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    Yung Li Hsing Electric Works Co., Ltd. was established in 1975 and specializes in developing bench grinder, motors, Solar Light, bandsaws, etc. Then we gradually engage in producing DIY tools, and focuses on marketing European and USA market. In 1978, to fulfill the business increasing demand, another new plant was established in Lilin Industrial Area, Tanzi District, Taichung City. From then on, new products such as belt & disc sander, band saw, Solar lights …have been marketing worldwide. If you are looking for a reliable Solar Light supplier, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Products Catalog

  • Solar Power Garden Lights
    1. Material: amorphous silicon + poly resin. 2. Charge voltage: 2V. 3. NI CD battery: 80mA. 4. LED MCD: 13,000,1 pc super bright LED. 5. Charge time: 8 hours. 6. Work time: 8 hours.
  • Solar Lawn Lamps
    1. Solar panel: 0.8Wp monocrystalline silicon. 2. Battery: 6V 5000mAh Ni-H. 3. Lamp: LED. 4. Control system: controlled by Light and time. 5. Working time: 8 hours.
  • Solar Garden LED Lights
    1. Light up over to 12 hours. 2. Rechargeable.
  • LED Solar Lights For Garden
    This LED Solar garden lights charge up during the day using the Solar panel to collect energy from the sun and store it in a rechargeable batteries. The special LED bulbs last for about 30,000 hours at least. Our Solar garden lights use the latest LED and Solar technology.
  • Solar Power Garden Lights
    1. Material: polysilicon + poly resin. 2. NI CD/MH battery: 600mA. 3. LED MCD: 12,000,8 pcs super bright LED. 4. Charge time: 10 hours. 5. Work time: 8 hours.
  • LED Solar Garden Lights
    Efficient use of LED lighting source design, with high brightness, installation is simple, stable and reliable work, the laying of cables, not consumption of conventional energy sources, the advantages of long life, mainly applicable to the square area, industrial parks, tourist destinations, parks and other green belts places lawn lighting.

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