Jing Jar Euterprise Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer of Bathroom Accessory & Cleaning Products.

No.155, Hu-Dee, Ming-Hua Li, Da-Lin Township, Chiayi County 622, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Jing Jar Enterprise Co., LTD., was established in 1986 in Dalin, Chiayi, Taiwan. Originally Jing Jar was a textile mill and fabric supplier. By 1992, the company transitioned into a manufacturer and supplier of household products, specializing in high-quality products at competitive prices.

These high-quality household products are exported worldwide to countries as diverse as Japan, various European countries, and Australia. After over ten (10) years of success in the manufacturing business, Jing Jar launched additional factory facilities, with the primary tasks of final-retouching and -finishing of products and to increase the efficiency of output, in Haiphong, Vietnam in 2003. The purpose of the additional facilities in Vietnam is to share the heavy workload of Jing Jar's main factory located in Taiwan. This division of labor is crucial and integral to Jing Jar's business model. By having the main factory located in Taiwan concentrate only on manufacturing innovative top-notch quality textiles and by having the additional factories located in Vietnam perform the final-finishing role, Jing Jar is able to deliver to all of its clients superior products at competitive prices. This competitive edge in turn helps our clients boost their capability to compete in their respective market(s) by lowering their selling costs and retail pricing.

In order to better manage the continuing growing number of massive incoming orders and to further reduce selling costs for clients, Jing Jar is in the process of building additional factory facilities in Haiphong, Vietnam. These new additions to Jing Jar became operational in early 2008. With well-executed planning and scheduling, Jing Jar is ready and excited to expand into additional markets worldwide and serve more customers with our excellent products.

Main Products

Manufacturer of home and household cleaning products, bathroom accessory, beauty towels, body sponges, laundry bags, zip lock bags, magic scrubbers, net cleaners, traveling & ball bags, regular washing bags, lingerie wash bags, mesh laundry bags, micro fiber towels, shower scrubs, household organizers and storages, travel organizer bag, and OEM, etc.