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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Founded in 1994, Trinity Metallize Co., Ltd. (TPM) is a manufacturer & designer of high value-added gears, Bevel Gear, powder metal parts, structural part, sinter part, etc. Quality Management System is in accordance with ISO 9002. Certification was provided by TÜV-Zertifizierungsgemeinschaft e.V. Warm compaction & powder forging technology have achieved reliable performances on density increasing. Production consists of approximately 90% gears and 10% structural parts, which are sold direct to manufacturers or through distributor representatives. Our mission is to produce high quality P/M products and provide the best possible services to clients is a goal that is shared by everyone in Trinity Metallize. We also conduct business in an ethical manner and are committed to continuous improvement....
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Founded in 1996, Auroral Sinter Metals always adheres to the motto of "sincere management, good service, and sterling quality" in the powder metallurgy field, and pursues innovation amidst research challenges with productive/ inspection instruments on the curve. Every effort we are doing is to stand at advantaged competition position. Our market focus is “Multi-National and diversified development”, providing automobile parts, Bevel Gear, pump gears, pneumatic& electric tool parts, stainless parts, forging, blank stamping, lost wax (investment cast), etc. worldwide while Japan is our main exporting market, and Germany is our main exporting country in Europe. We have faith that internal-technology improvements will lead us to establish Auroral as powder metallurgy professional in the word.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    In order to walk out into a new path in the field of the Gear industry, Saynen Industrial Co., Ltd. has devoted to building up a professional manufacturer of high precision gears, Bevel Gear, spur Gear, worm and shaft, spline shaft, CNC rotary table, etc. we strive for high quality gears to satisfy customers’ needs. Today, after almost 50 years, we have become one of the largest Gear manufacturing companies in Taiwan. We have expanded our range of equipment many times. Now, most of our manufacturing and inspecting facilities are CNC machines, and bought from world famous companies, such as Reishauer, Swiss, Klingelnberg, Germany, and Kashifuji, Japan. In those days, many customers have agreed that our products can compete with those made in Japan, USA, Switzerland, Germany and so on.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Yeh Der Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1989, specialized in the manufacture of high quality gears, gearboxes, and accessories. Now, our product series including plastic gesr, Bevel Gear, powder metallurgy Gear, gearbox, prototype, injection molding, RC helicopter and assembly. In order to provide our quality and reliable service, we gained the ISO 1994, ISP 9001-2000 approval & enjoyed a good reputation for our products. In answer to customer's needs, the engineering staffs are committed to continuous improvement in every aspect of the products and services we deliver. In addition to existing plastic gears, custom-made products according to customers' designs and specifications are welcome.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Tai-Yih Sun Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the Bevel Gear manufacturer, was founded on the principles of quality, efficiency and excellence service. Tai-Yih Sun has over the years been working on our Bevel Gears products. Tai-Yih Sun's also has ISO 9001 certified. We always insist and emphasis on the principles of service, quality, innovation and business continuity and keep optimum status to provide the best service to our clients. Any inquiry or phone call is welcomed all the time. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to have a long term business relationship with any of our customers. Just visit on our showeroom for more information about our products.

Standard Suppliers

  • Jiangyin Ke'an Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of spiral Bevel gears, Series of centrifugal powder selecting machine of high-efficient spiral spiral shell's Bevel gears, scraping serial spiral shell's Bevel gears hard tooth, cylinder Gear wheel series the hard tooth, composite serial spiral shell's Bevel gears of pair of spiral.

    Profile : spiral bevel gear

  • Sun-Glare Ltd.

    Manufacturer of spiral Bevel gears, water cooled cable, electrode arms, electrode calmp, ladle cars, dummy bars.

    Profile : spiral bevel gears

  • Jiangsu Airship Gear Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of spiral Bevel gears, precision forged straight Bevel gears, machined spiral Bevel gears, cylindrical gears. The company established QS9000 certification in 2000. The products are exported to many different countries, including Italy, America, Japan and Brazil etc.

    Profile : spiral bevel gear

  • Shanghai TESUO Trading Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of spiral Bevel gears, filters, alternators, water pumps, brake discs, brake pads, wipers, shock absorbers, radiators, CV joints, starters, clutch discs, bearings, auto lightings. The products are popular in Europe, North and South America, Australia, East Asia, Africa and also in China market.

    Profile : spiral bevel gear

  • Suzhou Jiangcheng CNC Precise Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Suzhou Jiangcheng CNC Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.(SJC) is located in the Suzhou Wujiang Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu Province China . As a private technology enterprise and a Suzhou high-tech company, we are mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of high-precision instruments, machinery and equipments . Our main lines include contactless smart 3-dimensional laser inspection center, CNC milling machines, purpose-built CNC machine tools, automatic processing equipments for removing casting flash and bur ring, spiral Bevel Gear(Bevel Gear) and cylindrical Gear. We produce a wide range of equipments for detection of high-precision electronic products and various components, spiral Bevel Gear (taper Bevel Gear) and parts processing, die-casting and foundry. We have strong...

