Yii Chwan Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Yii Chwan Enterprise Co.,Ltd. was established in 1986, and main product focuses on producing various coating and converting machines to the world. All products are manufactured by us to fit the market demand. We are not just offer the machines and we will also offer how and relative data to customers. We produce state-of-art quality in order to meet the customers' different requirements. With the purpose of providing our customer the best quality products, we never stop researching and ways to improve our products. The important is we are the right manufacturer to fit your esteemed requirements without doubt. Whenever and wherever, you are most welcome to contact with us for more information. Contact on us for your needs and we'll give you best services.

Main Products

Manufacturer of various coating and converting machines such as coating equipment, adhesive tape coating machine, OPP tape, release and paper coating machines, T die type hot melt adhesive coating machinery, hot melt adhesive & NON carbon paper coating machineries, slitting and rewinding machines, white board paper coating & fried machinery and food powder mill machineries, hydrophilic medical plasters, carbon fiber cloth coating machines, ventilation adhesive cloth making machines, laboratory items, film coating machine, vacuum coating machines.