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  • Miter Band Saw (Pivot Type)

    Cutting Machine image EVERISING MACHINE COMPANY

    The Spec Of Cutting Machine :
    1.Bi-direction angle swivel -60° ~ 0° ~ +45° with scale indicator.
    2.Blade breakage detector device.
    3.Blade cleaning brush.
    4.Hydraulic flow down feed control.
    5.Hydraulic vise clamping.
    6.Working light.
    7.One piece of bi-metal saw blade.
    8.One set of tools with tool box.


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  • Eco Auto Distance Plane (Beam) Cutting Machine (25tons)

    Cutting Machine image MINZ Inc.

    The Spec Of Cutting Machine :
    Equips with MINZ Servo System, consumes no energy when not cutting.

    Temperature of hydraluic fluid and motor is reduced 30%, and uses 70% less electricity comparing to traditional cutting machine.

    No need to configure cutting distance with each cut up to 0.1 ton precision.

    Patented Auto Pressure Commputing Tec....

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