Shih Shin Technology Co, Ltd.

Manufacturer of DC AC Solenoids from Taiwan & China.


Company Introduction

Shih Shin Technology Co, Ltd. was established in 1986, we specialized in AC/DC SOLENOID and supplies through worldwide. Combining teamwork of our experienced engineers, computer analysis tools and CAD/CAM, we can efficiently complete the designing within a very short period. Moreover, with the help of highly automated production line, i.e., automatic wiring, assembling and testing machines, our productivity can doubtlessly fulfill the great demand from the market. All our products have to be passed through the strictest quality control before delivery. The characteristic, quality, reliability and feasibility of each item are repeatedly tested during design and processing stage for a better performance. A Statistic QC System therefore is introduced during production to assure the best possible output. Excellent quality, reliable technical background, plus competitive price and service, we are the right one who really deserves you to trust.

Main Products

Manufacturer of AC/DC solenoids, including open frame solenoids, push-pull solenoids, ac laminated solenoids, electromagnet, tubular solenoids, rotary solenoids, massage solenoids, patent certified solenoids, keep solenoids, air solenoid valves, flapper solenoids, custom design solenoids.