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  • GS Control Software

    Automation Software image Geoprotek Technology Inc.

    The Spec Of Automation Software :
    GS Control Software is used to monitor data from GS Inverter on PC. You can read the Vpv(V), Ipv(A), Ppv(W), kWh, Temperature, Efficiency, Alarm Status, Fac, Zac…etc information from GS Inverter. You can connect your PC to GS Inverter via RS-232(with a RS-232 to RS-485 converter), USB (with an USB to RS-485 converter....

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  • Plasma Cutting Machine Softwares

    Automation Software image Nanhai, Foshan ACL Machine Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Automation Software :
    The whole system consists of SMARTCAM, SMARTMOD and LANTEK software.
    SMARTCAM is the main software. SMARTCAM can program the cutting code and management file automatically. SMARTCAM is a 2D software to make a cutting code, its specially designed for both processing single piece and batch processing. The producing NC ....

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