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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Jiin Chang Enterprise Corp. is the leader in Powder Coating Equipments in Taiwan. Jiin Chang gathers agroup of senior professional technicians and talented managers in those fields, providing not only Equipment but a wide range of supplies, such as process design, Equipment manufacture and test performance, according to customers exact requirement. Moreover, Quality is essence, customer is firstis Jiin Chang's principle. With specialized and abundant experiences, Jiin Chang is capable of designing various different projects to meet everyclient's need. Jiin Chang is the best Powder Coating Equipment manufacturer.

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  • Manual Powder Coating Systems
    (Direct box feed). The vibratory box feeder model supplies Powder direct from the manufacturer's shipping container for fast color change operations. Gives improved safety, efficiency of charging, minimum surface disruption and unrivalled recoatability. Colour changes in seconds - simply unclip the venturi, remove the suction tube and blow clean. Vibrating chassis - mounted at an angle in two planes so that Powder is extracted from the lowest point ensuring maximum Powder utilisation. Accepts all popular Powder containers up to 25kg (55lbs). Controlled Powder support arm simply lifts clear to a position for fast box replacement when changing colours. Can be supplied as a single or double operator unit. Box feed unit may also be configured for automatic Powder guns.
  • Powder Coating Systems (Laboratory Test Units)
    Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment. For laboratory tests. It is designed for Powder manufacturer; Powder cup with the self fluid function can be used for the Coating of 125gram Powder. It can be used as partial spay and test in the production line.
  • Powder Coating Spraygun Machines
    Digital display control unit, with automatic voltage adjustment function to get the best Coating work when the gun move. Super quality Powder Coating.
  • Powder Coating Equipments (Airfluid)
    User-friendly and powderful. Ideal for mutiple colours use the manual Equipment colo-610V airfluid, the Powder is delivered directly from the original Powder box, colours change are made in munutes. Powder Coating box( 20-25kgs)
  • Manual Powder Coating Equipments
    1. CE certificated. 2. Gema copy style. 3. Advanced design. 4. Easy operation/ fast delivery manual Powder Coating Equipment, Gema copy Powder Coating machine the model: COLO-500 is a tradition style generator. Simple, generous-looking. The best choice for skilled worker. Good quality and competitive price. Nowdays, electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment is getting more and more popular. Human increase themselves with the idea of enviroment-friendly, which makes Powder Coating widely used in industry, machinery, hardwares, automobile industry etc.
  • Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipments
    Electrostatical Powder Coating device ITW Gema, degree of protection IP54, input power 60VA, input voltage 100/110/120/200/230/240Volt 50/60 Hz, with manual gun GEMA Type PG 1 output 98 KV max.
  • Home Powder Coating Systems
    1. Character: intelligent type, there is a button display on the controller, it easy to control it to spray different workpieces. 2. Compose: 1pc controller+1pc common gun(optiselect manual Powder gun)+1pc mini stainless steel Powder hopper (dia 20x40cm). 3. We can accept the pay by bank, Wesertn union and paypal more quantity and lower price.
  • Powder Coat Coating Gun Systems
    100Kv controller with adjustments. Industrial Powder Coating gun. All cables, air hoses, and connections. Industrial grounded Powder hose. 1 - extension wand/electrode. 1 - multi coat nozzle. 1 - round spray electode (with 6 different deflector cones). 1 - Powder hopper.
  • Powder Coating Systems (Laboratory Test Units)
    Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment. For laboratory tests, it is small cup type hopper and use at sample Coating of small quantity at laboratory. Discharge rate control by simple operation. Spraying Powder evenly automatically. Coating Powder quantity by 20~250g. Cleaning is easy and convenient to separate.
  • Powder Coating Guns (KCI Model)
    Durable Powder coated finish. OEM and ODM orders are accepted.
  • MPS Manual Powder Systems (With PG1 Powder Gun)
    Control unit interchange with original PGC1 controller. PG1 Powder gun can be as original PG 1 Manual gun replacement. Same function, time lower prices.
  • Electrostatic Powder Coating Spray Gun Machines
    Electrostatic manual Coating Equipment. Hopper model (colo-800-2) with one-touch intelligent operation button, working good in flat parts, complicated parts, recoat parts, it deliverys smooth finishes even with metallic Powder.
  • Pulsed Powder Coating Equipments
    electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment Minimize back-ionization. Consistent film thickness. Powder is carried to recessed or faraday cage areas. Reduces Powder build-up at closest points. HVLC - high voltage, low current. No gun voltage adjustment necessary. One mode, six functions. All recoats. Optimal transfer efficiency. Better penetration. Smoother finishes. Ultra thick coatings. Metallic powders. Also, you will find Pulse Power...simple. Operator friendly.
  • Copy Model Powder Coating Equipments
    Colourspray is a top supplier of Powder Coating systems and Powder Coating Equipment including automated Equipment, manual Powder Coating systems. Powder spraying unit. There are four basic pieces that make up the electrostatic Powder spray Coating system, which are the Powder feeder, power unit, electrostatic spray gun, Powder tank.
  • Powder Coating Units
    The Powder cup kit, this easy to carry unit is ideal for changing Coating application on site, for small batch sizes, the colo-800T-C ideal for all user who only want to apply small quantities of Coating Powder, powderful integral high voltage cascade 100kc netative, very good application effect due to very short Powder delivery travel.
  • Powder Coating Spray Equipment With Vibrators
    Electrostatic Powder Coating machine. Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment. Powder coater. Powder Coating unit. Powder Coating set. manual spray gun system. OEM and ODM orders are accepted.
  • Powder Coating Systems (With Pulse Coating Function)
    Colourspray is a leading developer and manufacturer of the most technologically advanced Powder Coating Equipment available on the world market, quickly becoming recognized for it's durability and affordability. The colo user-friendly electrostatic Powder application Equipment ensures enhanced transfer efficiencies, component flexibility, and low-maintenance products.
  • Portable Powder Coating Equipments
    protable Powder Coating unit: COLO-T-H are designed for Powder manufacture or small Coating working, with 4L fluidizing hopper, suitable for the laboratory and it can change the colors quickly and conveniently, it also can be used on the work table along with the frame to achieve small batch production.
  • Electrostat Powder Coating Equipments
    Manual Powder Coating system (direct box feed). This units working directly the Powder boxes and suitable for multicolor user customers in a day. High efficiency. Vibration to minimize Powder compaction.
  • Intelligent Powder Coating Equipments
    User-friendly and powderful. Reliable, safe control unit. Main componets: stable Equipment trolley, colo-800 intelligent control unit, 55 liter stainless steel container and super Powder injector. Advantages and characteristics All parameters of Powder electrostatic spraying are intelligently controlled by computers Control programs are selected by keys Select any program among flat work—piece, dead angle work piece , respray work piece , by the keys , the electrostatic high pressure and electrical current are to be automatically set at the optimal valves which provide the electrostatic parameters necessary for the best Powder utilization rate when spraying on different shapes of work piece In this way , the faraday effects in operation of corona electrostatic spray machines are...

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