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    Taiwan leading Potentiometer Manufacturer- Song Huei Electric Co., Ltd., established in 1981, always aims to meet and exceed customer expectations. Over the last two decades, we've established Song Hue's products as a quality brand and earned a great reputation from our worldwide customers. We have successfully sold our Potentiometer to Japan, Thailand, USA, Europe and more. In 1988, we certified with ISO 9000 standard. We as a company have the firm commitment of providing excellent quality products at the most competitive prices in the shorter lead times. If you're interested in our Potentiometer, feel free to contact with us. We are pleasant to serve for you.

Standard Suppliers

  • Kls Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Trader of connectors, terminal blocks, buzzers, potentiometers, fuses and fuse holders, resistors, switches, hardware, display & lcm & lcd, capacitors, counters, telephone parts, circular connectors, crystals, pcb, cables, inductors, gprs gsm cdma.

    Profile : mechanical counter

  • Hangzhou Riyue Electronic ( Group) Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of battery contact, battery contacts, mini audio sockets and plugs, audio sockets, DC connectors, bar link connectors, safety plugs, slip switches, buzzers, lamp holders, concentric connectors, sim card sockets, timing converters, timing sockets, mini motors, illuminators, shutters, potentiometers, switches. It has passed ISO9001 and ISO14000 certifications. Products are exported to USA, Japan and Singapore.

    Profile : Battery Contacts

  • Bright Electronics International Ltd.

    Manufacturer of ring varistors, diode, bridge rectifiers, transistors, IC, capacitors, LED, LED numeric displays, relays, potentiometers, trimmers, resistors, terminal blocks, fuse and fuse holders, solder wires, solder bars, welding wires,Sanjiang High Technology Service Center & Business Establishment Garden.

    Profile : ring varistors

  • Zhejiang Chunsheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

    ZheJiang Chunsheng Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturing company specializing in the production and sales of electronic connectors and other electronic products. The company was originally set up in 1984 and now it has become one of the largest electronic connector manufactures and it is also qualified and approved supplier by the famous domestic companies as well as international companies. Our products include: tact switch, RCA jack,6.35 phone jack, earphone jack, XLR connector, sound socket, sound combo socket, WP exterior connector, DIN jack, SCART jack, PZ power outlet, and KDC power switch, multi-charger and cordless phone UPS. There are more than 30 series and 800 types of products. In order to ensure constant and high quality products company introduced a lot of automatic...

    Profile : Xlr connectors

  • Electronicke soucastky CZ, Inc.

    Elektronické součástky CZ, a.s was established in the year 1992 as an independent company, operating solely with private capital, without any participation of the State. We follow up the tradition in manufacturing of passive electronic and electromechanical components of Tesla works. More than 50 % of our production we export, predominately into Germany and USA. We produce and supply electronic components not only in accordance with our catalogue, but even in accordance with individual specification of our clients. The target of our daily work is to comply the claims of the customers with the all standard components, but also with customer specified components, made in accordance to customer order as well. Since the beginning of 2001 we continue as joint - stock company Electronic components...

Products Catalog

  • 8mm Metal Glaze ( Ceramic) Semi Fixed Potentiometers
    1. Small, dieal for low-profile sets. 2. Audio & video products: such as TV receivers monitors.
  • 8mm Metal Glaze ( Ceramic) Semi Fixed Potentiometers
    1. Small, ideal for low-profile sets. 2. Audio & video prodcuts: such as TV receivers monitors.
  • Conductive Platic And Special Applicated Slide Potentiometers ( Master Series)
    1. 45mm, stand type, dual units. 2. Resistance taper: linear (B) and log (A)curve. 3. Total resistance tolerance: 20%. 4. Input impedance: ±20% 10KΩ (standard). 5. Attenuation accuracy: 0~20dB ±3B (for dual units). 6. Matching accuracy: 0~20dB ±3B (for dual units). 7. Insertion loss max: 0.5dB. 8. Cut off at 15KHz minimum: 90dB. 9. Voltage rating: not to exceed 20V DC. 10. Insulation resistance: 50KΩ or more at DC 250V. 11. High quality and long slide life. 12. Fader control in popular type of mixers, stage stereos, DJ potentiometers, etc.
  • 11mm Snap In Insulated Shaft Potentiometers
    1. Horizontal type without bushing. 2. Center click available, single Unit. 3. Since a variety of types are available, they can be used for a wide range of products including audio equipment. 4. Flex resistance is improved through outsert molding around the resistor. 5. They can be provided with bushing, tap and detnet. 6. For 11K series, it is available with 21 detents. 7. Various potentiometers for such products as radio, D.J, tape recorder, VCD, and Amplifier.
  • 9mm Snap In Insulated Shaft Potentiometers
    1. Single unit, horizontal type. 2. Insert molding with resh around the resistor prevents flux build-up. 3. Available with a wide choice of shafts. 4. Solderable metal is used in teh snap-in mounting section. 5. Dust-proof construction without any opening part. 6. Amplifiers, mixers, drum machines, TV set, VCR, radio, etc.
  • 16mm Snap In Insulated Shaft Potentiometers ( With Brackets)
    16mm Snap-In Insulated Shaft Potentiometers--V16PH (With Bracket) 1. Snap-in insulated shaft rotary Potentiometer. 2. Ideal for alltypes of audio products. 3. Ideal for radio, cassette recorder with radio, amplifier, receiver, etc.
  • 8mm Metal Glaze ( Ceramic) Semi Fixed Potentiometers
    1. Small, dieal for low-profile sets. 2. Audio & video products: such as TV receivers monitors.
  • 6mm Carbon Semi Fixed Potentiometers
    1. Pitch: 5 x 2.5mm. 2. High quality, best reliability. 3. Long operation life. 4. Dust-proof knob can be attached. 5. Can be cleaning by ultrasonic degreasor with freon or deionized water.
  • Micro Potentiometers
    1. Micro 092 type single-unit. 2. Small, ideal for low-profile sets. 3. For volume control and ne control in compact AV products such as radio, radio-cassette recorder, micro cassette recorder, compact TV sets and car stereo. 4. Micro potentiometers ( 9mm / 10mm).
  • 8mm Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometers
    8mm ceramic base metal film and base carbon film: 1. 8mm round/ single-turn/ cermet industrial/ open frame. 2. Cross slot adjustment options. 3. Horizontal and vertical mounting styles. 4. PC board stand-offs and retention. 5. Front and top adjust styles. 6. Dust resistant and splash resistant covers.

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