    Profile : spiral bevel gears

  • Beijing Well Start Trading Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Bevel gears, Bevel Gear boxes, helical Gear motors, Gear boxes, variable speed drives, Siemens motors, sew reducers, brevini reducers, switches, chains, seals, couplings, bearings, valves, measuring instruments, encoders, cylinders, pumps.

    Profile : bevel gears

  • Transtec Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Bevel gears, helical Bevel Gear units, geared motors, cycloidal-Bevel Gear motors, Gear boxes, helical Gear motors, traveling motors, Bevel Gear boxes, planetary reducers, variable speed drives, low backlash Gear reducers.

    Profile : bevel gears

  • Shanghai Great Wall Reducer Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Great Wall Reducer Co.,Ltd., (abbr SGR) founded in 1996, has accumulated rich original designing and manufacturing experience for nearly ten years. Long been recognized as a pioneer among patent reducer manufacturer, "SGR" reducer now enjoys a great popularity home and aboard. We produce speed reducer, Gear motor, Bevel Gear, worm-Gear motor, cycloidal reducer, variator, planetary Gear motor and planar double-enveloping worm Gear, etc. They have given satisfactory performance in different industrial applications : including Metallurgy, Mineral, Architecture, Shipbuilding, Petroleum combination, Aviation space-flight, Lift routing, Textile mechanic, Cement, Pharmaceuticals, Pumps ,General mechanic and other domains. Being of high quality and competitive price our Gear reducer...

    Profile : bevel gears

  • Shanghai Qianshao Gear Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Bevel gears, spiral Bevel gears, cylindrical Gears, worm shafts, worm wheels, synchronous belt wheels (gears), special gears.

    Profile : bevel gears

  • Shanghai Eastwell Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Eastwell Drive Equipment Co., Ltd., a joint venture invested by Shanghai East Group and Well Company of the United States, is located in the Baoshan District of Shanghai, abuts Baosteel Group Corporation Limited. The company research and manufacture the system of speed reducer in the Shanghai city in order to serve for the oriental market especially the domestic market. The product line of the Company is comprised of 11 series including EWR ser-ies skew Gear reducer, EWF series skew Gear speed reducers, EWK series Bevel Gear reducer, EWS series screw gearworm and Gear reducer, EWK Series Helical-Bevel Gear reducers, H.B Gear units, and NGW, P planetary Gear reducer, etc. The products of the Company are widely used for mechanical transmission in various light and heavy industries such...

    Profile : bevel gears

  • Changzhou Shengtian Sprocket Transmission Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of spur gears, DP sprockets, belt pulleys, Bevel gears, timing pulleys.

    Profile : spur gear

  • Tianjin No. 1 Machine Tool Works.

    Manufacturer of spiral Bevel Gear machines, shaping machines, straight spiral Bevel Gear machines, spiral Bevel Gear grinders.

    Profile : spiral bevel gear

  • Taixing Rongsheng Technology Development Limited.

    Manufacturer of centrifugal blowers, Gear reducers, cycloidal Gear reducers, electric drums, soft-tooth spur Gear reducer s, hardened reducers, Bevel Gear reducers, low noise axial fans, centrifugal fan dusts, centrifugal fans, dust blowers, multi-stage centrifugal blowers, high pressure centrifugal fans, utility centrifugal fans, boiler fans, energy-saving fans, coal centrifugal fans.

    Profile : centrifugal blowers

  • Shenzhen Chaojun Plastics and Mould Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1995 and renamed in 2006, Shenzhen Chaojun Plastics and Mould Co., Ltd has been working as a well-known plastic gears, Gear boxes ( speed reducer), plastic parts & products manufacturer for more than 11 years in China. Now we own precise Gear machining, tooling and testing instruments like Japan Sodick EDM machine , Japan OKK CNC machines, Mitsubishi EDM machines,laths,milling machines grinding machine for making the mould and and 3-D vision measuring system and Gear rolling test for checking the moulded products, advanced brand injection machines like battenfeld do injection etc. If you are a design engineer searching for a development partner or a corporate purchaser researching price competitive plastic/ mould supplier, we provide total solutions which are cost-effective, manufactured...

    Profile : hypoid gears

  • Qijiang Changfeng Gear Co., Ltd.

    Qijiang Changfeng Gear Co., Ltd.'s main products are spiral Bevel gears, cylindrical gears, differentials, forging parts, OE products. Company passed the ISO 9001 (verion 2000) certification in 2001 and ISO / TS16949:2002 certification in 2007.

