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    As Taiwan Dust Collector agent, Tech Seed Enterprise was established in 1994. With 4 functional sales dept. , , and , located in Taichung (head office) and Hsinchu branch, to serve the customers regarding Dust extracting, static electricity eliminating, laser or pin marking/engraving, fluids filtration, adhesive bonding/pouring & surface treatment... and achieve the target of「MEET YOUR NEED」. For more than 20 years, Tech Seed Enterprise is still providing our customers in different industries the most economic and effective total solution, with the combination of our own R&D and afterservice team in each sales departments. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our quality Dust Collector product & service.
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    LOMA is an international company and has its eyes on the global market. As a professional oil mist air cleaner manufacturer, we have obtained SGS, TTR, and CE test report, providing customers with peace of mind for all of our products. LOMA’s products are required not only to pass internal standard ISO inspections, but also inspections performed by internationally accredited institutions. Now our high-quality oil mist collectors are used by well-known machine tools manufacturers all around the world. In order to satisfy client and market ever-chaing applications, YOMA R&D team has long been committed to improving and innovating our Dust Collector products, allowing YOMA to stay ahead of other competitors. Any further requiries? Do not hesitate to contact Lotus Innovation Technology!

Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    machinery equipment- (1) professional drying equipment- lumber drying machines. (2) burning ovens- fix bed incinerators. (3) air pollution control equipment- limit load fan blowers. (4) travelling Dust collectors- portable Dust collectors. (5) spark extinguishing systems- grecon spark extinguishing systems. (6) painting equipments- painting water booth equipments. (7) Dust collectors- cyclone Dust collectors, cyclone Dust Collector systems.

Products Catalog

  • Portable Dust Collectors
    MW1700-001 portable Dust Collector has 3 subtypes: 50P/50GP (press base)/ 50GT (tube base). They have features below: 1. Wide Dust hood captures chips Dust and debris. 2. Powerful 3/4HP motor features sealed bearings and shaft for quiet, long lasting operation. 3. Comfort grip carrying handle provides from grip for carrying unit. 4. Flexible 4" x 1.8 meter collection hose and adjustable steel support arm may positioned in a variety of ways to accomondate different machines or applicaitons.
  • Dust Collector
    1. Name:YDC-006 Dust Collector (YDC-0503) 2. YUNG CHANG SHUEN Dust Collector provides customer with a device of elegant appearance, high efficiency, great performance, and low noise level but economic price. 3. YUNG CHANGE SHUEN Dust Collector uses a high quality motor that produces a powerful air flow for Dust collecting. The air suction connectors can be made to fit different size and numbers of hole, different type of model, and different specification according to the request by customer from various professions.
  • 2HP Canister Dust Collectors
    MW1700-005 2HP canister Dust Collector has 2 subtype: 101CK and 103CK: 1. With the canister filter, the operator just need simple to turn the handle 120 degree for cleaning the Dust. 2. The handle can rotate a clean flapper inside and shake the Dust from the filter letting, and the fine Dust will fall directly into the collection bag. 3. The pleated filter contain more than 5 times the filtering surface area comparing with standard filter bags. 4. The filter material in cartridge filter is made of spun-bond polyester, capable of filtering Dust particles down to 1 micron. 5. CE/SA.
  • Dust Collectors
    No mater what the kind of sanding application, Chin Chao Sheng can provide the machines that fully meet your requirements. We have the resources to design the machine to suit your rigorous requirements.
  • Cyclone Dust Collectors
    Features: The Collector is equipped with cyclone spearator & chip storage tank, robust & durable, high safety & good of Dust collecting effect.
  • Dust Collectors
    No mater what the kind of sanding application, Chin Chao Sheng can provide the machines that fully meet your requirements. We have the resources to design the machine to suit your rigorous requirements.
  • Portable Dust Collectors
    1. 2HP Dust Collector, both for metal Dust and wood Dust. 2. This Dust Collector with sufficient CFM can handle the metal Dust, and Dust collecting drawer design make the Dust cleaning easily.
  • Air Pulse Filter Cartridge Dust Collectors
    Filtercartidges applications: For industry Dust collecting & recycling: for example, asbestos, fertilizer, feeds, PVC power, rebber grinding, g rain conveying, sand blasting, ceramics, powder coating, paints, leather, paper, cement, coal, stone crushing, calcuim, plywood, furniture, woodworking, etc.

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