittings, shell raw material, shell mosaic, shell tile, shell frame, shell candleholder, shell home decorations, shell construction decorative material.

    Profile : tungsten jewelry

  • Wuxi Minghui Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Dye, solvent Dye, metal complex Dye, liquid Dye, colorants for ink, paint and plastic.

    Profile : dye

  • Zhejiang Xinjian Textile Inc., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of reflective fabric, reflective fabrics, military fabrics, career garments, functional fabrics, knitting fabrics, training shoes clothes, decorative clothes, T/C, 100% cotton printing series, polyamide series, wool polyester series, yarn dyeing series. It has passed ISO9000 and ISO14001 certification.

    Profile : Reflective Fabrics

  • Tex-Ray Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of textiles products including apparels, knittings, woven fabrics, fancy yarns, dyeing cloth, garments, sweaters. Received by ISO 14001 certification in 2004.
  • Xiake Color Spinning Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of cotton yarns, acrylic yarns, polyester yarns, dope dyed yarns, polyester staple fibres, jacquard hand towels, sand beach towels, bathing towels, towel quilts, towel bedsheets.

    Profile : cotton yarns

  • Jiangyin City Tianjin Textile Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of cotton yarn dyed check fabrics, cotton shirt fabrics, all cotton yarn dyed figured fabrics, all cotton yarn dyed stretch poplins, T/R yarn dyed suitings, T/R yarn dyed fabrics, seersuckers, compound fabrics, denims/jeans, linen fabrics, functional fabrics, grey fabrics.

    Profile : cotton yarn dyed check fabrics

  • Shandong Changyi Huachen Group

    Manufacturer of cotton yarns, combing cotton yarns, greige series, dyeing, printing fabrics, T/C yarns, super-broad breadth pure cotton greiges, wax printing pure cotton greiges, pure cotton real wax printing fabrics, pure cotton super wax printing fabrics, pure cotton fake wax printing fabrics, crude salt.

    Profile : cotton yarns

  • M & J International.

    Manufacturer of sock manufacturers, socks, baseball caps, knitted hats, fleece hats, dyeing caps, fleece sets, ladies gloves, woven sets, knitted sets.

    Profile : sock manufacturers

  • Hong Yi Fiber Industry Co., Ltd

    Manufacturer of normal yarn, 2way stretch yarn, high count yarn, cationic dyeable yarn, full dull yarn, deep stripe yarn. The company succeeded in passing ISO 9002 international quality warranty certificate in 1995.
  • Ningbo Shengluo Textile Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of jacquard fabric, jacquard fabrics, knitting bed clothes, knitting jackets, children's wears, hightwist fabrics, suede fabrics, weaving fabrics, package dyed yarns, mercerized yarns, mercerized materials.

    Profile : Jacquard Fabrics

  • Tongzhou Tianshun Yarn-dyed Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of jacquard fabric, jacquard fabrics, yarn dyed jacquards, cutting motif fabrics, elastic clothes, seersuckers, chambrays, oxfords, ramie cottons, leno heddles.

    Profile : Jacquard Fabrics

  • I HWA Industral Co, Ltd.

    Manufacturer of textile products, disperse dyestuff, acid dyestuff, direct dyestuff, reactive dyestuff, pigment products, rubber master batch.
  • Everest Textile Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1988, Everest Textile is an R&D oriented and vertically integrated textile manufacturer that specializes in yarn spinning, twisting, weaving, dyeing, finishing, printing, coating, laminating and special finishing. Everest develops and supplies high value-added and innovative products to global leading brands in sports, outdoor, city, casual and industrial materials etc. Currently Everest has three production factories in Taiwan, China and Thailand, and 10 sales & marketing offices in major cities of the world (ex. New York, Paris, Dubai, Shanghai, Honk Kong, Tokyo and Osaka etc.) Over a period of 20 years Everest established a high upstream, midstream and downstream innovative technology entry barrier ranging from fashion garments (shirts, dresses, thin woven fabric for female...
  • Zhangzhou Yongheng Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of air fresheners, mosquito coils, pesticide sprays, liquid pesticides, mosquito slices, hair dyers.

