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  • Chip Ceramic Capacitors And Resistors

    Resistor image Zonkas Electronic Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. Capacitors: 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1808, 1812.
    2. Resistors: 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206. Capacitors: 1pF?100uF / DC6.3V?DC3KV. ....

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  • Horizontal Type Rotary Potentiometers

    Resistor image Song Huei Electric Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. Description: horizontal type with shaft.
    2. Applications: suitable for car-audio, TV, VTR, household applicances, measuring equipment and other consumer or industrial products. Pitch: 7.5 x 2.5mm. ....

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  • C Fiber Optic Attenuators

    Resistor image Shenzhen JPT Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. Low back reflection.
    2. High power endurance.
    3. Wavelength independent.
    4. Low PDL.
    5. Precise control of attenuation range.
    6. Simple manipulation. 1. Attenuation level: 1 - 9dB ( ± 0.5dB), 10 - 20Db ( ± 5%).
    2. Attenuation tolerance: ± 0.5dB ( 1 - 9dB): ± 5% ( 10 - 20dB).
    3. Back reflection: ....

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  • Ceramic PTC Thermistors

    Resistor image Guangzhou SUNLEAD/VICTON Technology Electronic CO. LTD.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    In most heating applications. PTC thermistors do not require independent controlling devices such as thermostat, temperature limiter, and thermal fuse. The device safety is introduced by the thermistor's self-regulating effect, a property unique to the thermistor. In heating applications, ceramic PTC thermistors of....

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  • Encode Potentiometers

    Resistor image In-Young Electronic Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    Encode potentiometer. N/A. ....

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  • SMD LEDs

    Resistor image Lucky Light Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. The LL-S192 SMD is much smaller than lead frame type components, thus enable smaller boad size, higher packing density, reduced storage space and finally smaller equipment to be obtained.
    2. Besides, lightweight makes them ideal for miniature applications and so forth. 1. 1.6mm x 0.8mm SMT LED, 0.6mm thickness.....

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  • Film Resistors

    Resistor image Liean-Gimn Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    Introduction of CR: featuring consistency and stably-controlled, these carbon film resistors with reasonable prices are widely & largely used in the electronic, electrical and information industries.
    This resistor is a ceramic bar tightly coated with a carbon film which is composed of carbon separated from organic....

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  • 1GHz Fixed Attenuators

    Resistor image Joymax Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. Description: 1GHz Fixed Attenuator, F Male to F Female, 1W
    2. Features:
    (1) Available for DVB-T, DAB, HDTV market
    (2) Low Frequency Application
    (3) Test Equipments 1. Frequency Range (Hz): DC~1000MHz
    2. V.S.W.R: 1.50:1 Max.
    3. Impedance: 75 Ohms
    4. Insertion Loss 15.0~15.5dB
    5. RF Power: 1 Watt
    6. Conne....

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  • Non Flammable Low Ohh Wire Wound Resistors

    Resistor image C. C. OHM Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    C.C.OHM Enterprise CO., LTD have always emphasized on sincere customer service, which specialized in the production of resistors.

    DQR type: fixed resistor
    DSQR type: adjustable resistor
    DNQR type: noninductive resistor For more information, please refer to the attached file or browse our website! ....

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  • Hybrid Adapters/ Attenuators

    Resistor image Marchan Fiber Optic Comm. Inc.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. LC-FC/SC male-female type.
    2. FC-LC male-female type.
    3. SC-ST/LC/FC male-female type are available. We offer 1~20 dB and standard attenuation values at 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 dB, advantaging economy scale for mass productive supply and custom-made attenuation value meeting your specific requirement , supported b....

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  • Build Out Attenuators ( Fiber Optic Attenuators)

    Resistor image Gloriole Electroptic Technology Corp.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. GET's SM and MM Attenuators can be applied to adjust the power levels of signals in optical communications at the output of light sources, E/O converters and for testing the linearity or dynamic range of optical power meters.
    2. GET Attenuators can also be used in optical amplifier systems to balance the gain acros....

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    Resistor image Uniform Industrial Corp

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    ● Single track F2F decoder chip
    ● SOP 20 PIN ● Decoder IC for F2F encoded magnetic stripe● CMOS integrated circuit with built-in operational amplification circuitry● Available for single, dual or triple track decoding solutions● Support 75/210 BPI recording density● Adjustable out....

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  • Auto Resistor

    Resistor image Gamela Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1.Model No : 887797
    2.Product Name : Resistor 887797 OEM: 1J0 907 521 For Audi / VW / Ford / Skoda / SeatOEM: 1J0 907 521 ....

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  • Electrical Attenuators

    Resistor image Sin Yu Technology Inc.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    The attenuators are built in with wavelength independent optical filters and feature high power endurance and low PDL. These products are suitable for high speed transmission.
    1. Low back reflection.
    2. High power endurance.
    3. High confidence.
    4. Precise control of attenuation range.
    5. Easy installation. You....

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  • Carbon Film Fixed Resistors

    Resistor image Zealway Electronics Company, Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. Big in volume, causing quick dissipation of heat and low temperature rise.
    2. Good in quality stability and reliability. 1. Normal & miniture type.
    2. Power rating: 1/8W, 1/4WS, 1/4W, 1/2WS, 1/2W, 1W, 2W, 3W.
    3. Tolerance: +/-2%, +/-5%.
    4. Packaging: bulk, strip pack, 52mm & 73mm tape reel, cut & formed, rad....

