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    CHUEN AN MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. specializes in Packaging Machine. Excellent Quality, Best Service, Profession, and Sincerity are the positive feedbacks earned from our clients. They help us to blend the positive images in the market for all of our product ranges and furthermore, they are always our promises to all of our worldwide clients. We will be in a sound position to provide clients with the highest performance on Packaging machines and enable us to share the fruits of success with you. We welcome your suggestions and ideas on how we can make our company a better supplier and an improved partner to your business. 100% Quality check will be performed to make sure the goods are of high quality standard when delivered to customer end.
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    Teeming Machinery was established in 1989, specialized in pin-inserting, wire-winding, soldering, taping, testing, robots and offer other automatic improvements to coil manufacturers. We have professional team for mechanical design, development, processing, and work with customer to enhance automation solution. If you are looking for high performance Packaging Machine equipment for coil making, you are welcomed to visit Teeming Machinery. You can contact our service team for further info.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
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    customised automation line, pin inserting Machine, winding Machine, auto winding Machine, motor winding Machine, ei/ui lamination Machine, coil taping Machine, soldering Machine, arc welding Machine+ccd test, auto Packaging Machine, pin insertion Machine, transfromer winding Machine, transfromer coil winder, automatic winding machines, automatic coil winding Machine, motor coil winding Machine, motor coil winding Machine, motor coil winder.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
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    Taiwan Professional manufacturer of Paper Food Packaging Containers Making Machines, WIN SHINE MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a leader of Packaging Machine and many other Machines. Buyers can contact us by visiting our website or by sending request for information. There are many types of Machines on my website. For more products information, please contact us soon. On the basis of introducing all kinds of talents, in the spirit of constant innovation and improving quality, with sincerity as our shield to meet the demands of clients, our factory controls quality in the process of design, production and delivery, providing good quality machines for every client. We will keep excellent quality, good reputation continuously.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
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    Jumbo Steel Machinery Co., Ltd. is the major manufacturer and exporter specializing in Packaging machines for packing a wide variety of straws. Our straw package machinery provides a high packing rate and incorporates and automatic, two-color printing capability. We commit to manufacture superior quality and innovatively designed machines for your multiple needs. Our Packaging equipment machinery not only makes your straw packing operations easier and more efficient, but provides you with highly rellable perfromance for year affer year operations. For a close look at Machine image and specification, please visit our website. Any request is welcome.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
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    Broadlake Co., Ltd. is manufacturing a wide range of aluminum parts and metal work since 1985. Now, our products including stamped & CPU heat sinks, housing for power resistors, Packaging Machine, handles for switching power supplies, clips, aluminum front panels, terminals, turning parts, fuse holders and die casting, etc. The target of Broadlake is to satisfy customer's needs and exceed expectations. We have confidence to show our best capability for full types of products and good after-sales-service. If you are interested in our parts or desired designs, welcome to e-mail your specifications with .pdf, .dwg, or .jpg format for our prompt evaluation. We would like to cooperate with you in the coming days.

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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Photo Dr. Enterprise is a professional Packaging machinery manufacturer in Taiwan. Since our establishment, we are dedicated ourselves to providing high quality & innovative machines with competitive price and best services for customers. To request a quote, to see what machines we offer, or to get more information about our Lamination Packaging Equipment, welcome to visit our website. Therefore, we are looking forward to build good relationship with all the customers from the world. If you have any interest, please email us without any hesitate.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    As one of leading Packaging Machinery manufacturers and exporters for pharmaceutical industry, Chin Yi, established in 1982, is an ISO 9001 certified enterprise in Taiwan. Attaching to the belief in "Excellent Quality, Best Service, Ongoing R&D and Progress", we keep growing. So far Chin Yi has a 90% market share in this field, and the precision and quality of its products have been recognized by all users. Such a credit makes many overseas customers give up expensive models made by US and European manufacturers and turn to Chin Yi which suggests another landmark and the successful expansion to the global market of the company. Please refer to our wide variety of Packaging Machines for pharmaceutical Packaging.