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1. Okay Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Rice Cooker Manufacturers

( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
microwave cookware- specialty cookware set (include pasta & Rice cookers,self buttering popcorn,food steamer), cooking & carry-out boxes, microwave pizza trays, garlic baker (with lid), multi-function bacon trays, hot meal pocket sets, warm plates, stackable splatter lids, French fries makers, apple Cooker (with one corer), pie keepers.

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●capacity1.08 / 1.98 / 2.88 Liter (6 / 11 / 15 cups) ●Pot cover,inner cover ,steam plate (stainless steel or aluminum avaliable) ●Automatic cooking ●Indirect heating ●Keep-warm & ON-OFF switch


1. Special utensil surface, cook Rice better and clean more easier. 2. Imported excellent temperature-control chip,precise and scientific. 3. Safety protection, overflow-proof, scald-proof, electric leakage-proof.


1. Innovative NEW 50 serving gas Rice Cooker. 2. The commercial gas Rice Cooker is equipped with a patented, durable and safe device - magnetic temperature controller that you do not need regular or frequent replacement of the bimetallic temperature sensor which is widely used in the traditional gas Rice Cooker. 3. This device is safer to extinguish the fire accurately in time. By using the thermal couple, the gas will be cut off automatically to make sure there is no gas leak when flame failure happens. 4. The gas appliance is easy to operate. Just turning the knob once, the Rice will be done perfectly and the gas will be shut off automatically. 5. There is no troublesome multi-button to ignite the main fire, nor does it need to close the pilot gas valve manually. 6. Best use for restaurant,...


1. Stainless steel casing. 2. Keep temperature control for 24 hours in 70-75℃.


1. Rice Cooker, Rice Cooker manufacturer, electrical Rice Cooker, gas Rice Cooker, commercial Rice Cooker, electric Rice Cooker, basmati Rice Cooker. 2. Capacity 15.4L. 3. Maximum Uncooked Rice 5L. 4. Power 1350W~1950W. 5. Rate voltage 220~240V. 6. Frequency 50HZ. 7. Wattage 1950W. 8. Capacity 13.8L. 9. Rice Maximum 5cup(4L).

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