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    Lens, Lcd, Fiber Tray Series, Tpr Series, Payment Device, Gear, Oem, Mold Making, Plastic Injection, Ncvm, Spray Painting, Printing, Sub Assembly, Plastic Injection Molding, Custom-Designed Molds, Secondary Process, Electronic Parts, Home Appliances Mold, Plastic Parts, In-House Spray Painting Process, Precision Injection Machine, Assembly Of Mechanical Parts, Designing And Making Of Molds, Lens Oem, Lcd Oem, Fiber Tray Series Oem, Tpr Series Oem, Payment Device Oem, Gear Oem, Custom Designed Molds, Precision Plastic Injection Molding, high Precision Plastic Injection Moulding, Precision OEM Injection Molding Company, Precision Moulded Components, Ncvm ( Non-Conductive Vacuum Metallization) Coating, Injection Molding, Sub Assembly, Spray Painting, Printing, Mold Making, Plastic Injection....

Standard Suppliers

  • DaLian Jintian Automatization Industry Co., Ltd.

    DaLian Jintian Automatization Industry Co., Ltd is a large-scaled complete enterprise integrating specialized design, manufacture and sale of packing machinery and conveying machinery as a whole, and is also a producer of automatic equipment and packing material with the largest scale,the longest history, the best credit and the most perfect technical strength in the Northeast China. With such departments as Engineering Development, Production and Manufacture, Marketing and After Service Department, we Specialize in the design and production of packing machinery, conveying equipment, flow production line and the correlative accessorial equipment and packing material. Our main products include: automobile and semi-automobile strapping machines, far infrared ray thermal shrink Machine, automobile...

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  • Beijing Technol Science Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Vacuum metallizers, nonstandard Vacuum equipment series, VTHK350 series Vacuum annealing furnaces, TGP series multi-arc Coating machines, TEMD series electron beam optical Coating machines, TCWS series water cooling & recycling machines, JCP800 multi-target magnetron sputtering series, standard glove boxes, OLED device fabrication systems, JPCD series plasma cleaning machines, ZHD450 series evaporation Coating machines, JGCq600 series coronary-like Coating machines, mechanical machining.

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  • Chengdu Weite Nanguang Technologies Limited.

    Engaged in all kinds of Vacuum Coating equipment, we mainly manufacture Vacuum metallizers, box Vacuum Coating machines, Vacuum Coating equipment, various kinds of Vacuum industrial furnace, air exhaust equipments, Vacuum Machine sets. Meanwhile, we have established reliable service system so as to ensure to provide most expedient services to customers.

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  • Henan Costar Group., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Vacuum metallizers, Vacuum Coating machines, outfit ground polishing machines, concrete mixer trucks, optical engines, prism color.

    Profile : vacuum metallizers

  • Longkou Bite Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

    Established in 1985 and after more than ten years' development, Bite has becaome a professional manufacturer specializing in designing and manufacturing Vacuum equipments. Our main products include Vacuum metallizers, Vacuum ion Coating machines, Vacuum processing equipments, plating equipments, injecting equipments. We are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign clients in the aspect of technology and business.

    Profile : vacuum metallizers

  • Yantai Shinyou Precision Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Vacuum metallizers, crystal inspection systems, base coaters, final Coating machines, manu leads cutting machines, manu shell cutting machines, auto leads cutting machines.

    Profile : vacuum metallizers

  • Shanghai Sower Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Coating equipments, complete Coating equipments, automatization control complete equipments, cosmetic complete plant equipments, glue complete plant equipments, complete plant equipments of pitch emulsifying, high-speed dispersers, lab high-speed dispersers, lab basket mills, basket mills, laboratory basket mills, automatic basket mills, lab high-shear emulsifiers, high-shear emulsifiers, inline high-shear mixers, automated feeding systems, liquids feeding systems, automated equipment for powders feedings, flat type mixing vessels, stainless steel tanks, Vacuum mixing vessels, filling machines, ointment filling & sealing machines, liquids filling semi-automatic liquids filling and capping machines, semi-automatic liquids filling and capping machines.

    Profile : coating equipments

  • Wuxi Jiangnan Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Coating equipments, Vacuum Coating machines, slitting machines, medieal aluminum foil press Coating machines, practical intaglio press machines, high speed dry bonders, dry laminating machines, high-speed slitting machines, automatic high-speed three-side sealing bag-making machines, sack-making machines, automatic bag-making machines, medieal aluminum foil press Coating machines.

    Profile : coating equipments

  • Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment Co., Ltd.

    China Plastic Industry Association and China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Association, is a leading company in China for plastic composite pipe technology. Goldstone Company has collected numerous of engineers and consultants who have abundant experience in plastic pipe making and application. Our products ranges various high/medium/low pressure reinforced composite pipe, large size plastic solid wall pipe, thermoplastic (thermosetting) plastic composite pipe, large size steel reinforced spiral corrugated sewage pipe and the connection technology. To be the technology leader in China for plastic reinforced pipe, Goldstone always insists to develop the owned intellectual property and know-how. Up to now, we have received over 30 national patents for our innovation products. Through years’ development,...

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  • Chunlai Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

    CHUNLAI PACKING MACHINERY CO.,LTD produces "CHUNLAI" brand packing machinery and food machinery. Our company has complete equipment, powerful technology, strict management, and high efficiency. Our company produces special order and kinds of machineries such as Vacuum packing machines, bag sealing machines, strapping machines, automatic form-fill-sealing machines, hand and pedal impulse sealer, and shrinking machines. The major products of our company have been pased by CE testing. "CHUNLAI" people have always been persisting in the policy"quality first, customer first" and our products are well sold to more than 30 countries and gets a great reputation from customers with high quality, reliable price and distinguished service. "CHUNLAI" people are willing...

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