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      Can Making Machines
    Shin I Machinery Works Co., Ltd. provides the highest quality canning machinery for many years. Our main products include Can Making Machines, vacuum Can seamers, liquid filling machinery, Can Making Machines, caps forming Machines, etc. Our production equipment and facilities have been modernized and increased considerably and our research strengthened. After years of effort, we have become a sophisticated manufacturer and exporter of Can Making Machines. We are committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations and to maintain their trust and loyalty. We appreciate the pleasure to help you grow as you do for us through improving productivity for both of us. Please refer to our online catalouge of Can Making Machines.

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    Blown film machine- Our blown film Machines are equipped with Siemens gearbox which is made in Germany, ABB inverter as standard devices, and we use PID thermos controller + SCR for our heating system. Therefore we Can guarantee our machine to save up to 20% power consumption than other competitors. With our special design of die flow path, it takes only half an hour to clear off the material inside, this not only makes the operation more efficient, but also improve the quality of end product. Plastic recycling machine- Matila Can provide the complete line from washing to pelletizing for recycling different kinds of plastic wastes, such as HD/LDPE, PP, PET soft/rigid wastes. Our recycling Machines are customizable and flexible to modify the equipment according to customers’ demands....

Products Catalog

  • Automatic Irregular Can End Lining Machines With Drying Machines
    1. Witch 2 sets mechanicalc lining gun for end compound lining. easy volumn adjusting. 2. Drying oven is vertical design, hence save space. 3. Safety devices provided to ensure M/C running safely. 4. Auto temperature controller enable to adjust the best curing temperature. 5. Easy adjustment and quick for Can size change over. 6. Equipped with two mechanical lining guns. 7. Drying oven equipped with electric (resistance) heating system. 8. Ends are lifted by two screw posts inside drying oven and carry out by a magnet conveyor on the top.
  • Automatic Scroll Shears
    S-B26A(B) Automatic Scroll Shear is designed for zig zag shape strip cutting and is recommended to link with Automatic Sheet Feeder S-B23B. Sheet is sent to feeding table, guided by flexible roller side guide (or straight side guide). Two sets of round cutters trim two sheet sides . Trimmed sheet is precisely fed forward and sent into cutter blade set by fingers in two steps. Upper cutter set move up and down according to the guidance of a crank shaft. Suitable for straight sheet or pre-scrolled sheet cutting. With simple design and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and Can size changeover. (S-B26B is equipped a sheet swing system at the entrance of cutter set to cut strip for single die stamping purpose.)
  • Automatic Irregular Can End Lining-Drying Machine (Two Stations)
    S-D31 Automatic Irregular End Lining and Drying Machine, equipped with twin lining stations and twin drying ovens, is designed for non-round end (tin or aluminium end). Curled end is separated by a pair of separating knives on the end magazine; then, end is smoothly fed forward via two end pushing bars sliding on liner bearings. End is lifted up by a lower chuck and two sets of electronic lining guns are to evenly spray compound along the end fringe. Guns turn along end fringe according to a cam contour. Lined ends are pushed into oven by end feeding bars and carried up and down by two transfer screws inside the drying oven. Dried ends drop out at the oven bottom. Heating air is created and recycled through electric heaters and blowers. Simple structure and multiple safety devices, easy for...
  • Mini Semi-Automatic Double Can Seamers
    1. With one 1st and one 2nd seaming rollers. 2. Sturdy machine suitable for round containers Making or canning. 3. Rolls and Chuck are made from alloy steel and harden treatment. 4. Suitable for lab or home canning. 5. Portable design for plug and seaming. 6. Easy adjustment and quick for Can size change over. 7. Recommend used in laboratory and Can be put on the table for easy operation.
  • Automatic Can Body Separators ( Automated Machines)
    S-B25S Automatic Can Body Separator horizontal design. Sored Can cylinder is carried by a timing screw and a turret. Inner cutter shaft enter Can inside and carry cans forward to meet an arc outer rail blade. Cutter edge squeeze the scoring line to separate the Can cylinder. Separated Can cylinders exit by two individual outlet chutes. With centralized greasing system and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and Can size changeover.
  • Semi Automatic Irregular Can Seamers
    1. Very sturdy manufacturing of machine flames suitable for irregular shape Can seaming. 2. Rolls and chuck are made from alloy steel and harden treatment. 3. Perfect products and built for long life. 4. Clutch device enable the seaming head keep still if no Can for seaming. 5. Easy adjustment and quick for Can size change over. 6. With concise seaming head, each seaming roller is controlled by an individual seaming cam, easy for adjustment and maintenance. 7. Equipped with auxiliary pneumatic cylinder for easy foot step. 8. Two special pillar posts on lifter plate for five gallon square Can for perfect seaming. 9. Seaming chuck set is equipped with tiny twist adjustment device for better seam quality. 10. One of the four seaming Can function as curling roller for uncurled...
  • Automatic Vertical Can Air Testers
    S-B57L Vertical Air Tester is specially designed for big round Can. With special detection elements to get an excellent detecting performance, even small pinhole Can be detected easily. Empty Can is lifted up by air cylinder to let a plug enter Can to occupy some Can inside volume then fill compressed air into Can. Certain time later, an electronic precise pressure sensor is to detect mini pressure variation inside the Can., nonconforming Can is ejected out by air blowing. With vertical inlet/outlet conveyor, easy to link and work with seamer. Easy for Can size changeover and maintenance.
  • Automatic Irrrgular End Curling Machines
    S-D32 Automatic Irregular End Curling Machine with vertical design is easily linked and work together with automatic lining machine. Uncurled end (tin or aluminium end) is carried by a timing screw and a turret. Curl is formed by a chuck and a curling roller. Equipped with four chucks and four curling rollers.End turn and is supported by a chuck and a curved pressing guide. Curling roller is guided by a cam to approach the end fringe.Curled end is sucked away by a suction pad and released on a discharge belt. With recycleable centralized lubricating system and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and Can size changeover.
  • Automatic Can Body Neckers ( Automatic Equipment)
    S-B31 Automatic Necker with horizontal design. Can cylinder is carried by a timing screw and a turret. Neck is formed due to guidance from a shaped outer necking die made of ungsten carbide. Proper inner die is to prevent wrinkle. With entralized greasing system and multiple safety devices, easy for enance and Can size changeover.
  • 4H Automatic Double Can Seamers
    S-B59SA Automatic 4H Double Seamer is an excellent seamer for medium production purpose. Equipped with four chucks spindles. Cans are carried through a timing screw and turret to enter seaming station while ends are separated by a separating knife then carried by an end turret so as to meet with cans. Gear driven spin lifter system lift cans up then a pair of seaming rollers, made of alloy steel or stainless steel, undertake seaming operation. Seaming quality meet international standard. Suitable for empty Can Making or canning factory. With multiple safety devices and centralized lubrication system, for safe operation and easy maintenance. Besides, simple structure design, easy for Can size changeover.

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