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    Founded in 1994, Major Science designs, manufactures and markets laboratory equipment that supports scientific research in life sciences laboratories. We have our own professional R&D team of scientists and product specialists that are further supported by an outperforming sales team. We integrate laboratory experiences with customers’ feedback in order to ensure the best quality of products and services from the placing of your order to its delivery. Our general lab instrument product line includes electrophoresis system, gel documentation system, thermoblock reactor, dry bath block, stirring water bath, shaker, Probe Station, incubator & peristaltic pump. All our products are produced under international quality standards and specifications that excel in performance. For more, contact us...

Products Catalog

  • 2" Probe Stations (Micropositioners)
    Specification: 1. 2" vacuum chuck. 2. Sample size: 5 x 5mm~2". 3. Platen for 4 micropositioners.
  • Probe Stations
    Option item: 1. Microscope X-Y stage. 2. Microscope tilting (up/down). 3. Probe card holder. 4. Streo-microscope. 5. RF/active probing (picoprobe).
  • LCD Probe Stations
    1. LCD Probe Station for large substrate. 2. Resolution: (1)4 platen for micropositioner (2left, 2right). (2)1um resolution micropositioner. (3)Vibration isolation.
  • RF Probe Station And RF Probe Solutions
    1. Stereo-microscope: 14~90X (~ 220X ). 2. Gold plated vacuum chuck: 4" / 10um flatness.
  • 4" Probe Stations
    Option items: 1. Chuck X-Y stage & chuck up/down. 2. Microscope upgrade for 135X or 200X max. magnification. 3. CCD/digital camera. 4. Micropositioner/manipulator. 5. Tip holder. 6. Probe tip.
  • LCD Probe Station And Solutions
    1. Linear quick Z pneumatic up/down. 2. Microscope X-Y Stage. 3. Encording positioning display with Sub-micron resolution. 4. Large area platen. 5. 1um resolution Micropositioner. 6. Vibration isolation.
  • Probe Stations
    1. Analytical Probe Station for various application. 2. Accessory part: (1) Microscope tilting mechanism. (2) RF probes/ cables. (3) Active probes. (4) Low current/ capacitance probes. (5) High voltage Probe. (6) Laser cutter. (7) Ultrasonic cutter. (8) CCD/Digital camera with usb connection. (9) Probe card/ package device/PCB holder. (10) Thermal systems. (11) Liquid crystal kit. (12) Vibration free table. (13) Shielding box. (14) Test bench. (15) Dark field/normarski inspection. (16) Photon emission microscope system.
  • Cryogenic Prober Station
    1. Temperature range: 77degK ~ 480degK. 2. Micropositioner: 4~6sets. 3. Wide working distance. 4. Sub-micron resolution. 5. Microscope X-Y stage. 6. Vacuum pump: 10^-3 (standard) with vacuum sensor. 7. Temperature controller. 8. Thermo-couple @ certain position & thermo-meter. 9. 50 Nitrogen Dewar. 10. Include connecting for liquid-nitrogen & nitrogen gas…etc.
  • Wafer Probe Station And Solutions
    Features 1. Coaxial-driven chuck stage. 2. RF probing field upgradable. 3. 20X~4000X magnification. 4. Backlash-free movement. 5. Platen linear quick up/down. 6. Easy load/unload wafer. 7. Platen linear fine up/down. 8. Probe card tip overdrive adjustment.

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