Taiwan Video System Co., LTD

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Company Introduction

TAIWAN VIDEO SYSTEMhas been dedicated in the specific applications including Surveillance, Point of Sales ( POS) and Industrial Automation up to 20 years. At this time, TVS products have been distributed in more than 60 countries and gained reputation all over the world. Our product lines involve: CCTV LCD monitors, POS & IPC monitor, POS systems, media DVRs, waterproof & day/ night cameras, color dome camera, hidden cameras, DSP cameras, outdoor & indoor CCTV cameras ( IR/ box/ speed dome series), etc. We ensure our customers get the best services with TVS' Core Competences including: global logistics, R&D capability, professional manufacturing facility and rich OEM/ODM experience. Further to our success in the Display solutions, TVS has devoted our R & D strength in the developments combining Surveillance, Multimedia & POS, including our Media DVR, Digital Signage & Security POS solutions. In 2007, TVS has successfully launched out the 8” LCD DVR LR-804 series. At the dawn of the 21st century, Taiwan Video System, with positive action and team spirit, always to pursue the next challenge of information integration ahead. Taiwan Video System is committed to leverage its professionalism and devotion to provide the best service to our customers, and restlessly concentration on new technology development, manufacturing progress improvement, and real-time after sales service.

Main Products

security ( safe, safety, surveillance) systems & products- (1) cameras- CCTV camera, CCTV cameras, color cameras, day & night cameras, vandal proof ( vandelproof) dome cameras, hidden ( hiding) cameras, colour dome cameras, cameras modules, black & white CCD cameras.(2) CCTV monitors- PVM & CCTV LCD displays, color ( colour) CCTV CRT, black & white CCTV CRT. (3) POS monitors & systems- LCD & CRT monitors, tower & fold monitors. (4) IPC monitors- metal housing ( home, housed) monitors.