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  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    We have over 20 years work experiences in metal gifts and hardware. Since 1995, we have built a trading department specializing in export marketing. Specialize in custom - made items & designs. Our products include Laser Marking, hardware, hand tools & metal products, household & pet products, gifts, stationery, etc. Prices depend on designs, packing and order volume. OEM orders and buyer's design logo packing requirements are accepted. We are confident that we can provide professional services ensuring punctuality at reasonable prices. Strict standards of quality control are applied throughout production and inspection before every shipment. Our finance condition & industrial reputation are excellent. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    As Taiwan Laser Marking agent, Tech Seed Enterprise was established in 1994. With 4 functional sales dept. , , and , located in Taichung (head office) and Hsinchu branch, to serve the customers regarding dust extracting, static electricity eliminating, Laser or pin Marking/engraving, fluids filtration, adhesive bonding/pouring & surface treatment... and achieve the target of「MEET YOUR NEED」. For more than 20 years, Tech Seed Enterprise is still providing our customers in different industries the most economic and effective total solution, with the combination of our own R&D and afterservice team in each sales departments. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our quality Laser Marking product & service.

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  • CO2 Laser Marking Machines
    1. Large Laser power. Power is controlled by software and can be adjusted. The cost of the process is low with no consuming materials. Large Marking scope. The mark is clear and not easily destroyed. The cutting efficiency is high. The Marking depth can be controlled at will. It is suitable for many products. 2. This is a special model for large range Marking (450mm x 450mm). 3. Applications: costume accessories, food and drink packaging, leather, rubber, crafts, textiles, electronic parts, nameplates, construction ceramic, pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Pin Marking Machines
    1. Mark permanent logo, text on any metal or plastic surface by CNC control micro-percussion stylus. 2. Like a printer, use Printer port to transfer Marking date from PC. 3. User frindly software can work on any PC Windows environment(windows 98/XP/2000), Logo import from AutoCAD or CorelDraw. 4. Can use our IPC (industrial PC) to make compact size and work on dusty environment. 5. Can attach with our 3th axis or any installation for rotary Marking or automation Marking. 6. Apply Marking on mold. car part, tool, metal ln dustrial. etc. Surface hardness up to HRC63.
  • Pin Marking Machines
    1. The unit type is operated and does not need outer computer. 2. 5.7" color TFT-LCD. 3. The organization is firm and sturdy. 4. Software advantage: (1) With 2 USB can import the PLT log. (2) One VGA slot for outside big screen Monitor. (3) 160M above memory capacity. (4) Build in 5.7" color TFT-L CD. (5) Keyboard can put in the top. (6) 3rd Axis Rotary Equipment. (7) 4" DRT or 5" DRT. (8) Name Plate Auto Feeder(Customer Designed). 5. Mark permanent logo, text on any metal or plastic surface by CNC control micro-percussion stylus. (1) 6.Independent, stand alone design, no extra PC needed. 110/200 volt power auto shift (2) User friendly software, use keyboard to operate it easily in the 5.7" color TFT-LCD screen included the 3rd axis rotary Marking...
  • CO2 Laser Marking Machines
    Advantages: 1. Good performance 2. PC driven software with high power and improved beam quality. Permanent Marking withstanding to abrading and corrosion. 3. Temper Proof 4. Water/chemical/oil grease/fuel proof. Withstanding to scuffing; impacts and corrosion; retaining appearance and contrast as long as base products remain intact, all those unique characters cater to the special requirements of Tamper Proof Labels. User-friendly: 1. Simple fully-programmable software with auto-coding capability makes for consecutive sequence codes like time, data, batch codes, bar codes as well as text and graphics, and full on-screen representations of Marking job layouts permits easy alteration of parameters and adjustment to customized requirements. Powerful & flexible: 1. Main components...
  • Pin Marking Machines
    1. Portable MP5-P micro-percussion stylus Marking machine, fine Marking quality increase the quality image of the products: (1) Portable Marking head can move to the place suitable to the big parts that can not move, like steel tube, plate casting parts, mold and machine etc. (2) Controller separated to portable head with standard 3 meter cable. (3) No extra PC needed, use keyboard work in the 5.7”color TEF-LCD screen with user friendly software. (4) With USB, RS 232 and I/O ports in the controller for the communication making. (5) 160M above memory for at least 20,000 Marking files. (6) Can mark serial number, text, date, circle and option R-axis rotary Marking. 2. Portable micro-percussion Marking machine using air pin to punch the micro-dose text, logo or number in the work pieces. 3....

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