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    KWT Machine SYSTEMS CO., LTD. was a well-known company to provide packaging machines and Labeling Machine. We make it and do the strict quality control in our factory. All of our machines are tested 100% before delivery. KWT is not only doing marketing worldwide but also setting up a quality and trustable brand in this field. We always keep innovation, perfect quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery in mind to meet customers' needs. We also provide many kind of products, welcome to our website to get more information. We wish to have a long term business relationship with you in the near future.

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    Since 1974, Kuen Yuh Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. offers comprehensive range of Printing and Converting Equipment and Labeling Machine to global clients. We had the best know how and relationship with every Taiwan Machine buliders, we can provide the professional service and satisfactory price for buyers. KYMC has confidence in supplying customers with the highest quality Labeling Machine and also specializes in providing Machine design and engineering services. Our philosophy has always been to strive for a balance between bold innovation and constant improvement-between fluid adaptability and utmost concentration on details. We are constantly searching for ways to improve our products and customer service and welcome new challenges.
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    Jumbo Steel Machinery Co., Ltd., is a leading and professional manufacturer of straws bending & packing machines such as slitting machines, PP & PET strapping band machines, Labeling Machine, suction hose making Machine, PVC heat shrink film Machine, plastic extrusion Machine, stretch film, and so on. For a close look at Machine image and specification. We will be strict to our quality of product standard in order to make customer have good right. Besides, we also provide excellent service to our customer. We guarantee we must make you satisfy with our product and service. Furthermore, we look forward to searching a good business partner. If you are interested, please feel free to contact with us or you can email to us.
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    CHUEN AN MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. specializes in Labeling Machine. Excellent Quality, Best Service, Profession, and Sincerity are the positive feedbacks earned from our clients. They help us to blend the positive images in the market for all of our product ranges and furthermore, they are always our promises to all of our worldwide clients. We will be in a sound position to provide clients with the highest performance on packaging machines and enable us to share the fruits of success with you. We welcome your suggestions and ideas on how we can make our company a better supplier and an improved partner to your business. 100% Quality check will be performed to make sure the goods are of high quality standard when delivered to customer end.

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    Established in 1980, Ton Weight Machinery Mfg Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing and delivering hydraulic & pneumatic parts & equipments such as Labeling Machine, fixed displacement high pressure vane pumps, solenoid directional valves, hose couplings, label printing machines- label web slitters, and so on. We produced hydraulic cylinder & component at the first 5 years! After year1985, we started the industrial hose couplings, hydraulic valves, fittings, adapter, and quick release couplings! These wild range products offer the various and stable choice for the hydraulic power transmission and the delivery hose. Welcome to visit our website and hope you could get the products which you are interested in or more information.
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    Since 1991, Wu Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Labeling machinery in Taiwan with full of energy and eager to serve for worldwide customers. We design and manufacture wrap around labeler Machine to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and products worldwide. We have offered the high quality products, competitive price together with the best after sales service. We are looking forward to your any question and enquiry and Welcome you to visit our web-site to get more information or contact with us by e-mail. Don’t hesitate or you will miss it.
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    With an accumulation of 10 years experience in importing & exporting Labeling Machine, Apack Corporation has expanded its business into designing, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service of label machines. Our products including automatic labelling machines, plastic bag maker with auto labeler machines, etc. We strongly believe in our versatile product lines, which provide high performance and are finely tuned to meet customer's specific demands. We are currently aggressively developing our overseas marketing network. Let our expertise in this field, our proven products lines and our commitment to technological advances and customer satisfaction be your choice.

