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    KWT MACHINE SYSTEMS CO., LTD. was a well-known company to provide packaging Machines and Filling Machines. We make it and do the strict quality control in our factory. All of our Machines are tested 100% before delivery. KWT is not only doing marketing worldwide but also setting up a quality and trustable brand in this field. We always keep innovation, perfect quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery in mind to meet customers' needs. We also provide many kind of products, welcome to our website to get more information. We wish to have a long term business relationship with you in the near future.
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      Filling Machines
    Taiwan Filling Machine Manufacturer, Shin I Machinery Works Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956. Our main products are Filling Machines and other products, we will be in a sound position to provide clients with the highest performance our products and enable us to share the fruits of success with you. We welcome your suggestions and ideas on how we can make our company a better Filling machine supplier and an improved partner to your business. 100% Quality check will be performed to make sure the goods are of high quality standard when delivered to customer end.

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    Apack Corporation With an accumulation of 10 years experience in importing & exporting Filling Machines. We have expanded our business into designing, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service of our line of fill machinery. We can offer custom filler equipment, installation and assembly service according to customers' specifications. We wish to have a long term business relationship with you in the near future. Welcome to our website and make some inquiry for us.

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    Chie Mei Enterprise Co., Ltd. provides a variety of packing machine such as overwrapping Machines, Filling Machines, shrink packing machinery, vacuum packing Machines, vacuum forming Machines, etc. We obtained "ISO 9001:2000" and "CE" certificated. We specialized in precise and complicated packing Machines and packaging Machines. We insist on a developing way with "Technology Innovations and Quality Superiority" packing machinery, packaging machinery and high efficiency. If you are interested in the packing Machines, please see the E-catalog and contact to us. You will benefit from our ISO 9001 compliance and our promise to supply top quality, reliable packing machine. Therefore, if you have any question about our product, you can tell us. We will give you early reply.

Products Catalog

  • Three In One Filling Machines
    1. This series equipment is used in producing all kinds of mineral and purified water contained in PET bottle. Washing, Filling, and capping can be carried out on this machine. The suspending bottle-necks cramping design is used in this machine, and this shortens the time the beverage-material contacting with air outside, makes the production-process more sanitary, increases the output substantially. The maximum production capacity of this machine for bottles of 500ml is 5000-6000 bottles per hour. Full-automatic multiple-function washing, Filling and capping unit. Used in washing. Filling and sealing all kinds of non-air drinks such as fruit juice, oil and vinegar, wine, fruit wine, mineral water and pure water. 2. Unique design, new style, complete functions, multi-purpose, convenient...
  • Automatic Capsule Filling Machines (For Pellet/Powder)
    1. Highest efficiency. 2. Better accuracy. 3. Lower maintenance. 4. Easier operation. 5. Suitable for Filling Western or Chinese herbal medicines or health food. 6. The machine conforms to cGMP standards. 7. Electric control system conforms to UL,CE standards.
  • Auto Liquid Filling Machines
    1. Features: (1) Suitable to fill all liquid, paste, etc., in low or high viscosity. (2) Special designed Filling line for big volume Filling in mass production. (3) Machine surface and most machine parts are made of SUS 304 for easy clean. (4) Simple design, easy to operate, least maintenance. 2. Applications: good for all chemical, food, drink, pharmaceutical industry of Filling jobs.
  • Automatic Water Filling Machinery 450BPH
    Detailed Product Description Automatic water Filling machinery, water bottling system, water bottling machinery, water bottling line, water Filling Machines Automatic water Filling machinery, water bottling system, water bottling machinery, water bottling line, water Filling Machines Automatic 5 gallon bottled water bottling machine, water Filling machies Suitable bottles: 3 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 Gallon, 6 Gallon Bottle type: PET or Polycarbonate bottle Caps: standard PE caps with spill valve inside and tail outside. Bottling capacity: 450 bottles per hour
  • Silicone Filling Machines
    Main Parts: 1.Hydraulic silicone push out machine. 2.Filling machine.
  • Bottle Water Filling Machines CGF-5L
    Bottled water Filling machine for 5L bottle, water bottling machine with linear design, 500 bottles per hour.
  • Over-Flow Filling Machine
    F serials filler provide the same fill level, making them ideal for Filling transparent containers that must have a consistent filler level. It is designed to handle for water thin with no particulate liquid.
  • Auto Filling Cap Sealing Machines
    1. A desired capacity can be quickly and precisely acquired since a single axis-adjusting piston is adopted in this machine. 2. Parts of the piston is contacting the liquid is made of stainless steel treated with hard chrome to enforce the surface hardness. 3. Bottle delivery line, positioning of the bottle and capping operation are motivated by air cylinder. 4. Automatic cap sealing is designed for those bottle mouths to be sealed with aluminum cap and/or spiral-type cap. 5. It is also possible for sealing with plastic cap and the sealing requirements can be adjusted according to the materials of the cap. 6. A safety equipment is attached to this machine, which will automatically stop its operation in case of any fell down of bottle, improper positioning of the bottle to be capped, or...
  • One Head Semi-Auto Filler
    KWT-810 serials are versatile semi-automatic liquid filler, designed to semi-viscous and thick products equipped with a single or a double pump system. It is simple and flexible Filling operation, eliminating the cost of down time and inexpensive machine for small runs and contract packagers, the operation makes it easy to use and affordable.
  • Rotary Lobe Pump ( PD Pump) Filling Machine
    R serials are pump Filling machine, it is an efficient device to fill from thin to medium viscosity, as well as foaming products.
  • Crack Filling Machines
    It is composed by the chassis, the steam spray gun, the road maintain safety symbol and seam Filling machine and so on, it could automatically control heats and enters the heat preservation condition this machine can do self-moving, moving forward and backward flexible, it containing a suit crack disposal equipment is mainly used for the maintenance of the asphalt and cement road surface irregular crack.
  • 250ml ~ 2500ml Filling Machines
    ISO baric (carbonated) washing/ Filling/ capping monoblock 16000-30000BPH.

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