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      Liquid Filling System
      Liquid Filling System
    Shin I Machinery Works Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacture of Liquid Filling System both at home and abroad. We started with Liquid Filling System, and soon we further expanded into producing of Liquid Filling System. After years of research and planning, we have been able to produce the complete line of high Liquid Filling System as a new contribution. For the late years, our production equipment and facilities have been modernized and increased considerably, and our research strengthened. As new techniques develop from our constant research, our products will be improved to offer you more and better productivity at even lower cost. We appreciate the pleasure to help you grow as you do for us through improving productivity for both of us.

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    KWT MACHINE SYSTEMS CO., LTD. was a well-known company to provide packaging machines and Liquid Filling System. We make it and do the strict quality control in our factory. All of our machines are tested 100% before delivery. KWT is not only doing marketing worldwide but also setting up a quality and trustable brand in this field. We always keep innovation, perfect quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery in mind to meet customers' needs. We also provide many kind of products, welcome to our website to get more information. We wish to have a long term business relationship with you in the near future.

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    Established in 1982 as Taiwan Liquid Filling System manufacturer, manufactures and exports for pellets, tablets, capsule/tablet inspection machines, and capsule polishing machines. Products supplied worldwide since 1982. Custom-designs and OEM/ODM services are cordially welcome. We manufacturer and supply products and services of Liquid Filling System. We have earned many positive feedbacks from our customers worldwide and that has driven us to be better and serve our customers right. Attaching to the belief in "Excellent Quality, Best Service, Ongoing R&D and Progress'", the company keeps growing. If you have any questions regarding our company or products, please feel free to contact us now.

Standard Suppliers

  • Shanghai Sower Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of coating equipments, complete coating equipments, automatization control complete equipments, cosmetic complete plant equipments, glue complete plant equipments, complete plant equipments of pitch emulsifying, high-speed dispersers, lab high-speed dispersers, lab basket mills, basket mills, laboratory basket mills, automatic basket mills, lab high-shear emulsifiers, high-shear emulsifiers, inline high-shear mixers, automated feeding systems, liquids feeding systems, automated equipment for powders feedings, flat type mixing vessels, stainless steel tanks, vacuum mixing vessels, Filling machines, ointment Filling & sealing machines, liquids Filling semi-automatic liquids Filling and capping machines, semi-automatic liquids Filling and capping machines.

    Profile : coating equipments

Products Catalog

  • Semi Auto Liquid Filling Machines
    1. Vacuum pump is used, free of noise, good for irregular shaped glass bottles, or solid plastic bottles. The sizes of bottles may be adjusted, the wall thickness of containers is not a problem, as the Filling level inside bottles is always uniformed at a fixed level for better appearance of products. Made by stainless steel for endurance and sanitary purpose. 2. Application: general cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical solutions.
  • Automatic Soft Drink And Beer Fillers ( Automatic Filling Machines)
    1. Liquid is filled by pressure. 2. Suitable for carbonated soft drink and beer Filling. 3. Can be connected with seamer S-B15 or S-B45. 4. Precise Filling valve is mode of stainless steel, easy for cleaning and maintenance. 5. CIP (clean in position) is incorporated. 6. All parts contact with can/lid is made of stainless steel or bronze.
  • Automatic Liquid Filling Machines
    1. A desired capacity can be quickly and precisely acquired as the machine adapt a single axis adjusting piston. 2. The contact parts with Liquid are made of stainless steel, piston and piston, cylinder are hard chrome plated to enforce the surface hardness. 3. Bottle-feeding, positioning are operated by air cylinder. 4. A safety device is attached to the machine to stop the running automatically in case of any fell down of bottle or during the operating by hand-wheel. 5. Surface are made of stainless steel for easy clean. 6. The buffering device permits the less friction of mechanism, so as to prolong the service life of machine. 7. A stepless speed variable motor is used for freely speed adjustment. 8. This machine can be run independently or connected to automatic capping machine,...
  • Beverage Machines ( Bottled Water Filler And Filling Equipments)
    1. This beverage machinery/ beverage machine/ bottled water filler/ Filling equipment/ bottle Filling machine is used in the production of carbonated drink etc. PLC controller. 2. Features of beverage machinery: Application: this series equipment is used to produce all kinds of carbonated drink contained in PET or Glass bottle. Washing, filing and capping can be carried out on this machine. This machine has the following characteristics: Scientific and reasonable design, beautiful appearance, complete function, convenient maintenance, and high automation. 3. Feature: (1) The suspending bottle-necks cramping design makes the whole production line more stable during the working process and it also avoids malfunctions caused by the differences of thickness and height of the bottle. This...
  • Auto Liquid Filling Machines
    1. Features: (1) Suitable to fill all Liquid, paste, etc., in low or high viscosity. (2) Special designed Filling line for big volume Filling in mass production. (3) Machine surface and most machine parts are made of SUS 304 for easy clean. (4) Simple design, easy to operate, least maintenance. 2. Applications: good for all chemical, food, drink, pharmaceutical industry of Filling jobs.
  • Automatic Liquid Filling And Plugging  And Capping Machines
    1. Adopt single axle adjusting piston, the request Filling volume can be adjusted quickly and precisely. 2. The part of piston, which contacts with the Liquid is made of fine ceramics. Can avoid the contamination and meet the GMP standard. 3. Automatic feeding bottle, positioning and operation are controlled automatically. 4. The automatic capping is designed according to the sealing mouth of screw cap. The fastening (sealing) range can be adjusted according to the material of cap. 5. With safety device, machine will stop automatically when bottle fell down or not in correct position during use the hand-wheel. 6. When specification of the bottle is changed. It only needs to change star wheel. The height can be adjusted also. It is very easy to wash & clean. 7. Adopt stepless...

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