Jin Kuo Hua Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Jin Kuo Hua Plastic Machine Co., Ltd. has been established for forty years, and specializes in manufacture of PVC soft and hard tube and other related machines including presser 30mm-150mm, PR plastic grain machine, PVC hard & soft tube machine, PVC roofing board machine, and all series of various machines. Our strength of manufacture includes automatic production line for mass manufacture which helps to reduce the energy both on manpower and electricity. In future, we will seek the great improvement on R&D to develop product of market demand, and also we will enhance the marketing department to expand international targets in the industry. We are your best and the most trustworthy trade partner.

Main Products

Manufacturer of plastic processing machines, including dispersion kneaders, plastic pelletizer & kneading machines, plastic machinery, PVC processing machines, P.R pelletinge making machines, pelletinge making machinery, PVC pipes extruder making machines, plastics extrusion machine, tube making machine, PVC profice extruder making machinery, PVC corrugated sheet making machines, sheet extrusion line, PVC processing machine.