China Pneumatic Corporation

Professional Manufacturer of Air Tools & Equipments.


Company Introduction

China Pneumatic Corporation is an ISO - 9001 2000 certified manufacturer of high-grade pneumatic tools for professional users. The company can handle all manufacturing processes, including product design, technology research and development, quality management, and global marketing, to help customers create profits with not only high quality products, but products with unique patent designs. The company is very proud of its excellent product quality and comprehensive services to not only manufacture, but also sourcing the best products with special requirement in the air tool industry. With a production facility in Tao Yuan County, northern Taiwan, and the company offers more than 200 products for different industries. In addition to develop its own-brand products, the company also accepts orders on the OEM basis. With almost 30 years of manufacturing experience and strict quality control, the company boasts a R&D team with strong ability to develop almost any kind of air tools, as long as customers provide samples or specifications. The company recently introduced a new product series - CCS family tool ( patented composite clam shell housing tool ) which is a brand new concept for customer who's willing to pay for one tooling with their own designed looks to get more than 16 pistol type tools in the same handle, the concept is not only reducing the cost, lighter in weight, easy service, interchangeable parts, higher performance within the family tools and also give tools a family like identity to be able to maximize the market image. The CCS family tool design is believed to be the new era for air tools and an ideal way to get rid of me too product for private brand customers. In view of the blooming development of automation industry and the demand of various kinds of components used in these industries that requires precise machining and positioning for automated manufacturing, the company had determined to provide highest quality and cost effective series of precision planetary gear reducers for the motion control industry. Our passion for quality and focus on innovation gives you an unsurpassed level of commitment that means your motion control solution is solved quickly and efficiently. Here, we welcome your visit and look forward to cooperate with you in the near future.

Main Products

Manufacturer of air tool- (1) fastening systems- air riveting hammers, ratchet wrenches, air screwdrivers, air impact wrenches. (2) construction systems- chipping hammers, industrial flux chippers, concrete breakers. (3) cutting systems- air body saws & files, vibration reduction heavy duty air pipe saws, air punches, reversible air drills, air nibblers, air knives , air punch pistol, air scissors, air metal shear straight. (4) surface finishing systems- air dual action sanders, dust free air orbital sanders, super fine air lappers, angle orbital sanders, versatile air files, dust free DAQ sanders, heavy duty air needle scalers & attachment, air scaling hammers, air brushes, tri sanders, angle polishers, wet palm orbital sanders, finger & palm sanders, air glue dispensers, jitterbug sanders, air H.V.L.P spray guns. (5) air tool accessories- universal swivel air inlet joints, pressure gages. (6) right angle die grinders, ZIPP precision planetary gear reducers, adjustable shocks.