    Profile : spiral bevel gears

  • Shanghai Dingyi Transmission Manchinery Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Dingyi gearing machinery Co. LTD is specialized in developing and producing the reducer gearing motor & speed change motors. It was passed ISO 9000 quality assurance. The main produces of our company include spiral Bevel gears, ( R, K, F, S) series hard tooth surface-Gear speed reducer, MB series planetary variator reducer, RV series aluminum alloy worm-and-worm speed reducer motor, WP worm-and-worm speed reducer ( X, WB) series planet-cycloid reducer motor ( include: speed reducer motor, chang-speed motor, variable-frequency Motor, speed-adjustable motor, crane motor, hard tooth surface Gear and helical Gear speed reducer. We have all kinds of produces and used in territory of the Delivery Pipeline and Machinery installations, such as textiles mine, leather-making, woodworking, pharmaceutical...

    Profile : spiral bevel gears

  • Tianjin Jingcheng Machine Tool Work Co., Ltd.

    Tianjin Jingcheng Machine Tool Work Co., Ltd's main products are spiral Bevel gears, CNC Gear pointing machines, CNC spiral Bevel Gear generators, spiral Bevel Gear lapping machines and other auxiliary equipments.

    Profile : spiral bevel gears

  • Zhejiang Dong Ba Transmission Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Dongba Transmission Co., Ltd.'s main products are spiral Bevel gears, DR Bevel Gear series, DF parallel shaft Bevel Gear series, DS Bevel Gear turbine series.

    Profile : spiral bevel gears

  • Foshan Nanhai Zhujiang Reduction Gear Co., Ltd.

    Zhujiang Decelerator Co., Ltd's main products are spiral Bevel gears, worm Gear reducers, Bevel Gear reducers, stepless variators.

    Profile : spiral bevel gears

  • Yuyao Kebang Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

    Yuyao Kebang Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd's main products are spur gears, ABS sensor rings, air cylinders, Bevel gears, ect.

    Profile : spur gears

  • Shanghai Ruizhan Industry Development Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Ruizhan Industry Development Co., Ltd.'s main products are rear axle spiral Bevel Gear of automobile, such as FAW series,SAW series and Steyr Series etc. Products are mainly exported to America, Canada, Japan and Germany.

    Profile : bevel gear

  • Zhejiang U&N Gear Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang U&N Gear Co., Ltd.'s main products are Bevel gears, cylindrical gears. Company has passed ISO9001 quality systems.

    Profile : bevel gears

  • Changzhou Tanghu Qianjin Gear Factory.

    Changzhou Hutang Qianjin Gear Factory specializes in spiral Bevel gears, "HUYIN" spiral Bevel gears and has passed the certification of ISO9001-2000.

    Profile : spiral bevel gears

  • Shanghai Saini Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Saini Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.'s main products are helical gears, WR Series helical Gear reductors, WK Series helical Bevel Gear reductors, WF series parallel shaft helical Gear reductors.

    Profile : helical gears

  • Shaoguan Hongda Gear Co., Ltd.

    Shaoguan Hongda Gear Co., Ltd.'s main products are spiral Bevel gears, mechanical gadgets, the carburized products, gears of running reductiion box and rotaries.

    Profile : spiral bevel gears

  • Zhejiang Buyfar Industries Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Buyfar Industries Co., Ltd.'s main products are spiral Bevel gears, fittings, fuses, breakers (double electric power).

    Profile : spiral bevel gears

  • Zhejiang Jinhua Tools Factory.

    Zhejiang Jinhua Tools Factory's main products are spiral Bevel gears, saw flakes, kerf milling cutters, three - side - blade milling cutters, reamers used in lock-making trade, plank clamp trade and haircut untrument trade,Gear processing reamers, etc.

    Profile : spiral bevel gears


    Founded in 1991, Yager Gear has been mainly designing and manufacturing top quality spiral Bevel gears based on the guideline of the US Gleason Standard. We have high appreciation of designing and manufacturing field. In recent years, CNC has driven whole market. Our CNC cutting machine will have Quality to be become much stable from the consistency of Design, Manufacture, and Inspection. Mr. Yang who is our President has imported Klingelnberg’s equipment from Germany. Now both of the Top system of Gleason and Klingelnberg can be used well to meet customer’s requests. Yager produces professional spiral Bevel gears which can be used in Power tool, Pneumatic tool, Reducing Gear box, Yacht, Sewing machine, Airplane, Agricultural machinery, Powered turret, Bike, Vehicle, Fish tool, and Various...

    GOUSHIN MACHINERY TOOLS CO., LTD. establishes in the spring of 1995. Before the establishment of the company, our superintendent has had more than ten years experience in design, research, and development in CNC Machinery tools. At the beginning of our establishment, we were engaging the sale of all kinds of components and accessories related to machining. In 1998, we established a machining center department and imported equipments from Japan for delicate processing, including spindle box, bearing block, and motor bracket. We process these products that need further processing by ourselves in order to keep high quality and high precision. With respect to machining tools, the products we manufacture ranging from widespread belt type spindle, Gear spindle to CNC double column Gear spindle and...

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