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    With an accumulation of 10 years experience in importing & exporting Packaging Machines, Apack Corporation has expanded its business into designing, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service of our line of Packaging, water treatment equipment and electronics products. We strongly believe in our versatile product lines, which provide high performance and are finely tuned to meet customer's specific demands. We are currently aggressively developing our overseas marketing network. We can offer custom equipment, installation and assembly service according to customers' specifications. Apack is your best business partner.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Kinn Shang Hoo Iron Works has spent 40 years of experiment and research to manufacture food processing machinery, adopt automatic machines to reduce cost and lower the price for the customers. Our food machinery including meat mincer, Packaging Machine, oven, meat slicer Machine, mixing & seasoning Machine, boiler, smasher, dryer and shaping Machine. Due to our consistent high product quality and reasonable price structures, our products have won popularity among clients around the world. Now express heartfelt thanks to the supports. We will increase output to reduce the machines’ cost and as soon as possible to improve the quality of products. To supply a reasonable price for customers. Thanks for comments.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Tien Hsin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing of promotional and advertising huge balloon, Packaging Machine, small party balloon, ground inflatable balloon, bottles and drink containers and nylon arches balloon, decorative, party and giant promotional helium and air inflatable balloon, PVC and nylon & for advertising and promotional balloon, hot air balloons, solid/ transparent and multiple colors balloons…and so on. The markets are birthday party, company picnics, school events, fundraisers, and fairs. Tien Hsin Chemical has very strong technologies on the latex balloon compound and balloon making machines and automatic balloon printing machines. We have top quality at competitive price, and punctual delivery and the best services. OEM orders are welcome.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Aston Tech Ltd. is a machinery parts supplier and manufacturer in Taiwan. Our product lines mainly focus pneumatic component and motion control products, including a variety of customized air shafts/ air chucks/ safety chucks, powder brakes/ clutches, pneumatic brakes/ clutches, Packaging Machine, edge position control systems/ EPC, re-winding/un-winding systems, tension control systems, web inspection systems, wrinkle removing roll and accessories. Except the standard product, we also provide the custom-made service. Aston is more than delighted to welcome inquiries from all customers. Our service team of dedicated professionals is always standing by to provide the full support and best service. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Products Catalog

  • Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Machines
    1. Description: Application Packing Goods: Bean,candy,peng fa foods,tea leave,shrimps cake,potato chips fried corn,granules substances,similar liquid substances and similar powder. 2. Character: Measuring type: The adoption of computerized,turn-tray ,auger filler
  • PVC And POF Shrink Packaging Machines
    1. Compactconstruction, high efficiiency. 2. The use of infra-red Titanium heater tubing results in power saving of up to 40% over conventional heaters. 3. Great air-flow provides excellent heat distribution for an even shrink. 4. Automatic temperature control: the system features automatic temperature variation for convenient operation. 5. Variable speed live-roller (mesh) conveyoris easily adjusted.
  • Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machines
    Suitable for batch shrink Packaging in such industries as software, biscuit, printing, pharmaceutical, flooring, ceramics, beverage and beer.
  • Dynamic PLC Folding Packaging Machines
    1. Can be controlled by program, and can pack 1200~1600 pieces per hour. 2. Has accurate and fast movements; the meter can record the number of products that has been produced. 3. Easy to tear open the packages, preserves the goodness of the products and won't damage the products. 4. Stainless steel air pumping parts imported from Japan, durable and easy to maintain. 5. Spray gun style cleaning, convenient and easy to clean. 6. Button switching, easy to operate. 7. Controlled by sensor, which coordinates between the products and Packaging, will never miss.
  • PE Shrink Packaging Machines
    1. The used of intra-red titanium heater turbing resulting in power saving of up to 40% over conventional heaters. 2. Great air-flow provides excellent heat distribution for an even shrink. 3. Thermocouple temperature control. 4. Variable speed live-roller conveyor. 5. Turbo-flow provides excellent heat distriburion with great air flow, and the air flow volume is adjustable.
  • Automatic Toothpick Packing And Printing Machines
    1. With 2-color printing device. 2. With equipment calculating accurately and automatically, stopping and Turn to Zero. 3. Printing, filling in and Packing in one time, each Machine is operated by just one person. 4. Packing speed is non-sectional shift speed; the speed can be adjusted freely.
  • Single-Sink Stainless Steel Packaging Machines
    1. Unit: Upper and down vacuum sinks are molded by single thick stainless steel, high-density, and lower horsepower motor is saving electricity. Sand blasting and electrolysis processing, exterior appearance is durable and attractive. 2. Control panel: Hit-resisting and insulation, moisture-proof, and 10 groups of touchable IC controlled memory. Duo-color numerical control mode, setting mode is the green and action mode is read. Motor overload demonstration, seal broken warming and movement unusual signal.
