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      Blown Film Extrusion
    Welcome to Garter, a specilist of Blown Film Extrusion for the bag making industry. Within the pass years, we made effort and invested in developing unique design machinery to meet market requirement. Due to unbeatable quality and durability of our Blown Film extruders, we have earned a great reputation from customers worldwide. We deeply understand clients' demands and always try our best to help them become more competitive in the chanlleging marketplace. If you need a reliable supplier to offer you high quality Blown Film Extrusion Machine, you could count on Garter. Please contact us and we will reply back as soon as possible.
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    • Blown Film Extrusion
      Blown Film Extrusion
      Blown Film Extrusion
    In the field of Blown Film Extrusion, HYI YANG is a professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter. In order to match customers demands, we strive in developing new model machines with new technology advances, to achieve highest standards and automation levels. We are able to produce Film blowning extruder machines from 35 mm to 150 mm screw diameter, from 1 single layer Film machines up to 5 layers Film extruder machines, and also are able to produce a wide range of Film from 50mm to 4200mm width. Any machinery we manufactured can be equipped with all accessories that customers need to produce their products, such as rotary die device, auto-loader, surface treater, static electricity eliminators, DC motors, etc. If you have interest, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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  • Blow Film Extruder
    *Polystar model number*of blow Film extruder: HA *Product*of blow Film extruder: HDPE/ LDPE/LLDPE Film *Application*of blow Film extruder: Shopping bags, Supermarket bags, take away bags, retail bags *Material*of blow Film extruder: Recycled material, HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE blend, HDPE with CaCO3, Biodegradable or virgin raw material *Film layer*of blow Film extruder: One layer *Width*of blow Film extruder: 150mm ~ 2500mm (customized) *Thickness*of blow Film extruder: 0.01 mm ~ 0.15 mm (customized) *Output*of blow Film extruder: 20kg ~ 250kg (customized) *Screw L/D*of blow Film extruder: 28/1 or 30/1 *Screw material*of blow Film extruder: SACM-645 or bimetallic *Extruder diameter*of blow Film extruder: Available from 35mm~120mm *Voltage*of blow Film extruder: Customized *Optional...
  • HDPE Film Extrusion
    *Polystar model number*of HDPE Film Extrusion: MB *Film layer*of HDPE Film Extrusion: One layer *Product*of HDPE Film Extrusion: HDPE Film *Application*of HDPE Film Extrusion: T-shirt bag, shopping bag, supermarket bag, flat bag *Material*of HDPE Film Extrusion: Recycled material, HDPE with CaCO3, LDPE/LLDPE blend, biodegradable or virgin raw material *Screw L/D*of HDPE Film Extrusion: 28/1 or 30/1 *Screw material*of HDPE Film Extrusion: SACM-645 or bimetallic *Extruder diameter*of HDPE Film Extrusion: Available from 35mm~45mm *Voltage*of HDPE Film Extrusion: Customized After-sales service provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas Delivery: 30~45 days Warranty: One year
  • High Speed LLDPE Blown Film Extrusion Machines
    1. Can produce LDPE, LLDPE and shrinkable Film. 2. Slitting device and double automatic winder (up-and-down & back- to-back type) is offered to produce single layer Film rolls. 3. Optional rotating die device is optional for uniform Film. 4. Optional co-speed controller matches same speed for take-up unit and winder to avoid Film tube stretched. 5. We didn't show all our models; please don't hesitate to contact us for bigger extruders.
  • LHE Blown Film Extrusion Machines
    1.Driving motor be controlled by inverter increasing 15% capacity. 2.In line designed, occupies little space, easy to operate, easy to manage. 3.Low electricity consumption, high-efficiency.
  • Co Extrusion Blown Film Plastic Extruders
    The JC-CX series multi-layer co-Extrusion Blown Film Extrusion Line has standard 2-layer and 3 layer configuration for applications in packaging and various industrial uses.
  • Blown Film Extrusion Machine
    it Is Used For Blowing The Various Low Density Polyethylene(ldpe ) And High Density Polyethylene(hdpe ) Colour Striped Plastic Film.etc. Which Are Widely Used For Packing Food,fruit, Garments,textile, Daily Necessities And Other Civil And Industrial Products. the Screw And The Barrel Of Model Sj-40d*2 Extruder Are Made Of High-quality Alloy Steel With Optimum Hardness And Strong Corrosion Resistance After Precision Finishing And Nitrogen Treatment.
  • Blown Film Extrusion Machines
    1. Designed for T-shirt bag and flat bag production. 2. Small occupancy of space. 3. Simple, flexible and economic operation. 4. High output and saving energy. 5. Also can work with LDPE resin if changing inner ring. 6. Film thickness HDPE 0.008~0.06 mm.
  • Blown Film Extrusion Lines
    *Polystar model number*of Blown Film Extrusion lines: CE *Product*of Blown Film Extrusion lines: HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE Film *Application*of Blown Film Extrusion lines: -HDPE: T-shirt bags, garbage bags, furniture cover films, laundry bags -LDPE: Agricultural films, construction cover, dust covers, furniture covers, pillow/mattress bags *Material*of Blown Film Extrusion lines: Recycled material, HDPE with CaCO3, LDPE/LLDPE blend, biodegradable or virgin raw material *Film layer*of Blown Film Extrusion lines: A-B 2 layer *Screw L/D*of Blown Film Extrusion lines: 28/1 or 30/1 *Screw material*of Blown Film Extrusion lines: SACM-645 or bimetallic *Extruder diameter*of Blown Film Extrusion lines: Available from 35mm~120mm *Voltage*of Blown Film Extrusion lines: Customized After-sales...
  • HD/LDPE Blown Film Extrusion Machine
    HD/LDPE Film Blowing Machine body is channel steel frame traction frequency friction,with single rolling friction,lift up and down which is suitable for blowing high-low pressure polyethylene industral fiml and agricultural Film.
  • Mini Type Blown Film Extrusion Machine
    The machinge body is channel steel frame traction frequency friction,with single rolling friction,lift up and down which is suitable for blowing high-low pressure polyethylene industral fiml and agricultural Film.

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