    Profile : air freshener

  • Lilontex Corporation

    Manufacturer of chenille yarn, nep yarn, popcom yarn, bridge yarn, tape yarn, ring yarn, slub yarn, loop yarn, curl yarn, space dyed yam.
  • De Licacy Industrial Co., Ltd

    The company's products including shirt and bottom clothing, suit clothing, sports clothing, home textiles, yarn dyed fabric production. Received by ISO 14001 certification in 1999.
  • Juwang Textile and Dyeing Machine Company

    Juwang Textile and Dyeing Machine Company is a joint-venture company, located in Jinjiang city Fujian province, the famous hometown of oversea Chinese and a beautiful and affluent city in southeast of China. The modern transportation network and communication system are very convenient. The main products include: rotary screen textile machine, stenter machine, automatic rolling and inspecting machine, beater, tendering and stentering machine, baling machine, end-ring machine, knitting machine, coating machine, composite machine, heat transfer textile machine, manual textile machine as well as various textile and dyeing machinery accessories. We also established a R & D department in Shanghai according to customers' need and always develop new products.

    Profile : coating machines

  • Hebei Light Industrial Products Im. & Ex. Co., Ltd.

    Hebei Light Industrial Products Im. & Ex. Co., Ltd. major products are: direct dyes, basic dyes, sulphur dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, textile auxiliares and intermediates.

    Profile : dye manufacturers

  • Jiangsu Yabang Dyestuffs Co., Ltd.

    Jiangsu Yabang Dyestuffs Co., Ltd. main products are disperse dyes, vat dyes, solvent dyes, pigments and dyes intermediates. We are the first manufacturer in China which gets the certificates of ISO 9001 & ISO14001 at the same time.

    Profile : dye manufacturers

  • Liwang Chemical ( Nantong) Co., Ltd.

    Liwang Chemical (Nantong) Co., Ltd. have five series products, such as organic pigment, special and environmental pigment, pigment emulsion and environmental pigment emulsion. Our company has passed the ISO9001(2000) and ISO14001(2004).

    Profile : dyes

  • Qingdao Sunta Co., Ltd.

    Qingdao Sunta Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturing and trading enterprise, it is mainly engaged in the import and export business of products. Relying on competitive price, reliable quality, promptly delivery and professional team, our products has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world, and enjoys customer's high reputations.

    Profile : dye manufacturers

  • Shandong Longkou Double Dragon Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Shandong Longkou Double Dragon Chemical Co., Ltd. is developing strong supported with new products, new technology, new craft, now it has integrates with developing, producton, marketing, the comqany has four seriels more than 20 kinds of products, such as pigment, dyes, Dye intermediate, and raw medicine.

    Profile : dye

  • Shanghai Huatao Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Huatao Chemical Co., Ltd. is an expert manufacturer of high-quality ceramic color body and glaze stains. In the years since our foundation, we have established comprehensive systems of production management and customer service, which ensure that we match the worldwide market leaders in product quality and services.

    Profile : dye

  • Tianjin Ruiji Chemical Trade Co., Ltd.

    Tianjin Ruiji Chemical Trade Co., Ltd. have passed through ISO9001/2000 international certificate of quality system. The developing products of dyestuffs chemicals are well sold in the whole country and a lot of products are exported. The managing scale in including dyestuffs, dyes intermediate, pharmaceutical intermediates, pigment, printing pigment paste for textile, flavoru & fragrance, and resin.

    Profile : dye

  • Zhejiang Shanyu Dyestuff Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Shanyu Dyestuff Chemical Co., Ltd. is a chemical enterprise with the right of import & export, touched the magical figure of 10,000 tonnes of annual output. The 20-year old company specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing disperse dyes with the brand " SHANYU " covered more than 70 items, of which 70 per cent are exported to overseas.

    Profile : dye manufacturers

  • Zhejiang Mengzhou Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Mengzhou Chemical Co., Ltd.'s main products are strong acid dyes, week acid dyes, neutral dyes and reactive dyes for wools; and special dyes for wool, nylon, furs, leather and wood.

    Profile : dye manufacturers

  • Zhengzhou New Century Advertising Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Zhengzhou New Century Advertising Equipment Co., Ltd 's main products are Dye inks, inkjet media, printhead, inkjet printer, banner printer, cutting plotter.

    Profile : dye manufacturers

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