Shanghai Great Wall Reducer Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Shanghai Great Wall Reducer Co.,Ltd., (abbr SGR) founded in 1996, has accumulated rich original designing and manufacturing experience for nearly ten years. Long been recognized as a pioneer among patent reducer manufacturer, "SGR" reducer now enjoys a great popularity home and aboard. We produce speed reducer, gear motor, bevel gear, worm-gear motor, cycloidal reducer, variator, planetary gear motor and planar double-enveloping worm gear, etc. They have given satisfactory performance in different industrial applications : including Metallurgy, Mineral, Architecture, Shipbuilding, Petroleum combination, Aviation space-flight, Lift routing, Textile mechanic, Cement, Pharmaceuticals, Pumps ,General mechanic and other domains. Being of high quality and competitive price our gear reducer are selling well in mainland and export to Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, North America and other European countries. We have excellent testing program which enable us to keep step with the most advanced technology in the world. Mean while, the inspection equipment is also state-of-the-art ensuring the inspection validity. We have already acquired ISO9001:2000 certification and a patent on our reducer. Our purpose is “Sincerity, Specialty, Innovation and mutual benefit ”. Under smart leadership of our general manager, we severely execute quality and control of the products and insist on timely delivery .The staff from different department determine to try their best to offer first-class services and display high quality products to meet customer’s different requirements. We have adopted advanced CAD and CIMS and can develop about 3-5 series of new efficient products annually with our engineers, with all our workmates’ effort we can supply clients with more credibility and specialty service. If you are interested in our products or want to get further information about our company and more technical data, feel free to contact with us.

Main Products

speed reducers, gear motors, worm-gear motors, helical gearmotors, bevel gear redirectors, cycloidal reducers, variators, planetary gear motors, cycloidal reducer, planar double-enveloping worm gears, worm gear lifter, variators, shrink disks, couplings.