  • Blister Packaging Machines
    Procedure: 1. Forming film of reel support with automatic unwinding system. 2. Plate heating system. Lift-off on Machine stop. 3. Compressed air forming station. 4. Filling device (automatic or manual). 5. Coverfoil of reel support with automatic unwinding system. 6. Guide rails. 7. Sealing station. 8. Cooling station. 9. Punching station. 10. Waste winding unit. Advantages of the platen sealing system: 1. Sufficient process time. 2. Constant and relatively low sealing temperature over the full sealing plaren. 3. Low energy cost. 4. Flexibility to seal a range of lid materials. 5. Proportional heat control with only +/- 5°C variation. 6. Uniform pressure distribution over the full platen surface. 7. Heat transfer...
  • Dual Tanks Stainless Steel Vacuum Packaging Machines
    Employs a stainless steel vacuum tanks Machine that has a large capacity. Durable and with a nice appearance, the unit is water resistant. High vacuum, 4-side-sealing set, the unit can package multiple bags at a process. Dual tanks for exchange use, air pressure automatic opening of cover, saving of labor and operating time. Crisp and fragile goods can be added to nitrogen, no transformation assured after Packaging.
  • Rollstock Vacuum Packaging Machines
    It covers full ranges from meat, seafood, dairy, vegetable, fruits , salads, pickled food, bakery, snack foods, electronics, spare parts, medical instruments, clothing, etc.
  • Vacuum Packaging Machines For Heavy Products
    1. The Machine may approach to product packing; it is suitable for vacuum seal packing of large-scale instrument and heavy goods. 2. According to different sizes of Packaging bags, the angles of suction and sealing place are adjustable. 3. Long sealing line: up to 800mm~2000mm. 4. The length of packing bag can up to 300mm. 5. Easy operation, automatic vacuuming, and sealing just click 1 button. 6. Using Germany vacuum pump, prevent vacuumed material affected with damp, metal oxidized or color change; keeping meat and seafood fresh .
  • Automatic Collation Packaging Machines
    1. Standardized Machine structure, ruggedly constructed throughout, combined with innovative electronic drive system for maximum convenient maintenance. 2. Modular components feature maximum durability without deformation while maintainingg normal performance at all times. 3. Employs popular famous brand components with consistent speckfications for convenient interchangeability.Also, ideal for mass production line management. 4. Employs European or Japanese electronic sensor for maximum dependability of performance. 5. Constant temperature. one piece fabricated bronze sealing blade, pick-up type constant temperature heaer tube combined with SCR temperature control for maximum stability, power saving and quick change. 6. Cast bronze sealing blade is coated with teflon for...
  • Manual Vacuum Packaging Machines (Double Chamber Type)
    Character: 1. Manual-open lid to save labor and time. 2. Stainless steel construction not corrosive and easy cleaning. 3. Finger touch control,steady,breqkdown rate low. 4. With a german high-capacity vacuum pump long life high efficiecy. 5. 8m/m sealing line,security,no air leak. 6. Suitbale for small/big packages,fast speed,high capacity. 7. Suitable for middle and large factories.
  • Automatic Packaging Machines For Solid Items
    Description: 1. Application: glue, tape, screw, hardwares, and kinds food medkament etc, single or mixed package.
  • Automatic Chopstick Packing Machines
    1. With 2-color printing device. 2. With equipment calculating accurately and automatically, stopping and Turn to Zero. 3. Printing, filling in and packing in one time, each Machine is operated by just one person. 4. Packing speed is non-sectional shift speed; the speed can be adjusted freely.
  • Electronic Air-Sucking Vacuum Sealing & Packing Machines
    1. This Machine is made of stainless steel, it has a luster surface which will not be stained with dust and a dry pump for clean room. Saving power and low noise, this Machine can prevent damage of products due to excessive vacuum. 2. This air type automatic vacuum scaling Machine is easy to operate. 3. The height of the platform is adjustable for products of different sizes and specifications. 4. The vacuum operation can be stopped timely depending on the tightness of products to be packed. It can prevent deformation of products at the first time of use and serve as the reference of the second adjustment. 5. The design of upper and lower heating of seals, double raised lines on the upper sealing base, and the plain line on the lower sealing base can ensure a tight sealing...
  • Table Type Vertical Automatic Packaging Machines
    1. Description: "ELE" table type veraical Packaging Machine pack a wide product as food or non-food mini type, small space, high capacity. 2. Main Application : (1) cake, candy, sugar, salt, sauce, nuts, coffee, pepeer. (2) electroin parts, hardwares. (3) industrical parts, terminal, plastics or copper joint, small switch etc.
  • Automatic P.P. Straw Packing And Printing Machines
    1. With 2-color printing device. 2. With equipment calculating accurately and automatically, stopping and Turn to Zero. 3. Printing, filling in and packing in one time, each Machine is operated by just one person. 4. Packing speed is non-sectional shift speed; the speed can be adjusted freely.
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