Products Catalog

  • Wrap Around Labeling With Hotmelt Or Cold Glues
    It is one of the wide ways to apply sleeves to containers. It can affix labels with hot glue or cold glue exactly, whether on glass, plastic, metal containers, or round, oval, rectangular, square and polygon containers. It can cut the labels and apply them to the container auto. It is capable of handling a wide range of film labels and label papers. Main technical standards.
  • Labeling Trademarks Planes
    1. Whole Machine frame is made out of stainless steel304. simple structure, beauty appearance, easy cleaning, water and rust proof. 2. Unique cutting system: adopting static and convolute technology, label cutting flat. 3.The label location setting device assures the sleeve the label precisely. 4. group design and control, sleeve labels precisely with high speed. 5.with the good quality touching operation screen, easy operation. 6. high automatic control, esay operation just need one person to operate, easy maintance. 7. OMORN servo control, assure sleeve accurately when in working.
  • Front / Back Labeling Machine
    KWT-600 serials are manufactured for front and back sides of square, rectangular or oval containers as well as circular ones (wrap around).
  • Wrap Around Labeling Machines ( Automatic Labeling Machines )
    1.Instance: apply the label on all kinds of round containers in semi- or fully wrap-around. 2. Features: (1) PLC system integrates with user-friendly LCD Touch Control Panel, in version of English and Chinese. Easy operation. (2) Wrap-around belt with bouncy sponge ,being wearable, makes neat Labeling. (3) Screw device makes containers run in suitable Labeling space. (4) System notifies the end, shortage, broken of label and has the function of counting. (5) Optional hot foil printer or inkjet printer, coding lot No., MFG or expiry date ect. 3. Optional equipment: hot foil printer / inkjet printer / feeding unit / collecting unit.
  • Round Bottle Labeling Machines
    Round bottle Labeling Machine suitable for Labeling round and cylindrical bottles. 1. User-friendly computer controller with large elegant HMI screen. 2. Memory capacity more than 10 sets Labeling parameters for fast change of production conditions. 3. Entire Machine is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum alloy for rust-free performance, meeting FDA standards. 4. Remarks: All of our machines are CE/TUV or CSA/UL approved. We can offer customers Video CD and more detailed catalogue for the machines' work, contact Ms. Linda.
  • Horizontal Wrap Around Labeling Machines ( Automatic Labeling Machines )
    1. Instance: apply the label on all kinds of small cylinder in semi- or fully wrap-around 2. Features: (1) Roller conveyor with bearing, makes products work smoothly and in complete. (2) Top-holding wrap-around belt, for holding glass or plastic bottle, has neat Labeling (3) With auto in-feeding system, Labeling can be in high speed and effective. Changing to different products, feeding star wheel is easy and swift to replace. (4) Motor for label background collecting, shorts time of label replacement. (5) Optional sensor, with function of checking coding and Labeling in complete. 3. Optional equipment : hot foil printer / inkjet printer / in-feeding unit / collecting unit / replenishing unit.
  • Semi Automatic Labeling Machines ( Label Rewinder And Counters )
    1. Instance : label background collecting, label counting and avoiding label missing 2. Features : (1) Label roll in either forward or reversal order, just one switch. (2) Label counter presets quantities. (3) Label width, being available from 10mm to 130mm.
  • Semi Automatic Labeling Machines ( Label Dispenser )
    1. Instance: apply various label, dispensing it. 2. Features: (1) Automatic label dispensing system, swiftly. (2) Label counter, specific quantity control. (3) Label width, being available from 10mm to 130mm.
  • Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler (Labeling Machine)
    NLR-100 Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler can be widely used in various vertical round bottles. It suits for small production.
  • Microprocessor Control Labeling Machines ( Automatic Labeling Machines )
    1. Instance: apply the label on the top or one side of plane productworking alone or with production line. 2. Features: (1) Labeling applicator designed compact and versatile. (2) User-friendly and minimal change parts.. (3) High precision ± 1 mm. (4) Labeling speed up to 120 pieces per minute. (5) Automatic record for over 10 sets label data. 3. Optional equipment: hot foil printer / inkjet printer / conveyor / h-type stand / encoder / transparent label sensor.
  • Semi Automatic Labeling Machines (Air)
    1. Instance: apply the label on plane product, working alone or with production line. 2. Features: (1) High precision +/- 0.3. (2) Working alone or with production line. (3) Applying various labels.
  • OPP Roll Fed Labeling Machines ( Automatic Labeling Machines )
    1. Instance: apply the OPP film on plastic bottle in fully wrap-around. 2. Features: (1) Apply OPP or BOPP film, saving 30% cost than shrinking label Machine. (2) Bottle O.D. from ∮45mm to ∮100mm. (3) Replace changing parts easily and swiftly. (4) Special label cutting device, with an ability of bounce; cutter is durable. (5) Special gluing device, with shaving function for over glue, conserve hot melt. 3. Optional equipment: feed roller/drum / drum guide/feed star wheel /feed star wheel guide.
  • Auto Bottle Labeler Machines
    1. It is very troublesome to replace each time when the specification of the labels differ, in order to reduce this kind of inconvenience, we have developed this automatic Labeling Machine which only requires a minor adjustment and replacements of a few parts to 2. Solve the above mentioned trouble. 3. It saves your production cost and is very easy to operate. It comes up with a fast and unified production to ensure refined outlooks of the bottles to be labelled. Machine cover and conveyor plate are made of stainless steel, so that there will be no rusty and you can be assured of its durability and a clean working Machine.
  • Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines
    1. Whole Machine frame is made out of stainless steel SUS304. The frame is siple, beauty, waterproof and don't rust. It is easily for cleansing. 2. The especial cutting system: adopting the shisht and convolute technology. The label cutting is flat、not burr. 3. The label location set assures the sleeving veracity. 4. Adopting model group design、module controlled; Achieve veracitily and fast sleeving. 5. With the good quality touching operation screen, achieving operation by finger, easy and shortcut. 6. It is a high automatic packing Machine. Just one person handles. Easily operation. 7. Easy to change packing material, the changeover of the mould can be easily done by hand without any tools. 8. Within the flay width limitation, can be used to package objects in different shape,...
  • PLC-Controlled Labeling And Coding Machines
    1. This PLC-controlled Machine is designed with French technology and its main components are of Taiwan brand or imported. 2. Reasonable design and harmonious movement and high reliability. 3. Can stick single or double sheet of non-setting adhesive label of different sizes conveniently onto various specifications of round bottles. 4. Applicable to-be labelled objects: objects in round shape. Applicable labels: non-setting adhesive labels. Applicable number of label sheet: 1 to 2 sheets. Remarks: All of our machines are CE/TUV or CSA/UL approved We can offer customers Video CD and more detailed catalogue for the machines' work, contact Ms. Linda.

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