San Wu Textile Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of textile products, such as spin yarns, weaving clothe, canvas, polyester cable cord & Kevlar for V-bel, EP-RFL dipped canvas. All products are produced under audited ISO-9002 system strict standards of quality control.

Main Products

textile products, polyester viscose blended yarn, spin yarn, pure staple yarn , T spun yarn, R spun yarn, synthetic yarn, nylon, synthetic filament yarn, PET reclaim polyester yarn, Sancel, LOYCELL, polyester blended with viscose, cotton yarn, far infrared ray yarn, far infrared ray fiber products, flame resistance yarn, antibacterial yarn, SAN SAFE yarn, nano silver in polyester yarn , silver anion polyester yarn, weave, cross weaving, twill weave, canvas, T/C canvas, multiply canvas, T/N canvas, N/N canvas, grey cloth, jackets, coats,polyester/cotton blend canvas, synthetic fabric, cross weaving fabric, knitting weaving fabric, polyester fabric, cotton fabric, check fabric, gabardine and gingham, stripe fabric, nylon fabric, nylon lycra, yarn creel,viscose fabric, reclaim fabric, flame resistant fabric, grey clothes, garment, plain weaving ,shuttle weaving, dobby fabric, polyester cable cord & Kevlar for V belt, RFL dipped, synthetic fabric, stiff, eco-textile, industry fabric, V belt, conveyor belt, high tensile strength, flame resistant fiber, cross weaving cloth, gray clothes, , kevlar cable cord, aramid cable cord, garment textile, clothing lycra spandex, lycra fabric, strengthen the immune system function, speed the metabolism up, sleeplessness, odor effect, breathe the skin freely, activating cells, losing the physique, improve the ache, balance the human body magnetic field, reclaim fabric, heat regeneration, promote blood circulation, healthy blanked, healthy pillow, cushion, sock, underwear, vest, bed quilt, T shirt, shoe-material, sport suits, bedding fabric, eye covering, girdle, medical fabric, mask, bed sheets, apron.