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    Matila Industrial, one of professional complete plastic bags making plants manufacturers, always strives in the most effort on innovative technology and service to the marketplace year-after-year. Now we have successfully launched a full range of plastic processing equipments, including Blown Film machine, plastic waste recycle machine, Blown Film Extrusion, twin screw compounding machine, bags making machine, and flexographic printing machine. We cooperate with our reliable business partners for more than 20 years, perfect quality and high efficiency are guaranteed to our customers.

Products Catalog

  • High Speed Blown Film Plastic Extruder
    The JC-HH series Blown Film Extrusion Line is the most cost-effective solution for high speed monolayer Film production. Emphasize on reliability, easy operation, flexibility and swift product change.
  • PP Tubular Blown Film Machine
    *Application: PP bags *Suitable material:PP Blown grade resin *Film layer: 1 layer *Screw L/D ratio: 28:1
  • LDPE Blown Film Extrusion Lines
    LDPE Super High Speed Blown Film Extrusion Machine.
  • Blown Film Extrusion Machine
    Applicable for the materials as LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, etc. It is widely used to manufactuer composite Film basic material, liquid Film, contractive Film, protective Film, cable Film, macromolecule adhensive Film, multifunctional industrial Film products, can better meet operational requirements of high accuracy and high speed color printing, composite and painting products.
  • HD/LDPE Blown Film Extrusion Machine
    HD/LDPE Film Blowing Machine body is channel steel frame traction frequency friction,with single rolling friction,lift up and down which is suitable for blowing high-low pressure polyethylene industral fiml and agricultural Film.
  • 3 Layer Heavy Duty Bag Blown Film Machines
    ●Advanced Counter-flow Auotomatic Air Ring 1.The external cooling system employs the latest count-flow automatic air ring. It combines uo-blow down blow cooling air port. 2.Height of air ring is adjustable as desires. 3.Only one air ring is required to stabilize Film bubble. Production capacity can reach 250 ‧350 kg/hr. 4.Automatic control of Film thickness errors combined with a thickness measurement device provides quick adjustments of Film thickness. 5.Film thickness tolerance can be controlled within ±4%. ●Internal Cooling IBC System Width Tolerance ±3mm 1.The internal cooling system employs high accuracy, fast response ultrasonic components, allowing for accurate control of cooling air in/out. 2.In high production and continuous operations, Film layflat width tolerance can...
  • ABA Co-Extrusion Line Twin Head Blown Film Machine
    *Application: T-shirt bags, shopping bags, garbage bags etc. *Suitable material: HDPE / MDPE / HDPE+LLDPE *Film layer: 3 layer *Screw L/D ratio: 30:1 *Gearbox made in Germany by Siemens *PID+SCR temperature controller *ABB or HITACHI inverter *Bimetal screw *Gusset device
  • Film Blowing Machines
    1. Material suitable: HDPE, LDPE, LIDPE. 2. Screw barrel material: 38CrMOALA. 3. Die head diameter: HDPE¢130, LDPE¢300. 3. Thermo control zone(0C): 6. 4. Thermo control of barrel(0C): 5. 5. Thermo control of die: 1KW. 6. Heating power: 22KW. 7. Barrel cooling fan: 250KW. 8. Main motor power: 30KW. 9. Air ring diameter(mm): HDPE¢180, LDPE¢500. 10. Max output: (1) HDPE: 80KG. (2) LDPE: 90KG. 11. Blower power: 2.2KW. 12. Take up motor power: 1.5KW. 13. Take up speed: 10-100m/min.
  • HDPE Blown Film Extrusion Lines
    HDPE Super High Speed Blown Film Extrusion Machine.
  • LHE Blown Film Extrusion Machines
    1.Driving motor be controlled by inverter increasing 15% capacity. 2.In line designed, occupies little space, easy to operate, easy to manage. 3.Low electricity consumption, high-efficiency.

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