Buildwell Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Precision Drill Chucks.


Company Introduction

Buildwell Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 and specializes in manufacturing high precision drill chucks, VDI tool holders, N.C. tooling for machine centers as well as accessories for milling machine, grinding machines. We are one of the leading manufactures and exporters in Taiwan supplying high quality accessories and tools. In order to cope with ever-increasingly demand in quality accessories and tools, we have spared no efforts in upgrading our products through constant reach and development with innovative designs. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest engineering standards. Total quality control system is being implentmented so as to ensure reliable quality products. Our products have successfully penetrated the world market; our popularity in the market grows as we receive recognition from our distributors and users all over the world. For a reliable quality tool supplier and partner, our company is surely your best choice.

Main Products

Manufacturer of machine tools & accessory, including (1) boring head sets, integrated type drill chucks, universal boring & facing master heads, tool holder, VDI tool holders, permanent magnetic lifters, sine bars, precision parallels sets, countersink chamfering tools, CNC keyless drill chucks, universal angle block sets, solid angle plates, high speed through hole power chucks, super thin scroll chucks, LIVE centers, optical edge finders, super thin square collet chucks, MC precision angle fixed compacts, pneumatic vises, super open angle-fixed compact vises, precision angle lock machines & vises, precision index tables, super dividers, simple index spacers, horizontal and vertical rotary tables, tail stocks, multi power angle fixed vises, dividing plates, semi universal centers, universal index centers, precision rapid & hydraulic machine vises, tilting hydraulic machine vises, extension miniature collet & milling chucks, horizontal milling attachments, superior universal dividing heads. (2) fully automatic spring making machines, CNC spring froming machinery, wire straightening and cutting equipments. (3) keyless drill chucks, section drawing, ball bearing key type super chucks, drill chuck adapters, taper shank arbors, reducing sleeves, hand-tightened keyless drill chucks, CNC keyless drill chucks. (4) CNC tool holder, CNC tool holders, ER spring collet chuck systems, EMC milling chucks & collets, EMC spanner & tapping attachments, shell end mill holders, morse taper & KPU drill chuck holders, side cutter holders, straight shank ER collet chuck systems, boring holders & heads, test bars, pull studs, reducing sleeves, integrated keyless drill chucks. (5) hydraulic & pneumatic chucks, scroll chucks, super thin & steel body chucks, live centers. (6) drill grinding machines, core drill & hole saw, turning tool holders, milling cutters, hydraulic clamp&air clamp.