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  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    (1) electronic passive components for circuit boards, cable, inductor- drum/ ring/ rod/ bead/ SMB/ SMD/ EMI/ bobbin/ Balun/ ferrite/ toroidal/ sleeve/ cup/ thread cup/ threaded/ rod/ tack bobbin/ bobbin/ coil cores, chip inductor, SMD power choke, beads for EMI suppressor, SM beads for PCB inductor, multiline suppressor head, wound bead, round/ split/ falt cable/ connector suppression core. (2) metallic magnetic materials: manganese(Mn), zinc(Zn), nickel(Ni), cobalt(Co), copper(Cu), iron(Fe), magnesium(Mg).
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Encore Technology manufactures high-quality Mn-Zn & Ni-Zn Ferrite Core material, widely applied to Transformer, SMD Power Inductor, Chip Inductor, High Inductor, Toroidal Inductor, Common mode choke, Choke Coils, bead, MATV/CATV, EMI, Telecom, Computer, Mobile phone and Consumer equipments. In conjunction with fine quality control and manufacturing and R&D equipment, we produce successfully the low loss, high permeability material and different type and shape of magnetic core for switching power supply, communication, computer/consumers' instrument and equipment. From the obtaining of raw material, forming of particle powder and Sintering to core finishing, they have been done through a high quality controlled system. We like to provide you quality Balun item with best service anytime.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    electronic components & parts- EMI supperssor clip ferrite cores, EMI supperssor ferrite cores, snap-on ferrite cores, sleeve cores, toroidal cores, multi-line board mount filters, surface mount beads, bead cores, SMD common mode choke cores, wide band choke cores, D-sub & multi-holes plates, Balun cores, surface mount chip inductors cores, power choke cores, bobbin cores, coil forms, thread cores, cup cores, ferrite tiles, rod cores, drum cores, IFT cores, clamp cores, bar cores.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Data communication and networking components products -(1) network cabling accessories and parts- IBM token ring cabling system, data connector kits, LAN Balun and cable tamer, self-terminating T-cable, non-power AS/400.3X UTP star hub. (2) CCITT G.703- single, dual, keyston type, mini baluns. (3) CCTV security system- single, keyston type, mini baluns, video balin, Balun. (4) electrical connectors- RF connectors. (5) others- Cat 5e/Cat 6- STP, UTP, keystone Jack, 4/16 type 3 media filters.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    electronic ( electric, electrical) components & parts, unshielded & shielded power inductors- power inductor, SD & DRS power inductors, LQ & LQS power inductors, SDRP & SDRD power inductor, SC & ST & BU ( Balun transformers) power inductors, DIP & ET power inductors, low & high current SMT power inductors, high flux through hole toroidal power inductors, axial & radial power inductors, custom coils & pin power inductors, hybrid power inductors, drum core power inductors.
  • ( Origin : Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    China Security Manufacturers & Security Products Manufacturer & Suppliers. LSVT Co., Ltd. is a CE, FCC and RoHs certified CCTV cameras and CCTV equipments Manufacturer. They excel in designing, producing CCTV security camera and system, stand alone DVR, DVR security camera, CCTV dome camera, outdoor & indoor dome camera, video security camera, Balun, spy & standard CCD camera, waterproof IR camera, day & night star light camera, IP camera, IP server, UTP video Balun and quad processor. Their brand " LSVT " is the leading brand in security camera system field all over the world. Not only standard size of CCTV surveillance camera but customized or OEM CCTV camera orders are also welcome. Quality, service, cooperation, innovation are always persisted. LSVT Co., Ltd. is your best choice.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    QUEEN CORE ELECTRONICS a professional manufacturer of Balun. We have constantly contributed to research and development in order to keep our products competitive nature in terms of quality and performance. The most reasonable prices for the top quality products is our ultimate goal. Please contact us for more details.

Standard Suppliers

  • Cyntec Co., Ltd

    Since 1991 Cyntec’s team of scientists and engineers have been known to lead the way in the research and development of the miniaturized and highly integrated products. The product lines consist of power modules, passive components, chip resistors and sensors which serve the appliance, automotive, computer, and communication industries. Using our insight into market trends and the in depth knowledge of electronic materials and processes (thin/thick film technologies), we have been able to produce a wide variety of products with the highest levels of performance, high power handling, high density packaging and tight accuracy. Cyntec has been developing miniaturized components with high level of integration for many years. Using our advanced design and processing technologies, we have established...

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