BestFlow Motor Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of AC Fan.


Company Introduction

The operative scope of our company is producing AC fan, AC blower, DC brushlless fans, DC brushlless blower, AC/DC motor, control electric machines and their applied products, mechanical parts and electronic components.

our company is a specialized one that manufactures the serial products of AC/DC fans, The quality and quota about technology and performance come to the advanced world levels. Meanwhile, the products also confirm to the international standards of America, Canada and Europe, and being at the head of the similar domestic ones, They are widely used in storage system in a computer, apparatus and instrument, medical facilities etc. AC/DC Fan and AC/DC blower are for ventilating and radiating. They have won good reputation by the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, fine processing, high air pressure, great air volume, light weight, small thickness, low noise, long life-span, strong adaptability, low price and good reliability, They have been remotely sold to the international markets in America, Canada and Europe, etc.

We accepted buyer's specifications to develop new products. With serious attitude and fine workmanship, we offer you satisfactory products.

We'd like to serve the broad customers in all sincerity. We can make the different fans according to the technical targets and requirements from the clients persons, letters and telephones for business are welcome!

Main Products

(1) AC fans- AC axial fans, AC capacitor fans, AC axial metal fans, AC widecross flow fan, AC sirocco flow fans, AC wide cross flow fan, computer CPU fans. (2) DC fans- DC brushless fans, DC brushless blowers, DC brushless cross flow fan. (3) fan related components & parts- insulated terminals, insulated spade & ring & pin terminals, coolings, fan wire nettings, fan dustproof wire netting, DC power splitters, power cords, fully insulated connectors, connector sockets, extension cables, fan power reducers & adapters.