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  • Chip Resistors

    Resistor image Shihai Electronic Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    Excellent mechanical strength and electrical stability due to special electrode construction and high quality thickfilm element with protective glass coating. 1. Tolerance, e-96±1%(f), e-24±5%(j).2. It is available for high performance circuits use.3. Stable high frequency characteristic with reduced ....

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  • Male And Female Duplex Combination Adapters And Attenuators

    Resistor image 3A Fiber Optic Communications Inc.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    Male / female duplex combination adapters & attenuators: FC/ST, SC/ST, ST/ST, combination...etc. Male / female adapters & attenuators.
    1. Features:
    (1) Low insertion loss.
    (2) Low back reflection loss.
    (3) Easy to handle.
    (4) Environmental stable.
    2. Applications:
    (1) Telecommunications.
    (2) ....

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  • Metal Oxide Film Resistors

    Resistor image Aid Electronics Corporation

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. Small in size comparatively.
    2. Electrical and mechanical stability and high reliability.
    3. Nonflame painting, "SOLVENT" proff, resistive to heat & humidity.
    4. Annual shift is low for the strengthened metal oxide film.
    5. Low noise, can product high resistance value which wire wound resistors can....

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  • Metal Oxide Varistors

    Resistor image Kestar Electronic (China) Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. High surge withstanding capability in a compact size; Peak Current is 40KA.
    2. Assembled by MOV produced by our factory.
    3. Surge absorption application in broadcasting communication devices, traffic/railroad, agricultural facilities, waterworks.
    4. Surge protection of automatic control devices for po....

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  • Variable Resistor CKD Parts

    Resistor image Jay-Wei Industry Corp.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    Used for various types of electronic parts. We can produce any sizes and styles as your requests, welcome OEM & ODM. ....

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  • Miniature Resistors

    Resistor image Wildex Corporation

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    The miniature series has increased by 30% the Aluminum into the Ceramic Bar. They can offer excellent performance in applications where stability and uniformity of characteristics are desired in high terperature, resistant to humidity and shock testing. 1/4WS, 1/2WS, 1WS, 2WS, 3WS. ....

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  • Fixed Attenuators

    Resistor image Fiber Optic Universal Industry

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. Precise attenuation value.
    2. Excellent reflectance.
    3. Dual window 1310/1550 nm.
    4. Excellent environmental stability & reliability.
    5. Easy installation. 1. Typical tolerance: ≦0.5 db / ≦1.2 db. 2. Insertion durability: ≦0.2 db. 3. Operating temperature: -40 °c to 75 °c. 4. Storage t....

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  • Electronic Resistors

    Resistor image Yi-Lin Motor Parts Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    Light in weight, easy and uncomplex, high sensitivity to temperature control. New module for future car applications. 1. Application for all new Sentra Nissan.2. OE#27150-3S810.3. 4 pins.4. To enable blower motor to operate at its selected speed. ....

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  • Zno Varistors ( Metal Oxide Varistors )

    Resistor image Dons Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    Application for:
    1. Transistor, diode, IC, thyristor and triac semiconductor.
    2. Surge protection in consumer electronics.
    3. Surge protection in industrial electronics.
    4. Surge protection in communication, measuring and controller electronics.
    5. Surge protection in electronic home appliances, gas and petrol....

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  • Ring Varistors For Side Surface Electrode Type

    Resistor image Super Electronics Co., Ltd

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    STV ( Super Strontium Titanate Varistor ) are symmetrical voltage-dependent Non-linear resistors that are made primarily of strontium titanate and sintered at a high temperatures. They have excellent non-linear coefficient characteristics of voltage (α) and high capacitance (C) for reducing transient voltage. These va....

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  • Metal Film Resistors

    Resistor image Stingray International Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    The MFR series metal film resistors are manufactured using vaccum suttering system to deposit multiple layers of mixed metals and passivative materials onto a carefully treated high grade ceramic substrate, the resistors are coated with layers of blue lacquer. 1. Normal & miniature style. 2. Power rating: 1/6W,....

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  • Metal Film Resistors

    Resistor image Lotron Industries Corp. ( Millennium Componenrs Corp.)

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    Metal film. 1. Mil style: RN-50.2. Power rating:(1) 70℃: 0.166W.(2) 125℃: 0.05W.3. Max working voltage:(1) 70℃: 200.(2) 125℃: 150.4. Max overload voltage.(1) 70℃: 400.(2) 125℃: 300.5. Tolerance: ±1% / ±0.5% / ±0.25% / ±0.1%.6. TC±15ppm (25ppm): 100Ω-100KΩ.7....

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  • Varistors

    Resistor image Ten-Power Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    Made in Taiwan / China.
    1. Zinc oxide varistor.
    2. Materials and marking.
    3. Marking: VCR.
    4. Electrode material: AG paste.
    5. Coating material: epoxy.
    6. Lead material: tin-plated copper wire. Dimension table: 1. Size: 05D. 2. D max: 8. 3. H max: 10.5. 4. D: 0.6. 5. P: 5±0.8. ....

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  • Fiber Optical Fix Attenuators

    Resistor image Telecom Bridge. Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Resistor :
    1. Attenuation precision and stability.
    2. Compact packaging.
    3. Environmentally stable and reliable.
    4. High compatibility.
    5. Easy installation.
    6. Simple structure. 1. Attenuation(dB): 1~5, 6~10, 11~20, 21~30.2. Max. insertion loss (dB) for 1310nm: ±0.5, ±1.0, ±1.5, ±2.0.3. Max. ....

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