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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Are you looking for a reliable supplier of Converging Lenses? Kenteh Optical is your ideal choice! We were established in 1970 and specialized in manufacturing of various optical components, Convex Lenses, converging lens and optical coating products for camera, photography equipment and monitoring device. Kenteh Optical has invested a huge amount of capital in setup many precise CNC glass cutter machines. We also have accumulated aboundant experience in Convex Lenses ODM/OEM. Hence we can provide various optical components according to clients' requirements, such as different types of shapes, materials and precisions. Plz email us for more details. We are confident that our cooperation will be a win-win situations for both parties and we look forward to developing new business together.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Founded in 1976, Control Optics Taiwan (COT) is one of the major manufacturers for optical Lenses and components in Taiwan. COT mainly produces Convex Lenses, light pipes, integrated lens array (fly eye lens), glass plates, and etc. in optical glass and IR material for industrial, commercial and medical use. COT has overwhelming designing and manufacturing capacity for customized optical components, making different optical products from proper kinds of materials to meet customers' requests. Our products now mainly sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan and Taiwan. High quality and short period of delivery is our extinguished advantage. We believed through our continuous effort, we will become your reliable supplier and best business partner. We welcome you to join us right now.

Standard Suppliers

  • Nanjing Intane Optical Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Nanjing Intane Optical Engineering Co., Ltd.(a certified ISO 9001:2000 company), is a leading manufacturer of customized high-quality precision optics in China. Employing a team of scientists and highly qualified fine optic engineers, Intane specializes in client-specific, high precision optical components, as well as complex optical and optoelectronic systems. Especially, we have competitive advantages at manufacturing medium to large-size precision aspherical optical components. Now, products range includes plano-Convex Lenses, biconvex lens, primary parabolic mirrors, apochromatic lens and more oprics components & accessories. Since 2003, we have been supplying manufacturers of laser equipment, governments, researchers, universities, military institutes, and resellers, with custom manufactured...

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  • Changchun Jixiang Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Convex lens, prisms, wedge prisms, spherical Lenses, aspherial Lenses, ball lens, plane items, rod lens, achromatic Lenses, windows, mirrors, grating, reflectors, wave plates.

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  • Changchun Deheng Optics Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Convex lens, Convex Lenses, prisms, beamsplitter, spheric Lenses, aspheric Lenses, compound Lenses, windows, mirrors, filters, gratings, crystal, polarizer. Products are exported to North America, Europe and Eastern Asia.

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  • Azure Photonics Co., Ltd.

    Azure Photonics Co.Ltd is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, specializingin research, design, development, production and assembly of Lenses, optical filters, prisms and more oprics components. AZURE owns strong production capability in our modern workshops. At present, we employ over 200 staff, among whom one third are professionals taking the responsibility of R&D and directing the production practice. Equipped with most advanced machines, imported or homebred, such as Centering machines, ZYGO GPI-XP Intermitted, PekinElmer Lambda 950 Spectrophotometers, laser tubes, Projector systems, AZURE can meet your requirements perfectly. Our products include Lenses systems, lasers, optical components and opto-mechanical parts. They are widely used in industrial application, medical industry, construction,...

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  • Nanjing Petal Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    Nanjing Petal Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a new-built professional technological enterprise specialized in processing and selling various types of optical components. With the guide of his rich knowledge and experience, we have dozens of production plants in short times which keep favorable cooperation with the company and advanced equipments of manufacturing, processing and inspecting, as well as a group of experienced technicians. We now can offer customers precise optical parts to meet the needs of factories, schools and scientific research institutions. Our main products include optical sphere Lenses, Convex convering lens, plane Lenses, prisms, reflectors, intervening filters, cylinder Lenses, crystal balls, graduation boards and so on. Moreover, we can also supply universities...

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  • Jollystar Photoelectric Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

    Jollystar photoelectric science & technology Co., Ltd., established in 2004, is seated in Changchun which is a traditional optical base. We're an innovative, international technology company specializing in development, production and marketing of optical & electronic products and image systems. We have 500 square meters of modernized standard factory buildings, introduce the advance manufacturing facilities. Further more, we've a professional design team, a large group of technical talents with rich experience and consummate technique. Now, Jollystar has design and manufacture sphere lens, aspherical Lenses, unsphere lens, optics prism, mirrors, windows, achromatic lens from BK7 glass, quartz, CaF2 or crystals. Lenses used in cameraand other image system, such as Fish-eye Lenses, eyepieces,...

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Products Catalog

  • Converging Lenses (Optical Lenses)
    COT provides prisms with various type and cemented prisms. The precision achieved 2" for 90° and 10" for 45°angle. Customers could have versatility for different type prism choices with various coating from our ultimate service.
  • Converging Lenses (Optical Lenses)
    COT provides prisms with various type and cemented prisms. The precision achieved 2" for 90° and 10" for 45° angle. Customers could have versatility for different type prism choices with various coating from our ultimate service.
  • Optical Lenses ( Convex Glass Lenses)
    We can supply Convex Lenses, concave Lenses or aspherics Lenses as costomer requirements. Application: 1. Image instruments. 2. Optical instruments. 3. Lighting. 4. Led lighting systems. 5. Optical systems. 6. Stage lighting.
Information of Convex Lenses

A lens is a transparent material, such a glass, that has either one curved surface and one flat surface or two curved surfaces. Convex lenses ( also called positive lenses, plus lenses, converging lenses, and condensers) are thicker in the middle then the edges and concave are thicker at the edges then the middle. There are three main types of convex lenses: plano-convex lenses, double-convex lenses, and concavo-convex lenses. The convex lenses are used to bend the light rays which will change the focal point-point of focus. They are used in eyeglasses, contacts, microscopes, telescopes and cameras, etc. B2BManufactures.Com offers listing of Taiwan & China Convex Lenses manufacturers and Converging Lenses suppliers with explicit company profiles, product categories & product images. Global buyers could send inquires online.


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